An APLFM oneshot

Willy sat on the stairs eating something out of a paper bag. Someone handed it to him in Tortuga and it was very good.

"Watcha got there Willy," Dieum asked bothering his older brother.

"I got it in Tortuga," he replied with his mouth full of whatever it was, "Try it." He offered it to his brothers and sister.

"This is pretty good," Casey said taking some more.

"It's chewy," Jack exclaimed opening his mouth to show everyone.

"What is it," Dieum inquired.

"Calamari," Willy answered. Tom's face went white along with his sister's.


"I'm gonna be sick," Tom shout running to the side of the ship, Casey followed. Dieum took his piece out of his mouth and put it on his hand.

"Look Dieum," Jack yelled. Dieum looked at his brother, his calamari was hanging out of his mouth as if they were tentacles.

"I'm Davy Jones!"

A/N: I officially love useless little oneshots! They're so easy to write!