The Longest Lifetime

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Raiden could see the scrap yard resolving into view on the edge of his sight. He was dimly aware of the two Enforcers either side of him laughing at the hybrid's new "home" and the two "Enforcer failures" that worked there. As the car reached the entrance, Raiden was un-ceremoniously ejected from the vehicle. Picking himself up, he staggered towards the open building in the centre of the yard. From there, he collapsed into one of the chairs and waited for the two Kats he was going to be working with to show up. Even in his tired state, the whine of a tri-engined jet was un-mistakable… Within a few minutes of the sound stopping, the hybrid mage could hear voices coming from further in.

"I'm tellin' ya Chance, that brown dude was weird. I've never heard of a "Lupus Muris" before…"

"Can it Jake, there's someone in the waiting room."

"You don't think that they might have…"

"Doubt it, can't you tell from the shadow? They're asleep by the looks of it."

Raiden waited until he could hear the two Toms get closer before he opened a weary eye and gave a tired smile.

"Asleep my ass. I heard that jet too… Which makes you pair Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson… Or should I say "T-Bone" and "Razor"?"

"How? Who? Why?"

"You want to know how I got here, who sent me, and why?"


"In order; an Enforcer patrol car, Feral's orders, he wanted me out of the way."

"Feral… That bastard huh?"

"Yeah. His fault your hero names are useless to me now… Say… You haven't got a spare bed here? Using Hyper Form really takes it out of you…"

Slightly numb with shock, Jake led the swaying hybrid to the spare room.

"You know this means you'll be in constant danger since you know who we really are don't you?"

"No more danger than I ever was in fighting for my life."

"Erm… Okay… I've got stuff to fix, so I've got to go… I'll call you when dinner is ready."

"Much appreciated Jake."

At Enforcer HQ, Feral was in the middle of a heated phone conversation with Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs.

"Ms Briggs, we know nothing about him! He could be… You've said that already Ms Briggs… I know he helped my Enforcers, but with his help, the SWAT Kats let The Pastmaster get away! No Ms Briggs, I am NOT going to send a pair of Enforcers to pick him up so you and the Mayor can talk to him. The next time he tries a stunt like what he did today, I will have him arrested! Goodbye Ms Briggs."

With that, Feral slammed the receiver and took out the cable to prevent the Deputy Mayor calling him up again.

With a sigh, Callie put the phone down. He anger at Feral could wait a while, since he's more than likely disconnected his phone.

"That Feral is such a bastard… I really wanted to talk to that Raiden, but Feral's taken him out of my reach for now…It's probably too late to go to the shop, and besides, my car got it's monthly tune-up… Wait a moment, it's been nearly a month since it had its tune-up. I'll go down tomorrow morning, and talk to him then."

Pleased at her genius plan, Callie headed back to her apartment for the night.

Under the city, a pair of yellow eyes gazed towards the city without blinking once…

"Sssssoon… All of Megakat City ssshall be mine…"

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