The girl, Sakura, continued to run down the street, furiously trying to stop her tears. She couldn't believe she had almost blown her cover like that, losing her contacts to a little kick like that. She felt an age old pain in her heart, deeper than all her scars and bruises. She reprimanded herself. I can't like him anymore, he hates me- he hates me a lot. She remembered when he had gotten back from China:


She eagerly waited for Syaoran at the airport, smoothing down her skirt and fiddling with her hair, again. I wonder what he looks like now, it's been five years! He probably looks more handsome, and most definitely taller. Hope he thinks well of me too! Her best friend and cousin, Tomoyo, interrupted her thoughts, her skill of reading people, especially someone like Sakura, still well honed.

"You have nothing to worry about Sakura; you have also grown to be a beautiful young lady." Tomoyo said in a sly voice, giving way to her matchmaking plans she was currently planning. She was lucky her favourite cousin was so dense. But what she spoke was true; Sakura had grown a lot, though more physically than anything else. She was an intelligent girl, but she was still as dense and genki as ever, not to mention innocent. Not a profane thought ever entered her head. But her body was slim and supple, she had her curves in the right places, her auburn hair was now grown out to mid waist, and she was a tall 5 foot 8 inches. Most boys wanted her, but she usually never noticed, and it was Meilin or Tomoyo that made sure they knew that Sakura was taken. But even after those stern speeches, the boys would be blown away with her smile, and would harbour a big, but secret, crush on the angel. Syaoran was lucky to have such good matchmakers.

"Flight 12 now landed. All passengers please exit Gate 14. Thank you." The intercom announced.

"That's Syaoran's flight! Come on!" Sakura announced happily, her excitement bubbling over. She pulled her Tomoyo with her as she ran to Gate 14, just in time to see an unmistakable figure walk through the door, suitcase in hand. She waved over to him, her angelic smile even more radiant. "Syaoran! Syaoran!" Sakura waved to him, giggling at his look of surprise. "I wanted to surprise you, and it looks like it worked!" She laughed again. Tomoyo sighed contently. As usual she was there with her video cam, taping "S&S Reunion!" She laughed along with Sakura, until she saw a slim arm drape around Syaoran. Her laughter died down, and so did Sakura's. Who was this girl? They examined her, noticing her red hair and green eyes.

What the hell? He replaced Sakura? Tomoyo thought furiously.

Syaoran broke the silence first. "This is my girlfriend, Kitsune. She came with me so she can meet everybody here in Japan. Sakura, may I have a word?" Sakura nodded blankly, her feet shuffling. Syaoran took her to an isolated corner.

"Sakura, you know everything from our childhood was just little crushes right? I'm sure you feel the same way, because it's been five years. You probably moved on too. So I think its good we're just friends. I just wanted to clear everything up." Syaoran looked worried when she didn't answer. "Sakura?"

"I understand." She replied as she looked up. Her eyes blank canvasses, void of any feeling. Syaoran didn't notice, he was already distracted by Kitsune.

"Ok, well that's good. Let's grab something to eat then."

End of Flashback

She felt new tears come to her eyes. She tried to blink them out of he eyes while gazing around the park she had stopped at and taken refuge. Why couldn't she forgive and forget? Because you still love him, that's why. Her inner voice said cruelly. You still imagine that he would come back and take you back. "No, I don't love him! I hate you Syaoran Li!" She screamed. Frustrated, she broke down and started to sob into her arms.

Syaoran thought he heard screaming coming from a nearby park. He hopped into his car and drove to see what the commotion was about. On the way there, he tried to sort out the confused thoughts he had of that nerd, Ayame Shirashi. Why does he have a foreboding feeling that she had more to her than she let on?


"Class, I am very unhappy to announce that Sakura Kinomoto has left us to go to another school. I am sure we will all miss her, and if any of you keeps in touch, please let us know. On the other hand, we have a new student, Ayame Shirashi. Please make her feel welcome. Ayame, you may go seat in the desk in front of Syaoran." The teacher announced, glaring at the students who were making repulsed face to Ayame. Everybody was shocked at the departure of the golden girl, if not the most Tomoyo, Meilin, and Syaoran. They had received no warning, no note that she was leaving. But on the other hand, who was this girl that replaced Sakura? She was visibly shaking; dull brown eyes quivering with would be tears but covered with big old-fashioned glasses. She was wearing a uniform several sizes to big. Her black hair was tangled and messy. Her teeth were covered with heavy metal braces. This was not someone to hang out with. But Syaoran felt something else to this girl- hate. The sight of her made him gag, but she smelled like cherry blossoms, like Sakura. How dare she try to take part of a legacy too cool and large for an ugly mouse like her? Even if he had a girlfriend, Sakura was still his friend, and nothing was going to change that. Tomoyo threw a paper ball at Syaoran, knowing his escalating anger was not good. Finally, the bell rang. Syaoran filed out with the rest of the students, but not before knocking down Ayame's stuff. "Ugly nerd." He muttered. Tomoyo saw this happening and she couldn't help but wonder. She hadn't missed the fact that Ayame smelled like Sakura, but Sakura would never change her look. "She would never have changed schools either without telling you." her rebel self told her. "I trust her, and whatever she did there's a reason." Her sensible self said."I just wish I was there." She murmured softly to herself, while laying a consoling hand on Syaoran, who looked like he was going to kill Ayame. "Killing her or hurting her is not going to help Syaoran, you know that." She said.

End of Flashback

"I know that it won't, but I just want Sakura back." Syaoran mutters to himself. Suddenly his cell rang. He sighed and picked it up. A familiar, albeit annoying, voice spoke.

"Honey, I've missed you. Where are you?" Kitsune asked huskily. Syaoran sighed. He no longer liked Kitsune but couldn't dump her. How do you explain that you've fallen for your first and true love, again? And this girl happened to have disappeared? And that you lied to her when you said you loved her 'cause you had an empty void in your heart and she was the only one you were at least attracted to? See? Not happening.

"Sorry, Hun, I've got things to do, people to see. I'll see you later, ok?" He flipped the phone without even waiting for an answer.

He finally arrived at the park. He admired the Sakura Trees in full bloom for a few seconds, before getting out of the car and walking down the pathway. He soon sees the source of the commotion: Ayame. Feeling the surge of anger and hate, he suppressed it enough to go to her and act civil. "So, Ayame, how are you? Still bitter over the little spat we had?" Suddenly, he felt a sudden coldness drifting of her. He frowned and stepped closer. Her face was still hidden, but something was definitely wrong.

"She suddenly stood up. Eyes cast down. "I don't know how you haven't noticed Li, but this is sure to give you a surprise." She said coldly. "But I guess you were too busy with Kitsune. I am Ayame Shirashi, formerly known as Sakura Kinomoto." And with that, she pulled of her wig and braces, and fully looked at Syaoran for the first time since his return, emerald eyes dark with disgust, hurt, and rejection. Syaoran gaped at her in horror and in shame. He had done the unforgivable: he had bullied his own childhood friend and love. Things are going to get quite scary.

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