A/N: Just almost cried, I'm watching the end of AWE right now. :'(. can't wait for the credits. Thought this was cute although I didn't write the AWE version of Family Ties.

Two Scars:

A oneshot post Family Ties: Back Again! (which I didn't write yet…)

POV is that of a new character

One who I absolutely adore!

I sat on deck of my Aunt's ship looking up at the blazing sun. Why did it need to be so hot? It was hard to decide whether it was more fun with her or with Uncle Jack. Over the past years we've been pretty close, she was definitely more outgoing than Aunt Rebecca! It's almost as if she's my older sister, the best thing about her though was that she told the best stories about father! Mum's were good, but Michaela's were of embarrassing things he did as a child, and they were always funny. My favorite is the one about how she stole all of his pants when she was eight, and thought it was funny to do that to me on my eighth birthday. I was lucky she didn't decide to for my ninth.

I went to go below deck until I found my eyes covered and someone shouting, "Guess who!" She took back her hands and spun me around.

"Good to see you Billy!" Before I knew it I was pulled into a hug.

"Good to see you too," I replied. Before going to yell at her crew in one of the many languages she knew, I got my customary noogie. My hair was everywhere and I had the urge go ask her a question.

"Michaela," I shout, "Why do you have two scars on your hands?"

Michaela's POV

I looked at my nephew in shock.

"That's an interesting question," I replied.

"Mum has one," Billy said timidly, "She said my father does as well."

"Well she's right," I told him, "I think I told you the story about why we have them." Billy nodded.

"Why doesn't Aunt Rebecca have one?"

"Your other Aunt is rather timid," I stated, "She doesn't get her nose into any action." Billy laughed, he always told me how Rebecca was my polar opposite.

"I thought we were talking about hands," he questioned about my allusion to Rebecca's nose.

"We are," I corrected, "Since I'm the stupid one who decides to give out my last name, I get stuck with my hand sliced open by your dear Uncle Hector."

"Uncle Hector," he exclaimed.

Whoops, I thought, Elizabeth is going to kill me for this later.

"Yeah, then when I had to actually lift the curse, I had to do it again," I finished. Billy took a minute to contemplate all this information, it was scary how much he looked like his father.

"I get it now," he exclaimed. I smiled at him, there was nothing to get, but it was funny to bother a nine year old.