A/N: This story is being co-written by RedSquirrelWriter. It takes place in-between Crossing Boundaries and Crossing Boundaries: Back and Forth. Enjoy.

All the animals in the area were all assembled at Pride Rock Josh and the others were preparing to leave. Simba and the entire pride were watching them. "We will remember you, always," said Simba with a smile

Josh smiled and said, "And we'll remember you, too."

He and the others were about to bow when Simba interrupted. "Why are you bowing?" then he smiled. "When we should bow to you." then he bowed, then Kiara, then Nala, then Kovu, along with every single animal in the Pridelands.

Josh and the others were speechless at what was going on. Then Rosa ran up to them wearing the Buda necklace Chen gave her. "Goodbye, guys," she said. "And keep safe and...think of me, when you can."

"Of course," said Josh. Soon he and the others were all packed up and ready to leave. And as they walked, the lioness's bowed them a path.

Kiara stepped up to them, along with Nala. "We cannot tell you how grateful we are," said Nala.

"It was our great pleasure for you to stay with us and we enjoyed your company very much," said Kiara.

Then Denzel bent down and hugged Kiara. "Your welcome," he said.

Then Josh bent down and kissed Nala's paw. "Goodbye m'lady," he said. Then he and Denzel got to their feet.

They mounted their horses and waved goodbye. Then they spotted Timon and Pumbaa three feet next to them. "Good luck...g-guys," said Timon. Then he and Pumbaa started blubbering like babies.

"Don't worry fellas," said Josh. "We'll come back someday. But now, we ride!" with a loud hya, Josh's horse reared up and took off like lightning. Chen and Denzel's horses whinnied and followed Josh out into the sunset.

Captain Rogers watched alongside the lions as Josh, Chen and Denzel vanished from sight. But this was no time for tears, for they knew that in a few months time, a war would begin.

Simba sighed heavily as they rode off towards another stage of life. Nala nuzzled him under the chin. "Don't worry, Simba... you were fine when you went away from us."

"I know," Simba said quietly. "It's when I came back that worried me... and the same goes for them."

Rogers turned to Simba, saluted and asked, "Permission to stay sir?"

Simba nodded slowly, but he was a little unsure of the decision. "Are you certain, Captain Rogers?" he asked somberly. "We do not get too many human visitors out here."

Rogers smiled. "Well, seeing as how I repaired the queen's legs, I might be of some use to you as a doctor for when the war begins."

Simba nodded slowly. "Yes... yes, that would be very useful to us all. We thank you for this honor."

Rogers once again saluted. "Thank you, your majesty." He then picked up his belongings. "Shall I set up a tent near the rock?"

Simba nodded again. "Yes, that would be fine," he said with a wry smile.

"Yes sir." Then, Rogers turned to Nala and nodded. "Your highness."

Nala nodded back. The rest of the day would be peaceful. But within a few months, peace would be a thing of the past.