Chapter 7:

Someone knocked on the Inuzuka's house. Kiba's mother answered.

"Yes...?" Kiba's mother answered. She paused when she saw Ino at the door.

"C-can I come in?" Ino asked nervously.

"Sure." Kiba's mother said letting her in.

"Is Kiba here?" Ino asked looking around.

'So she knows whats going on.' Kiba's mother thought.

"He's in his room. Wait here." Kiba's mother said heading toward Kiba's room. She knocked on the door.

"Kiba!" She yelled.

No answer.

"Kiba! Answer me!"

Still no answer.

"Ino's here!"

"What!?" Kiba yelled.

"Open the damn door Kiba!"

Kiba looked at the door.

'What if she hates me?' Kiba thought.

"Now!" She yelled.

'Might as well face it.' Kiba thought as he got up to open the door.

"Come here." Kiba's mother said and dragged Kiba to the front door. Ino was waiting there.

"Kiba!" She said and looked up.

"W-well...I'm sorry for throwing things at you. It wasn't your fault..." She said looking down nervously.

"Wha...It's not your fault!" Kiba said. He was shocked that Ino would blame herself.

"I have to do some work." Kiba's mother said and left the room.

'Geez, does she have to act like that?' Kiba thought.

"Kiba it's not your fault. I hurt you without knowing what was happening." Ino said.

"Anyone would've done that if someone appeared in your lap like that." Kiba said.

"Um...since Brownie was you and everything..." Ino said.

'What?' Kiba thought.

"You know I like you right...?" Ino said hesitantly.

"..." Kiba thought for a second. "Well, I like you too..."

"Really?" Ino's eyes brightened.

"Then can we go to the mall with the other couples?" Ino asked.

"Y-Yeah..." Kiba said.

"Okay!" Ino said and kissed Kiba on the cheek.

Kiba's face burned red. Ino smiled.

Kiba's mother watching, smiled and said,

"What a puppy love..."

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