The tense air surrounding the couple was a battle field. Syaoran's usually commanding presence was barely noticeable, the result of his major guilt and shame causing him to want to disappear. Never had he felt this way, but he felt he deserved it after treating Sakura the way he did. Sakura's normally cheerful aura was also unlike her, broadcasting waves of coldness and despise. Her stance was stiff, and her emerald eyes flashing angrily at him, calculating her next move. It was her that cut the thick air with her sharp words.

"Do you know how long I waited for you, counted the days until you might return?" she whispered dangerously. "How long I had to keep a happy face on to just pretend that you would come back to me someday, and not to worry everyone around me?"

"But I did come back to you, didn't I?" Syaoran foolishly answered. Wrong move, buddy.

"What do you mean come back?" Sakura's voice was getting higher and more hysterical. "You returned to tell me that your feelings were childhood memories, and we should all move on? To tell me that for the five years that I wasn't with you, you decided to replace me? And not with any girl, someone who had reddish hair and green eyes, just like me! You and I made a promise, Li that we would wait for each other until you came back. Apparently, I'm the only one with any honour around here!" She took a large breath to calm down. Her eyes dared Syaoran to defy what she said. Syaoran stared at her in remorse, until he remembered something.

"If you had any honour, then what were you thinking when you disguised yourself as 'Ayame'? Why didn't you just stand up to me and tell me what you're telling me right now? You hid yourself like a baby." Syaoran replied smugly.

Words failed Sakura. She could not believe the nerve this guy had. She marched up to him and slapped him across the face. Syaoran staggered. He looked up at her astonished. Never had he thought Sakura could go as far as this! He was wrong. That was only the beginning.

"I cannot believe the nerve you have Li Syaoran. You, who broke my heart as Sakura, then almost broke my body as Ayame, will actually accuse me of hiding! I could have fought back, defended your horrid attacks! But I did not; because I thought sacrificing myself to you, would literally shout that I am Sakura! But I was wrong, and now I know your true self. I am not going to stoop to your level, and try to fight you in any way." She paused, taking a deep breath from her tirade. Then her voice dropped to a deadly whisper. "But I will follow your advice. I will move on, just like you said. Just as you have your Kitsune, I will find the right guy." She watched as he grimaced. "And you can do nothing about it." She grinned at him, amused. She picked up her fallen props. She started to walk down the worn foot path back to her house. Syaoran stared at her retreating back.

"Wait! Why is it only me? Aren't you mad at Tomoyo, or Meilin for ignoring you?" He called after her. She paused, and then tilted her head towards him.

"Are you sure they don't know?" Her voice called back, filled with mirth.

Tomoyo Daidouji was an intelligent girl, full wisdom and human perception. She could easily sense if something was wrong, or if pieces or facts were missing from the big picture. The day Sakura went missing she knew something was up, and her senses were sharper than ever. She hadn't missed how empty Sakura's beautiful green eyes had been that faithful day, when Syaoran had told her to move on. She couldn't ignore how, at that moment, Syaoran had managed to change Sakura from an innocent and happy little girl, to a mature, young woman that had gained some of life's wisdom. Yes she was still naïve, but she had a broken heart, and they almost never leave a person. She had offered Sakura a ride home, but she had kindly refused and ran, most likely to Penguin Park. Tomoyo had watched her run away, watched until she was only a speck in the horizon. She had wondered what will happen next.

So it really hadn't been a surprise when Sakura went missing, Tomoyo just had to figure out where she was, or who she was. Her first clue was when Ayame was introduced to the class. It hit Tomoyo a bit strange that she happened to come the same day that Sakura left. The odds of that happening were pretty small. Then, she noticed the way she walked, sat, even how she opened a book, was identical to Sakura. Never mind that she also had the same body structure, nose, and mouth. She even smelled like that cherry blossom soap and shampoo that Tomoyo had bought her for her birthday! By then, Tomoyo was sure it was her cousin; she just had to figure out Sakura's intent.

It didn't take Tomoyo long to figure out Sakura's reasons; and when she did, her amethyst eyes filled with tears. Her actions were so open, so obvious, but Syaoran didn't realize, and fell right into Sakura's bait. Tomoyo couldn't believe it; she couldn't understand how Sakura could just surrender herself to Syaoran. It was major sacrifice, only her undying love could have let her make a decision like that. Sakura made it clear Syaoran was to be left to figure out the puzzle, so Tomoyo was helpless. She kept her distance, to avoid from shaking Sakura awake from what she was doing. She only confided in Meilin, and the fierce girl kept Tomoyo's hands full stopping her from fighting. Besides that, all she and Meilin could do was remain silent until Sakura chose to unveil herself, or until Syaoran realized his mistake. The wait, however, was just about done. On the other hand, the fun has just begun.

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