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The world was cold and white. The sky, clear and blue. It was winter, and there were obvious signs of it every where.

Yako was cold. Her breaths came out in misty little clouds, and she would shiver at the occasional wind. She knew that her cheeks would be tinged by pink with the cold nipping at her for the few hours. And all she could do was blame the cold.

She hated it.

She hugged her thick jacket closer to herself, but she didn't feel the least bit warmer. She watched from her spot on the park bench as another young couple walked by. So many couples had walked by, and each had a content smile on their faces, and they were all in their own little worlds. It wasn't a surprise to Yako that there were so many couples. Today was Christmas Eve, one of the most romantic days for young couples.

Each pair was radiant. They held hands, shared scarves, and had an occasional arm around the waist. They smiled at each other, and for only each other. They didn't care about the cold. They had their lovers and happiness on their minds, there was no room to think of something as trivial as the cold. They would all walk by, content as can be, not caring for anything else.

But what really made Yako really look at them was the warmth. Each pair basked in each other's warmth for comfort. Some would laugh softly in the others ear with and arm wrapped protectively around them. Some would give each other a shy kiss, and quickly look away blushing.

She'd watch each one come and go with a sort of bitter sadness. She longed for that warmth too, instead of being left here cold, lonely, and distant. She wanted to be anywhere but alone on that bench. She shivered when another icy wind ghosted over her. She closed her eyes, hoping that it'd block out the frosty feeling. But try as she might, she couldn't stop shivering. It was as if a cold, sharp object was being slid down her spine…

She opened her eyes in surprise, only to meet another pair and a devious smile. "NEURO!" She screeched out in surprise. Her loneliness was gone, only to be replaced with an annoyance.

"Hmm… So this is where you've been all day." He tsked. "Foolish human…Staying out in the cold voluntarily…" He looked at her with an impartial gaze. He looked a little bit amused but then again, he also looked slightly disapproving of her.

Yako glared at half-heartedly. He wouldn't understand. He couldn't. Yako was a teenage girl and emotions controlled her world. Neuro was some sort of demon, he was cold and distanced. He would dismiss her problems, deeming them trivial and pointless.

Neuro continued to stare at her. "Here." Something hot was thrust to out to Yako. She looked at it curiously. It was a steaming cup of hot chocolate. She stared up at Neuro as if he suddenly grew a second head.

He gave here an irritated look. "Drink it. It's what you humans do with it, is it not?" Yako nodded weakly, and weakly took the cup from his outstretched hand. He gave her one last look before walking away.

Yako felt her whole body warm up as she stared at that little foam cup in her hands. It was odd how just one cup of cocoa made her feel so much better. She broke free of her trance to see Neuro's retreating back.

"Thank you…" Her voice was soft, and the statement was more to herself than anyone else.

Neuro stopped and looked lazily over his shoulder. "Come with me." And Yako just looked at him in confusion.

"Those mysteries aren't going to solve themselves, you know." And then he turned and began to walk away again.

Yako felt a small smile grow on her face and raced after the demon.

Suddenly she didn't feel so cold anymore.