The air was hot and the music heavy when Syaoran and Kitsune finally entered Tomoyo's house. Kitsune was dressed in a tight-fitting mini dress that left little to be desired. All of the boys were jealous of Syaoran when they saw Kitsune hanging off his arm, but he couldn't care less. Right now, he wanted to get his fill of his former blossom, even though she wasn't his anymore. He looked around impatiently, and his search was soon rewarded. He had come at the perfect time; Sakura was slowly making her way down the stairs. He muttered an excuse to Kitsune about getting punch, and he pushed his way closer to the stairs. His breath hitched as he saw his angel.

Tomoyo sure had outdone herself this time. Sakura was in a snow-white knee-length bubble dress, a far cry from the other girls' tight outfits. Her hair was swept up in a messy bun, held in place by black headband. Her makeup was simple; a natural yet elegant look that Syaoran knew Sakura could only get away with. Her delicately-adorned foot took a tentative step down, green eyes cast shyly around. Syaoran knew she was aware that she had captured everybody's attention, and was jealous when a multitude of starry-eyed guys surrounded her, asking her for a dance. Syaoran wanted to be her saviour, but instead Eriol gentlemanly took her hand and lead her to the floor.

Sakura was busy the entire night, being swept from one guy's arm to another. She smiled charmingly and made small talk, but her heart really wasn't into any of them. I want another set of arms. Her inner voice whispered.

"May I cut in?" A smooth voice suavely interrupted.

Sakura's emerald eyes widened as a certain amber-eyed guy elegantly swept her into his arms.

Time stopped for both of them.

Amber to emerald.

Emerald to Amber.

None had eyes for anyone but each other. This for sure was a match made in heaven. A hush swept the crowd; rarely was a couple seen that were so perfectly in sync with each other. Each movement made by one was perfectly copied by the other, and both were so perfectly entranced by the other.

While most people were sighing in happiness over this match, quite a few were thinking the opposite.

Tomoyo, Eriol, and Meilin were staring worriedly at the couple. They knew that without everything worked out between them and quite a few things left still not forgiven, someone was for sure going to get hurt. Eriol and Meilin had their bets on Sakura's already broken heart, but Tomoyo's perceptive eyes were not so sure.

Kitsune, also, was not stupid. She had noticed that Syaoran was becoming less and less entranced by her; instead brooding about some other girl, which was turning out to be Sakura. No girl had stolen a guy from her before, and it was not going to start now.

The music continued on, a softened classic that further emphasized the beatific scene portrayed.

Sakura stared at the molten gold eyes so close to her own emeralds. This felt so right, as if they had been born to hold each other in their arms all night. She felt like putty in the safe haven of Syaoran's arms, all senses telling her that this was where she belonged.

"You look beautiful, my Ying Fa." Syaoran's husky voice whispered, his lips brushing against her throat, breaking her dreamlike reverie.

That's right.


The one who broke her heart.

Her forever sworn enemy.

How could she do this?

The magical night suddenly came to an end. Sakura pushed the stunned Syaoran away from her. She backed away slowly, tears threatening to fall. The shocked crowd fearfully watched for what would happen next.

"No….this….this isn't right. You…you…I hate you!" And with that Sakura pushed through the crowd, leaving everything that destiny had planned for her.

Her love. Her soul mate. Her best friend.

A single mistake that ruined everything.

Fate can be so cruel.

The trio was speechless. They each had their bets for who would be the one hurt, but this unexpected event left them in a bind. With a missing Sakura and a stony-faced Syaoran, it was hard to tell who hurt the most. They watched Syaoran apprehensively; not knowing how he was going to react. Tomoyo's anxious mind was all for chasing after Sakura; to hell what Syaoran did. But Eriol's strong arm prevented her from taking even a step, as he motioned for her to watch the following scene to unfold.

Meilin was the first one to notice. She tried to hide her chagrin as she saw Kitsune moving towards Syaoran. As the sparsely clad girl made her way through the crowd, everybody had given her and Syaoran a wide berth. Most knew from experience or common sense to never disturb Syaoran when he was in that mood. Obviously, Kitsune was either to naïve or stupid to realize. Everybody's grave eyes watched as her manicured hand reached out to touch Syaoran's hunched shoulder.

"Syaoran?" Her nasal voice called.

"Don't touch me." Syaoran's tone was broken, a clear indication that he was about to explode.

Kitsune conveniently ignored it.

"Syao-babe, what's wrong?" Her hand went to caress his brown tresses.

"I said, DON'T TOUCH ME!" Syaoran's swift hand knocked Kitsune's off him harshly, his amber eyes turning wild. His back turned ready to run away from this nightmare. Kitsune fell to the floor, crying to Syaoran.

"Syaoran, what's wrong? How do you like that…ugly girl! I thought you loved me?" Syaoran whirled around. He approached Kitsune so fast that everyone thought he was about to strike her. Instead, his face ended up inches from hers; his crazy amber eyes boring into hers.

"Don't. Ever. Insult. Sakura. We. Are. Over." Syaoran snarled loudly; enough for everybody to hear. Pushing away from the shaken Kitsune, he ran through the hushed room; away to the same direction that Sakura went.

Tomoyo's superior face met Eriol and Meilin's resigned looks. Yup, it was definitely Syaoran.

Sakura leaned against a cherry blossom tree, her frantic sobs slowing into hiccups. Her dress ruined, make up streaked, and hair tangled; her night turned out to be a failure. She was betraying herself by letting the one person who had broken her heart enter her world again. Sliding down the base of the tree, she hugged herself as her logic fought with the truth.

He was so sweet and kind.

You know his a jerk. He doesn't mean it.

Yet he was a different person tonight.

You still know he broke your heart.

Sakura whimpered in resignation, fatigue, and disappointment. She did not know what was right or wrong anymore. All she wanted was her life to go back to normal, to not have any secrets, to not hide behind a mask, to have Syaoran as her best friend and nothing more.

Her wishes were so simple.

But they were all so impossible.

Finally feeling the cool night air swirl around her, Sakura hugged herself tighter, wishing she had brought at least a shrug. Standing up, she took a deep, quavering breath. She was going to be strong and stand proud, she promised herself, and to stay true to herself. A slight wind suddenly passed by her. Her eyes following it, she saw the cause of it; Syaoran. He had stopped by the pond and was kneeling over it, breathing heavily. Sakura held her breath; she had never seen Syaoran like this. Suddenly, a tiny splash echoed through the silent garden, followed by another, and soon another. Sakura's emerald eyes looked on in astonishment. Syaoran? Crying? Suddenly, as if pulled by puppet strings, Syaoran stood up stiffly, looking ahead as if entranced.

"Sakura Kinomoto, I will not bring you anymore pain. I…..I love you." Syaoran said in a loud, almost robotic voice.

Only too late did Sakura realize what he was about to do. She reached out with a strangled cry as Syaoran's body fell into the pond with a loud, echoing splash.


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