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Possession 02
One, Two, Three



'Why the hell?'

'Why the hell is the pervert here?'

Her mind freaked as she stood at the stage. Mikan was trembling. Her knees were feeling weak. Heat engulfed her body. Just the stare of the raven-haired guy made her feel awkward. She tried to maintain her composure. She clutched her hands together then closed her eyes for a bit. The audience watched her every move so she can't react in the way she wanted to. The strong ray of the spot light covered her tense face with much warmth. The representative of each fashion house eyed her professionally looking for any flaws on her.

'Next, applicant no. 13 miss-' she walked down the stage but accidentally tripped only to fall on Ruka's strong arms. She felt embarrassed being caught by the host himself. His arms were on the small of her back. She laid face to face with him. Ruka flushed a smile on her, "Don't worry" he assured her. The brunette blushed, "Um, thank you" she helped herself up then walked out feeling so humiliated. 'I'm so stupid' she was cursing herself with every word that she could use.

'Tch, flirting again' Natsume shuddered in disgust of Ruka. His eyes kept eyeing the humiliated brunette who was crying on Hotaru's shoulder. 'What kind of world is this? The first one's Ruka- a spoiled bastard, then that Imai- the Ice Queen and now, that flat chested's here- the bitchy girl who poured that café latte on my tuxedo.' A lot of thoughts were forming in his brain and he can't keep but shudder on the thought. Why in the hell was he in there anyway? As far as he knew, he went back to Japan to work not to attend filthy parties with a flat-chested present in the happening.

After a bit of intermissions, the dinner time had begun. People were chatting, laughing, couples swaying to the beat of the music. A bunch of designers were talking about work and others were talking about the new applicants. Hotaru and Mikan returned to their seats together with Ruka and took their dinner. The heavenly decorations of the place made the happening more enjoyable. Wide balconies and high windows could be found in every side of the hall; soft textured curtains matching the motif of the occasion. Outside was a large labyrinth with high walls.

"Ruka, I'd like you to meet Sakura Mikan, Mikan this is Nogi Ruka, my business partner" Hotaru mumbled as they sat comfortably on their seats.

"Nice to meet you Miss Sakura" the blond stood up then bowed courteously. Mikan blushed as she recalled the accident earlier. Indeed she felt humiliated but being caught by the super cute Nogi Ruka made her happy. "Pleased to meet you, Ruka-kun" she smiled back at him "thanks anyway". Natsume on the other hand was there sitting alone on the adjacent table and was busy shooing away the fan girls who made a commotion. Some were giving chocolates, love letters and the others were just throwing themselves on Natsume which made his peaceful life miserable.

"Natsume, would you mind joining our table" Ruka offered with a smile. Natsume stared at the brunette who was still eating. He accepted Ruka's offer wanting to piss the three especially Mikan. He really wanted revenge. 'It's payback time' he thought then walked to their table. He was seated in front of none other than, Sakura Mikan. The conversation was started by Ruka which broke the silence among the four

"So Miss Sakura, what fashion house do you like the most?" He stated then took his goblet of wine. Natsume waited for Mikan's answer planning to taunt her if ever she answers a stupid one.

"Probably RBT or Ice Queen but Hotaru doesn't want me there" she was thinking of other fashion houses "If possible, I want to be in KuRo"

"Tch, as if I'd let you" Natsume mumbled. "You were saying?" Mikan faced him, staring deeply in his crimson eyes. Ruka giggled as he stuffed a piece of steak in his mouth. "Don't mind me" Natsume mumbled again but continued to piss Mikan with his side comments.

"You were studying in Paris, why work here?"

"I want to improve in my own country" She replied readily. The more they talk the more she fell for Ruka. She believed in love at first sight. "Maybe they won't accept her because she's unskillful"

"That's not true" Mikan exclaimed, she was hell pissed with the raven-haired pervert sited face to face with her. She started to become furious about Natsume's presence. "Hyuuga stop saying those side comments or I'll force you to go away" Hotaru interrupted the silent war. "Hyuuga?"

"I forgot to introduce Natsume" Ruka exclaimed "Natsume this is Hotaru Imai and the other one is Miss Sakura Mikan". The raven haired lad just yawned "And this is Hyuuga Natsume"

"Pleased to meet you" Mikan greeted, trying to control her temper.

"I'm not pleased to meet you" He replied coolly. A vein pooped out of her head.

"Well then let's return to the topic, have you worked as a designer before?"


"What kind of clothes did you design?"

"Maybe clothing for pigs" Natsume started to give his side comments again.

"That's not true," Mikan was obviously loosing her temper "I once worked at Tangerines & Co."

"That's the leading fashion house in Europe and probably the world, why did you stop working in there?"

"I don't like their way of treating employees" She replied in a sad tone.

Natsume stood up "Maybe they don't like you 'coz you're stupid" he stared at Mikan seriously. He was totally pissed. The mere presence of Ruka and her made his blood boil. "I'm going to the wash room" Natsume walked away to calm himself. Silence reigned over their table again. "I'm going to the powder room too" Mikan broke the silence. She pirouetted away as her dress swayed along. She was pissed, hell really pissed. Hearing people call her stupid makes her sick. Her pools were covered with her bangs. Her auburn locks shone through the dim light. Loud music banged through her ears at deafening volume.


"Excuse me..." A scarlet haired lady called, "I SAID EXCUSE ME" she repeated while tapping a blue-haired man's shoulder. She was already loosing her temper. Her reddish-pink hair was now in a very messy state and her temper was at its full extent.

"What?" The guy replied annoyingly. He stared at her; scarlet locks, green orbs, rosy cheeks and cherry colored lips. The first time he saw her he fell instantly. He found her interesting; unladylike, harsh, hot-tempered, bossy yet she has a very angelic face.

"Will you stop flirting with my acquaintance?" She complained harshly with her British accent. "Don't line her up with those sluttish girls you are with"

She walked towards the crowd of girls then pulled a small curly-haired girl who looks like a doll. "Ikuzo (let's go), Nobara" She pulled her harshly and in a very rude manner. "Oi Misaki!, Misaki!" Nobara called. She was being dragged mercilessly and her feet were already sore.

The scarlet haired lady halted in a sudden. "Let me remind you this Nobara," She placed her hand on her head, fixing her locks for a second, "We went here to WORK not for YOU to FLIRT with that malicious pervert"

"Tsubasa-kun? Well he's not a pervert!" She defended. "Oh, he's not? Can't you see how many slutty stupid girls are crowding him like a stinky swarm of bees? And he's enjoying all the attention he's getting" She complained sarcastically.

Nobara's eyes were pleading. She really liked Tsubasa from the very first sight of him. Misaki on the other hand can't take to see her best friend hurt like that. She was really a good person and Misaki doesn't want her to be fooled by that play boy.

"Fine…" she sighed "I tell you Nobara, don't come to me crying like a lost child when you learn that he's just playing with you". She walked off not wanting to mind her anymore. They went to the fashion Ball work but they end up separated because of that flirty guy.


For the tenth time she gave a long deep sigh. She was really pissed. Natsume made the hell out of her. Cool water ran down her face making her refreshed. She was already calm. The bathroom was empty; dim orange light, long lines of empty cubicles and the rest were filled with mirrors. "Just one more word from him and I'll kill him!"

She stepped out of the bathroom just in time as Natsume did. Blank looks were in their orbs. He smirked "Oh," He pointed at her chest "You're cleavage's wet".




"HYUUGA!" She grabbed his raven hair pulling him up the stairs, "I hate you! Die you obnoxious damned moron! Fuck you! You stupid stinky pervert!" she dragged him up to the roof top. "What's with you ugly?" he whined.

"Will you stop getting in my life?" she stood a meter away from him. "You entered my life so you get the hell out of it" Natsume retorted relaxingly

"Oh really? How I wish I can…I really can't believe that YOU are RUKA's brother"



His name was now ringing in Natsume's head. His eyebrows twitched "Don't you dare call him my brother!" His voice was firm; a tone of agony, disgust and loathe. "Stop interfering with MY LIFE!" He faced his back to her. The girl in front of him pissed him a lot. His eyes were covered with his messy locks, his body stiffened.

"Get the hell out of here before I kill you, ugly, flat-chested girl" His hair swayed with the wind. The roof top was windy. The place was really quiet. There were no fences by the edges. A little child might eve fall.





Now she's the one pissed. "You'll kill me?" She walked towards him, "Then I'll kill you first!" Tears ran down her cheeks. She can no longer take his taunting. She quickened her pace the pushed Natsume to the edge of the building. She hoped he'll die. She wished he'll fall…now…at that place…at that time.

"Oi, stop you ugl-" In a strike of a second their situations changed. She was now hanging on Natsume's neck. She had no solid place to step on. She was now the one to fall down. The wind blew freely making her dress wave. "Put me down Hyuuga, put me down!" she pleaded; more tears ran down her face. He smirked "You want to get down? Then go down" He pushed her down scaring her to death. "HYUUGA!" she screamed, she cried more, clinging on him tighter, her lips pressed on his neck. Tears soaked his tuxedo.

New of the feeling he felt he pulled her then placed her safely on the ground. "Don't touch me" he mumbled. The warmth of her lips pressed on him was still . He was feeling shy. He couldn't understand what he felt. It was unknown to him; something warm, pleasing and made him wonder.


Misaki was alone for about an hour just sitting on a table. The party ball went on, a lot of guys asked her for a dance but none of them, even one, was able to make her agree. She found herself hungry. Imagine sitting there for an hour with no one to talk to. Her scarlet gown crumpled as she stood. She dusted herself then walked to the large table of food.

She walked slowly, thinking carefully what to eat. A meter away from her stood a man eating like a dog, grabbing and munching all the food in front of him. She was disgusted with the barbarous guy in front of her. Trying to get away from the ill-mannered man she took her distance about a foot or two. She picked low fat foods and Italian pasta which she added with a white sauce. While scooping the sauce someone bumped on her back spilling the sauce on herself unintentionally. "What the hell are you-" her orbs widened. Stood in front of her was the malicious pervert who was with Nobara a while ago.

"You're-" they pointed each other with astounded looks on their face. "Yo" Tsubasa grinned. Misaki shuddered in disgust. "Stop grinning on me you stinky pervert!"

"Eh," He played with his locks, "I'm not a pervert, miss loud-mouth"

The two walked down the stairs. They walked with much silence. "Oi, chatter box, are you out of words now?". She gave a deadly glare. She turned even paler than usual. Who wouldn't if you're pushed off the building and almost ending your life in there.

"What do you expect? You almost killed me you pervert!" She snapped then flushed an annoyed face. He smirked. He didn't give a damn, even if she dies in front of him he'll never cry, he may even laugh if it happens and rejoice after.

They passed the long hall. It was filled with chandeliers and famous posters of the famous fashion houses in Japan. They passed the hall with the both of them not even uttering a single word even the sound of their breaths can't be heard. By the time they set foot on the grand hall, eyes widened when they saw Natsume, most specifically the freaky fan girls who were waiting for him. The dance werelmost over and the special part was about to start.






The girls caused so much ruckus, and even deafening the ears of the people present. He earned glares from the male population who were extremely jealous. One of his eyebrows rose. 'What the hell are these? freaky fan girls?'.

In a split of a second or two, all the lights turned off making almost all of the girls scream in terror. Mikan on the other hand was like them, screamed in fright grabbing the nearest arm she could reach. She cried non-stop. Her trembling wouldn't stop but the person she grabbed didn't give even care to utter a comforting or reassuring word.


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