Imperfect One-shots

Written by: Ie-maru


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This is an x-over between Harry Potter/Naruto/Poke'mon, but don't worry, he's not going to be transported spontaneously to their dimension. Well, not right now anyway. A lot of things are probably going to reflect in Gray Dawn or vice versa, so there's the warning.


"A little determination can go a long way, especially when fueled by inspiration." –Ie-maru


The young six year old stared in awe as the pencil sunk into the 'scroll'. A few minutes later he picked up his jaw and smiled bright enough to put the sun to shame.

'It worked! And the teachers say you can't learn anything from television,' Harry thought proudly.

His cousin had gotten Petunia to buy video versions of the Naruto series, and Harry had secretly watched from the kitchen when Dudley popped them into the VCR. When his uncle found him 'slacking' a few hours later he threw little Harry into the cupboard without supper. Harry had gotten bored after a while, which is what inspired him to grab a stub of a pencil and try something he'd seen in the episode he'd just been watching.

After writing the strange lettering, which was kanji, but he didn't know that, Harry had closed his eyes and concentrated really hard while pressing the kanji. When he felt a little drained he opened his eyes hopefully, but nothing seemed any different. Feeling disappointed he unenthusiastically pressed his pencil to the kanji, and then was shocked when it sunk into the scrap of paper he'd been using.

'It actually worked!' he thought enthusiastically.

Only a few minutes later did a thought bring him out of his high.

'How do I get it back out?!'


Luckily little Harry had been able to get his stub of a pencil out after a few trial and errors. It was lucky because it was his only pencil, but Harry was too happy to really care about how the Dursley's neglected him.

'I wonder what else I can learn from TV.'

He feel asleep with exciting thoughts of blowing fire and hopping from roof to roof, beyond anyone's reach.


It was school the next day and once again he was pushed out the door with no lunch, a stubby pencil, a notebook, and five colored pencils. It didn't seem all that bad to Harry, he was used to it and was still riding his high from the day before, even as Dudley was showered with love and lead out the door with a backpack filled with pencils, colored and number twos, markers, four notebooks, a coloring book, a sleeping pad for nap time, and a wonderful lunch in a Scooby-Doo lunch pail. It didn't even matter much when Dudley pushed him down onto the ground and raced off to the bus stop without him.

Harry pulled himself up from the ground and ignored his cousin, who was entertaining himself by jabbing his fat fingers into Harry's thin shoulders.

'I could make more at Drawing Time,' Harry thought as he sidestepped a kick from Dudley.

'And I could practice some at Recess.'

With plans of ninja practice in mind, the kindergartener absent-mindedly made his way onto the yellow bus behind his cousin and sat in the front seat, not really listening to the chatter of the other young students.

'I'll practice the 'Henge' first. If I could look like someone else then I could all sorts of things!'

He, and all the other students, excitably got off the buss and rushed to their classrooms. Things went pretty normally from there. They read little paper booklets, which Harry was able to read easily being at a higher level than the others; he had to learn in order to read his aunt's cookbooks. Then they did a few simple math problems, in which his chores also had him ahead. Afterward they had played a few educational games on the computer involving science and reading before the teacher declared it was lunch time.

Harry sat at his desk alone, watching the other children eat their lovingly prepared lunches, and it was then that he dimmed a little. He thought about how nice it would be if he had a mom that would make a little lunch, just for him.

"Harry, you forgot your lunch again?" asked the teacher, Karen.

Harry nodded morosely, though he knew he was lying again; he always told her he forgot and it was what his uncle told him to say that if he wanted dinner.

Karen sighed, "You really need to remember, Harry, eating healthy is important."

She handed him an apple and Harry smiled, remembering the nursery rhyme they learned last week about apples and doctors.

"Thank you, Mrs. Roberts."

Karen smiled and went back to her desk to watch everyone.

'How am I going to be a good ninja if I'm not healthy?' Harry thought sadly as he bit into his apple.

The answer came to him a moment later. If he could get strong enough to do the Shadow Clone and the Henge at the same time then he could have a clone bring him lunch. This just created a new problem though.

'How is my clone going to get me a healthy lunch? I don't have any money besides what Mrs. Figg gives me for my birthday, and that's not enough to get me a lunch everyday.'

He decided to cross that bridge when he came to it, and went back to eating his apple before lunch was over.

After lunch they were allowed to go outside for recess, and that's when Harry tried to sneak to the side of the school to practice. His cousin had other ideas.

"C'mere!" yelled Dudley as he chased him.

Harry fearfully ran across the playground over to where the dumpsters were.

'If I could just get behind it!'

It was no use though, as he could hear Dudley coming around the corner. Harry put in a last ditch effort of trying to jump behind it, but his cousin saw him. Harry closed his eyes and wished with all his power to be somewhere his cousin couldn't get him.

"Teacher! Teacher!"

Harry was confused at hearing Dudley, of all people, calling for the teacher. That was when he opened his eyes, and found himself on the roof.

'Did I do that teleport thing that Kakashi does?' Harry mused in awe.

"What are you doing up here?!" yelled Karen as she stormed through the employee doors.

Harry started, and whirled around to face her.

"I…" he mumbled, not knowing what to say.

"You are going to have to stay after school, and your uncle and aunt are going to have a little talk with the principal, young man," she scolded while shaking her finger at him.

Harry's head fell to stare at his feet and he heard Dudley laughing down below. His hands clenched in frustration and helplessness.

His aunt and uncle wouldn't be happy.


Harry was right about that. His aunt and uncle weren't happy about it at all. They'd stormed with faces red from shame and anger, and they'd sat to his right in the principal's office.

Harry blocked out the angry voices of the adults and tried to think back to what he did to teleport like Kakashi.

'I was scared, and wanted to get away, but I didn't do any hand seals. For that matter Kakashi didn't seem to need them either. Maybe the hand seals are just to get people used to how to do it, like how a baby crawls before it walks. Well, I'm not going to use hand seals at all! I want to be able to do it all without them. It would be quicker anyway.'

When his uncle grabbed his arm he didn't only jolt him out of his seat as they stormed out, but his thoughts were interrupted as well. He could only focus on the pain in his arm and the anger that spelled punishment. He was soon tossed into the car, and later into his cupboard without dinner.

'I need to practice, but how can I if Dudley's always interrupting? I'd have to use the Shadow Clone, but then I won't know what we're doing in school. Maybe I could change it a little, so that I'll know what the clone learned before I dispatch it.'

After deciding to try it in the morning Harry settled down to sleep, though it was uncomfortable with hunger paining his stomach.


"Get dressed!" his aunt screeched, waking him up abruptly.

Harry quickly sat up and jumped out of his little cot, rushing to get dressed. When he was presentable he was about to open the door to make breakfast, but then remembered what he decided the day before.

He calmly sat down on his cot and closed his eyes, concentrating hard.

'I need a clone look-alike! I need him to look and act like me, but not be me! I need to be able to dispatch him and then be able to know what he learned!' he thought fervently.

When he opened his eyes and saw nothing he quickly shut them again, and thought about the panic he felt the day before.

'I need him now!'

It was then that he felt a great amount of energy leave him, and he felt so tired that he could barely manage to open his eyes.

"What do you need, boss?" whispered a look-alike, who was standing in front of him.

"Just go about like I do everyday," he whispered back tiredly.

The clone nodded and slipped out the door as Harry himself slipped into unconsciousness.


When Harry came to the house was eerily quiet. He thought that the others must be out, but he didn't want to be caught either, so he remained quiet. He sneakily slipped out of his cupboard, and paused to listen again. It was still quiet; however, he remained cautious and slipped into the empty kitchen to check the time.

Apparently he'd been out for three hours, as it was about ten o'clock at the moment.

Harry smiled bright as the stars, and let out a silent little whoop of joy as everything caught up to him.

'Now I just need to find a good place to train,' he thought as he slipped out the door and locked it behind him with the spare key he found under the potted plant.

After putting the key back under the pot Harry rushed off to the woods he knew he'd find on the edge of town. Luckily they weren't too far, but by the time Harry got there he was a little winded.

'If I'm going to be a ninja I can't be this weak!' Harry mentally berated himself.

He caught his breath and jogged through the trees until he came into a clearing. Deciding that this would be the perfect place to train Harry did a few laps around it, and then went through a few sit-ups. He tried push-ups, but he couldn't manage many before his arms were burning. With each exercise he grew more determined to get stronger than he was as he was continuously proven to be out of shape.

After a few more routines and a little time to sit down and regain his energy Harry prepared himself to attempt one of the academy jutsu, the Henge, without hand seals. He didn't close his eyes this time, thinking it would be disadvantageous to a ninja in battle.

'I need to look like Karen!' he thought, concentrating on how his teacher looked and how it felt after he did the other techniques.

'I need to look like her!'

It was very strange. He could feel a tug on his energy, and slowly he could feel himself stretching to get taller. A weird feeling grew in his chest as lumps seemed to grow from it. He saw golden locks growing to frame his face. After a few moments he felt the strangest feeling around his crotch that was almost painful, but not.

It was a slow process, but by the end Harry/Karen ran to the nearby pool to gaze at his/her reflection.

'I look just like her' Harry thought happily as she posed.

'It took a while, but I'm sure that with practice I'll get quicker.'

Harry smiled once more at her reflection before concentrating to change back. She watched in her reflection as she changed into a he, and then how he started looking more and more like his real self. It was a little quicker than last time, but still not near enough to the time that the ninja could do it.

'I wonder why when I do stuff like this there isn't a popping sound, like in the show,' he thought as he walked to the middle of the clearing.

'I suppose it doesn't matter too much. It's probably best that I don't make that sound anyway; it might give away my position when I'm in a tough spot.'

Taking a moment to rest he then went back to physical exercise, after which he continued to switch between the two until the sun started going down.

'Today was a good day,' he mused happily as he jogged back home.

He made sure to hide behind the tree in the back yard before peering sneakily around it, trying to spot his clone through the glass doors that lead into the living room. When he finally did spot him he discreetly waved to him to come over. The clone obeyed, and met with him behind the tree.

"Thanks for the help," Harry whispered as he dispatched the clone.

It was then that a rush of information flooded his mind about the day, but most of it was things he already knew. After his mind was settled Harry approached the glass doors and slipped inside.

"Why were you outside?" his aunt demanded as she exited the kitchen.

'She must've seen' Harry thought busily.

"Oh…I thought I saw something outside, Aunt Petunia."

'Which isn't exactly a lie either.'

"Someone outside?" Petunia panicked, looking out the window.

"I have half a mind to call the police."

"I think he's gone now," he said in a rush before dismissing himself to the kitchen to grab a sandwich before hurrying to his cupboard.

'I haven't eaten in a while,' he thought while stuffing the sandwich in his mouth.

'I need to find a way to get good food so that I can train better, and become a better ninja!'

He fell asleep not to much longer after finishing the sandwich, though it wasn't enough to fully fill him up.


The next morning went very similar to the last, but it was easier to make the clone. He only passed out for half an hour this time, but before he could sneak out he had to wait for Petunia to leave or at least get out of the living room, where she'd be able to see him when he got out of the cupboard. It took about half and hour more for his aunt to decide to go out shopping, and after she left he was able to sneak out of the cupboard.

Before he left he snatched two sandwiches and a bottle of water. He also ate an apple for his breakfast, as he remembered that Karen always said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. After he was all ready he snuck out the back door and made way to his training ground. He was still a little out of breath when he got there, but he knew he'd just have to train more to get in shape.

After running a few laps again Harry decided that today he'd try the walking-up-the-tree exercise. He ran quickly at the tree of his choice, but only made a step or two before falling on his back.

'I need to concentrate more on using my energy to get up the tree, instead of just trying to run up it,' Harry decided as he brushed himself off.

He stood for a moment, his eyes closed, and breathed deeply, concentrating on his inner energy that the ninjas called chakra. A moment later his eyes snapped open and he ran up the tree.

'I'm doing it!' He thought excitedly as he was ten steps up the tree's length.

His concentration wavered then and he fell to the ground painfully.

"Ouch," he moaned as he forced himself to stand and brush himself off once more.

He looked determinedly at the tree, took a few breathes, and then started up it again; he made fifteen steps before he fell, but he was so high he knew that he'd get really hurt if he fell to the ground like last time.

'Concentrate!' he screamed to himself, trying to focus his energy to his legs so he could catch himself like the ninjas.

It seemed to work as he landed on his feet and bent his knees, but his legs felt a little stiff. He sat down on the ground and rubbed them a little while catching his breath from the fearful experience.

He stood after his legs felt more secure, and trained on the tree for the rest of the day, besides stopping to rest and eat lunch. By the time the sun went down he was sitting in one of the highest branches that could hold his weight safely. He looked at the faraway ground, not with fear like before, but with pride, and slipped off the branch to land on the ground in a crouched position.

He looked up at the branch he was just sitting on with a smile before he tiredly made his way home.


The next morning an idea came to him that sent a shiver down his spine.

What if Dudley managed to hit his clone, and it poofed out of existence?

He felt a large amount of relief that this hadn't seemed to happen, but he knew he'd have to make changes to his clone to prevent it. As he concentrated he thought hard on what he wanted so as his clone would be more enduring. He felt more energy than previously leave him, and blanked out.

When he snuck a look at the clock in the kitchen it appeared as if he'd been out for an hour. It was longer than last time, but he'd also made his clone tougher this time, so he wasn't too perturbed.

After eating an apple and grabbing some food and drink for his lunch he made his way to his training ground to practice the Henge, the Clone, taijutsu, and the tree exercise.


Two weeks afterwards, his schedule very similar, Harry was finally strong enough to make a second durable shadow clone. He'd been practicing really hard so that he'd be able to practice his taijutsu against an actual opponent, instead of just a tree, and to get stronger.

The two Harrys smiled at eachother from across the clearing, and then charged.

When the clone Harry's fist connected with Harry's face pain was evident and tears were threatening to spill; he ignored the pain and swiftly tripped his opponent. The clone hit the floor, but rolled to the side to avoid the kick that threatened to smash into his face. This went on for a while longer and both were developing bruises and breathing heavily. Not much longer later the clone took as much damage as it could take and simply disappeared without the trademark 'poof' of Naruto's clones.

Harry collapsed tiredly to the ground and took a sip from his water. He'd have to transform with the Henge to hide the bruises from his relatives, but he didn't care at the moment. All that mattered to him was the elation that ran through the veins of the victorious. He'd fought and he'd won, and the adrenaline that was running through him was exhilarating.

After coming down from his high Harry stood and brushed himself off. After a moment the bruises disappeared and Harry looked proudly upon his seemingly unblemished skin. He'd gotten much better at the academy jutsu; you could almost say he mastered it. He was able to transform a lot quicker now, and it was getting easier to climb the trees, so much so that he was starting to practice jumping from tree to tree while mixing running to walking up and down every other tree.

He felt that if Dudley tried to take him on now that it wouldn't be Dudley who won.


He changed his training schedule to include his new sparring partner, and started to include having said partner transform into a kunai or shuriken to practice throwing them, though he missed half the time as it was new. What really excited him though was that summer would start next week, and he would be able to make some more money to be able to buy weights.

He planned on having one clone stay with the Dursleys, while another clone would transform into a nothing-special looking teenager and offer to mow lawns for a price. Harry himself would be switching from transforming and doing chores for hire to practicing in his clearing and bringing the teenager clone to help.

He had it all planned out. Now summer just had to get here. In the mean time he would add practicing on being able to summon a third clone and doing the fire-breath technique he remembered seeing Sasuke do to his schedule.

By the time summer had arrived he'd moved onto trying sit-ups half-way up the tree, had been able to blow out a small stream of fire the size of a pen, and only remained unconscious for an hour and a half after summoning his third clone. Oh, and the fights between him and his clone were getting violent enough for Harry to add learning medical techniques to his plans.


When Harry turned eight he'd decided it was time for a partner to help him, much like Kiba had Akamaru, only he didn't want any old regular dog. A regular dog wouldn't nearly be good enough to be a nin-dog, and thus he was faced with a dilemma. That was when the good old television once more inspired him.

Dudley had been watching TV, specifically a show Harry hadn't remembered seeing before called 'Poke'mon'. In it Harry saw a fire-dog that the character Ash brought to the healing center. Harry was quite taken with these creatures that seemed to be far more capable than even Akamaru, and so had his clone pose as him while he took for the library to look up more. The vast array of poke'mon he saw on the site's 'national poke'dex' astounded him, and so he visited numerous sites to find the strengths and abilities of those that had appealed to him.

After writing all he wanted, including the web-sites addresses, on a scrap piece of paper the librarian gave him, Harry felt he was all set to go about bringing his new partner to life.

There was only one problem, and that was that he didn't know where to start. Brainstorming quickly the would-be ninja came up with a plan and put it into steps.

First he would have to study anatomy, then chemistry, as the librarian called them, and in the time he wasn't studying he would train to be strong enough to bring his future partner to life.

He transformed into what he hoped was a twenty-looking guy and headed off to the local college to try to get access to their library, which would no doubt hold the information he'd need. He didn't have a lot of trouble getting inside, and the librarians were very helpful in finding the books he'd need; they also recommended studying algebra to get a better grasp on chemistry. Harry thanked them and happily sat at a round table with his notebook and small pencil, readying himself for a long study session.

Anatomy, connected with their biology courses, had been very interesting. He paid the closest attention to the human and canine sections, and had a better understanding of it after another local student gave a few helpful insights. Algebra was studied next as a basis for chemistry, and he struggled a little before he got what it basically was; no matter how difficult the problem seemed to him, they were just looking for the number that made the problem right or simplified down enough so it wasn't so big when someone did get a number, making it easier to solve.

After a month of studying Harry was definitely getting better, but 'better' wasn't going to cut it. He didn't want to risk the life of his partner on a faulty variable. Studying anatomy also required a good understanding of basic biology, so as to understand why things happened the way they did. He expanded his knowledge of biology, of various kinds, to be able to better make sense of everything. He'd advanced in algebra, and had started into chemistry, getting along quite well. Often he had to consult a dictionary for words he didn't understand, and it resulted in the expanding of his vocabulary.

All while studying he'd been practicing the water-walking exercise, his other techniques, and had been developing a basic healing jutsu, in which his studying of human anatomy helped very much. He'd even went a little into the study of plants, so he might be able to make salves or other things of use; at any rate, he at least knew not to eat anything unless he knew it wasn't poisonous.

By the fourth month Harry had completed his first medical jutsu, was able to produce an acceptable grand fireball, had walked shakily across the pond, had improved greatly in his accuracy with throwing kunai and shuriken, could produce ten clones, and felt ready to go about in the making of his new partner. He'd done all this while keeping his routine of sending a clone in his place at school and replacing him at the end of the day.

The food problem had been solved when he was able to make his fourth clone, which he then sent out, under the guise of a twenty-year old, to get a job. And with the way things were going, Harry couldn't possibly feel prouder of himself, though he continued to push himself.


'Today,' Harry decided as he made way to his clearing.

Today he'd make his partner; though he didn't exactly know how his energy would go about it he had faith that he could do it. He planned on the houndour starting as a puppy, allowing it time to grow and mature, but he also planned on using his power to allow the pup to grow larger than normal; when the pup evolved into a houndoom an adult might be able to ride it, though it was smaller than a horse.

Harry sat down in the clearing and started taking deep breaths, trying to center himself and find his inner power. He concentrated on what he wanted, he thought of the general anatomy, the fact that he wanted his partner to live as long as him, the special abilities, the size, the ability to understand human speech, and the ability to evolve. He pushed his power behind the thoughts, and then everything seemed to blend together and blur. A large amount of energy left him, and the scene before him seemed as if he weren't wearing his glasses, but even so he could make out a small black and red furred creature sitting before him.

"Shep," Harry affectionately named the pup before giving in to the darkness.

The newly christened Shep whimpered and curled about Harry's head, falling asleep and waiting for his partner to awaken.


Harry's eyes fluttered open, and his hand automatically went to straiten his glasses. When everything came into focus he started as his eyes caught the furred thing curled next to him. That's when the past events came up to him, and he smiled excitedly as he shook the pup awake.

"Hey there, Shep," Harry cooed as the pup's black eyes opened tiredly.

He laughed as the little puppy yawned, exposing his baby teeth. Shep retaliated by licking his face, but it only caused Harry to laugh more.

"Well, why don't I show you where I live, huh? Then we can see for how long I've been out."



Harry took his time walking back, letting the sun set so he could meet with his clone by the tree in private. Shep was happily sniffing the air in his arms, and was making an almost sickeningly cute sight. Harry smiled down at his little partner and scratched him behind the ear.

By the time they arrived by the tree it was dark, and Harry could see his clone pacing in the back yard. This worried Harry a little, and made him wonder what had happened.

Shep gave a silent little bark, clearly sensing that now was not the time for noise, but they needed the clone's attention. The clone started at the noise, and whirled around to see them.

The clone rushed over and whispered fervently, "Where have you been?! You've been gone for three days!"

"Three days?" Harry repeated dumbfounded.

The clone nodded quickly and Harry dispatched it after thanking him for his help.

'Three days…no wonder I'm so hungry,' thought Harry when his stomach rumbled.

Shep whined and his stomach mimicked Harry's.

"I suppose we should get something to eat then, huh boy?"

They proceeded to raid the fridge before going to sleep, Shep curling into a ball between Harry's arms.


Harry was woken up in the morning by Shep licking his face, no doubt wanting something to eat.

'It's better than waking up to Aunt Petunia's shrieks,' he thought sleepily.

As if summoning the devil Aunt Petunia descended the stairs with her familiar banshee calling.

"Wake up boy!"

Shep whined and his ears tilted back as the loud screech assaulted his young ears and Harry sympathetically pat his head. A moment later and a clone of Harry exited the cupboard to make breakfast, causing Shep to look at Harry curiously.

"Oh, that's right. I haven't told you, have I? That's a clone of me, and they help me out. Don't worry," Harry whispered, getting a lick to his cheek in return.

"Ok, ok, that's enough," he chuckled as he pat the pup, waiting for the others to leave.

"The dishwasher fluid's low, I'll need the one in the cupboard," he heard Petunia angrily mutter.

Harry tensed in apprehension as he heard her approach and Shep, feeling his partner's unease, glared at the door, pulling his little face into a snarl, but making no noise.

"That's alright Aunt Petunia, I'll get it," his clone cut in, jogging toward the door.

Harry and Shep relaxed, relieved as the clone's head popped in and gave them a wink as he grabbed the jug of dishwasher fluid.

"Close call," Harry whispered when his clone left.

Shep nodded and licked his hand, wanting to be pat more.


Harry made a little change to his plans considering his money usage. He ended up buying Shep two food and water dishes, one for his cupboard and one for the clearing, and then buying the best puppy chow he could find. That alone had set him back for his weights, so Harry decided that he just wouldn't get them, and save the rest; he could have four of his clones transform into weights that he could wear until dispatching them before bed.

The next change to his schedule included Shep's training. Shep couldn't do much because he was a puppy, but what he could do was run around to exercise and get some training in tracking. Shep seemed to think it was a fun game, and seemed to enjoy himself as Harry directed him onto the trail of a raccoon he'd spotted earlier. Shep would need more practice, but they had time to do that.


"Get'em Shep!" a ten year old yelled to his young dog.

Shep barked and eagerly chased after the rabbit, using his nose when he lost sight of it in the bushes. The hound had led Harry to a hole by the roots, which was no doubt the rabbit's home.

Harry smiled, "Burn it out!"

The poke'mon nodded and threw up his head before bringing it back down to spit fire into the hole, causing the rabbit to exit via a back exit on the other side of the bushes. Shep needed no command to chase after it, and after a mighty leap he'd snatched the brown rabbit up in his teeth and bit hard enough to kill. The rabbit stilled in his mouth and the loyal dog brought the dead prey over to his partner and dropped it by his feet.

"Good boy," praised Harry, patting his partner's head.

"Ark!" barked the houndour, wagging his short tail.

Harry grabbed up the rabbit by its ears and brought it to their camp. This wasn't the first little hunt they'd been on, so he wasn't so perturbed by the dead animal hanging by his grip as he had been the first time. They'd decided to have a survival test, much like the ones the ninjas would undergo in the academy, to test how well they could do on their own. Harry had bought a sleeping bag, and Shep collected wood that they would take turns setting aflame. So far they'd been out for four days, and Harry was really impressed with how well they were doing. Soon he'd bring out a few more clones, to test how well he and his partner could do while being ambushed.

Thoughts of ninja survival training were cut short as Shep growled at an owl that was flying down to them. Harry wondered why an owl would do something so strange, especially when his dog was growling so fiercely at it, when it perched on his outstretched arm and held up its leg.

'Who uses owls to deliver messages?'

"Stand down," he said absentmindedly as he untied the letter and opened it.

The houndour sat back on his haunches and stopped growling, but he still watched the owl attentively.

Harry ran his eyes over the letter, then once more, and then again to try to get his mind to process what exactly the letter was telling him.

Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will
find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.
Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress

Supply List

Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry


First Year Students will require:
1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)
2. One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear
3. One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)
4. One winter cloak (black, silver fastenings)
Please note that all pupils' clothes should carry name tags

Course Books

All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk
A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot
Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling
A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore
Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quintin Trimble

Other Equipment

1 Wand
1 Cauldron
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set brass scales
Students may also bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad


'Well, if ninja techniques are real then why not a wizard's magic? If I'm a wizard then maybe that's why my techniques don't make noises like the ninjas on the show.'

Dear Minerva McGonagall, he started to scribble on the back of the first sheet while stuffing the supply list in a pocket.

I find the letter you sent me quite interesting, and also a shock. I had not previously been informed of being a wizard, and thus would like to request more information.

For one, where would I go to purchase these supplies? Is there a fund for students without much money? I don't have a lot, and I doubt my minders would pay for me to attend.

Second, is there anything else an uniformed wizard should know? I should think that I'm not the only student in this situation, so are there any packets you send to the others helping them in their transition? If there are I would be most grateful if you could provide one.

Third, is it possible for me to bring a pet other than those listed? I'm quite attached to my dog, and would hate to leave him behind.

Anything else you can inform me of I would be quite appreciative to receive.

Your, hopefully, new student,

Harry Potter

'That should do it,' he mused, retying the message to the owl's foot.

Shep tilted his head at him when the owl was out of sight, "Ark?"

"Apparently I'm a wizard," he informed his partner, "and they want me to join their academy. They had a selection of pets one could bring, but I'll be bringing you either way, so don't you worry."

The houndour wagged his tail and Harry went back to preparing the rabbit to be cooked, and a while later split it into two smaller portions to eat. As they ate in companionable silence they contemplated the interesting events that were unfolding.


His clones had ambushed them midday, three surrounded the camp and thus surrounded him and Shep.


"Couldn't agree more my friend," Harry commented cheekily as he and his partner charged the intruders.

Harry took two of his clones on while Shep took the last on quite well.

Harry dodged a kick and then a punch before retaliating by focusing his energy into his fist and destroying the clone that tried to trip him. The other clone saw this as an opening, as Harry's back was to him, but had been surprised when the houndour tackled him. Harry followed the tackle by throwing his pocket knife at the downed clone, making his opponent disappear in defeat.

"We took them easy, huh?" Harry said happily as he closed his pocket knife and returned it to his pocket.

Shep barked back, happily wagging his tail and returning to his partner's side to get a good pat or two. As Harry was patting his loyal friend the same owl from the previous day returned, which immediately garnered Shep's attentive stare. The owl nervously perched on his arm and held out its leg.

Dear Harry Potter,

I am surprised and appalled that your relatives hadn't informed you of your wizard status. Forgive me for thinking highly enough of them to do so and thus have left you uninformed. I have included a small booklet of information which is usually sent to muggleborns; when you take out the brochure-like packet it will expand to its actual size, so please don't panic.

I would also like to arrange a meeting between the two of us, in which I will arrive in two days time around noon. I will guide you around Diagon Alley, the place where you are to buy your school supplies, and will show you to your trust vault, which was left to you by your parents.


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

"So, my relatives knew all along," Harry snorted.

"Why am I not surprised?"

Harry wrote on the back of the letter that the meeting was acceptable and gave it back to the owl after he took out the shrunken booklet, which expanded once fully out of the envelope.

'Am I going to learn how to do that?' Harry pondered as he and Shep watched the owl fly away.

"Change of plans, partner. We're going to pack everything up tonight in a scroll, and stay at the house until this deputy headmistress arrives. When she does I'll leave with her and you can either come in a scroll, or we'll do the Beast Transformation so you can come along."

Shep contemplated it and then gave a nod of his head to show he understood.

"Great. So, are you ready for round two?"


Suddenly they were surrounded by four clones, one of which transformed into a houndour himself.

"Here we come!" Harry yelled as they charged.


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