Title: Carnage

Rating: M

Genre: Drama/ Angst/ Romance/ Adventure

Pairing: Slade/Robin

Summary: AU- After being betrayed by his teammates Robin loses his memory of everything that happened to him prior the attack, vowed to get revenge he gets involved in crime, he becomes know as Nightwing an unstoppable hacker, thief, and assassin. He catches the attention of the more notorious known criminals especially a man named Slade.

Warning: This will be a slash, so if you don't like you can turn away now or read until you start liking it lol, Sex later on along with beating, stalking, Blood, Gore, and whatever else I can think of.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

Hello sorry it took me a little longer to update thank you for all the reviews, The Darkest Half you made me light I did not realize it was that bad, lol, Robin is going to act more like Richard although because he lost most of his memory's of being strict and uptight, is if you want you can say he is a bit OOC but I don't think that, of well I will keep in mind to make him more serious in the future. Cogasha you are the only person to respond to my hair question, but I don't now if down means short and not spiked or just long. So I just made it long. If anyone has a problem I could just cut it. Thank you everyone else for reviewing it means a lot to me.

So with out further ado I give you chapter two.


Chapter two- Vanity

(One year later)


A dark figure silently jumped over the tall stone wall effortlessly, landing on his feet with the grace of a cat. Staying in the tree's clawing shadows he slowly creped towards the large estate not taking time to admirer the beautiful architecture of the marble statue's or to smell the sweet aroma coming from the vast garden. Grabbing a small remote from his back pocket the man smirked as he watch the connection glow green informing him that all security devices have been overridden and shut down. Not as worried but none the less cautious the figure quickly picked the lock to the old oaken doors sliding in the large house unnoticed by all except for the eerie all seeing moon. Easily scaling the stairs the dark figure began to walk towards the blue tinted doors before entering the room observing the large black man sleeping peacefully on the bed, not a drop of guilt upon his perfectly human face at the fact that he thought he killed his close friend. Snaring fiercely but otherwise impassive the figure began walking towards the man only to stop suddenly at the sight of a body of a curvaceous women lying in the bed next to the man. Not letting this discovery faze him the man began to walk closer to the bed slowly uncorking a clear bottle and pouring the unknown substance all over the man's body, an insane gleam in his dark sapphire eyes.

"For your punishment I will take what you wanted the most," The man whispered softly a malicious smile upon his soft lips, "Your vanity," He commented before silently living the building without leaving a trace.

(5 hours later)

A soft giggle filled the mans ear as he slowly opened his brown sleep filled eyes to stare lovingly at the beautiful women next to him, giggling again the girl softly poked his chest.

"Just what are you covered in Victor?" The brunette women asked in confusion as Victor finally put his hand on his flat stomach and face noticing the slightly sticky substance covering him.

"I don't know I'm going to hop in the shower to get it off although." Victor said as he kissed his lover before slowly entering the bathroom adjoined to the bedroom and turning on the water. Well he waited for it to warm up Victor looked into the mirror and smirked, not an ounce of regret for what he had to do to become normal again. Still smiling Victor entered the shower only to feel a slight burning sensation; confused he began to rub his face only to scream in agony has his entire body felt as if someone was stabbing him causing. Hearing the scream his wife run into the bathroom to see what was wrong only to gasp at the sight that greeted her.

"Stay…stay away from me you monster," She screamed as she stared in shock at the thing in front of her only to bolt out of the room, Victor tried to block the pain out as he quickly began to crawl out of the shower hoping to stop her only to see his reflection from one of the tilted mirrors. The flesh on his chest and face was slowly decaying before sliding off his very bones, severe burn marks were quickly covering the rest of his body, and his vein bulged out of the skin that was otherwise untouched. Staring in shock at the sight before him Victor finally screamed until his thought was hoarse and his vision stared to fade and he fall into the peaceful darkness wishing it was all a nightmare and he would wake up perfect in the morning.


A small leather clad man pulled his sport bike towards the curb before slowly dismounting. Smiling slightly at the sight of the old run down apartments, the man took off this helmet releasing his long black hair from the confines and began walking into the building. As soon as he entered the hallway a small boy appeared out of the corner of his deep navy blue eyes about to pounced on him, his smile grow wider as he let the boy latch onto his long muscular leg.

"I got you Robin, I got you!" The boy shouted as Robin just shook he's head and began to walk as if nothing was there. "Robin." The boy whined tugging at Robin's leg trying to slow him down only to jump off his leg to stand in front of Robin with his arms stretched out and his feet locked to the floor as if to stop him. Robin's expensive eyes glowed with amusement as he crouched down to the boy's level looking in his innocent chocolate ones.

"Yes Toboe?" Robin questioned as Toboe began to pout crossing his arms over his small body.

"You promised to get me something from your trip!" He shouted as he began to stomp his feet in mock frustration, smirking at the young boy in front of him Robin secretly placed a small box behind the boy watching him for another minute before rising.

"Who said I didn't give you a gift?" Robin asked as he walked down the rest of the hall and into his room closing the door just as he heard a squeal of childish delight. Turning around at the noise a pretty girl with warm honey eyes grinned seeing her 'pretty boy' friend enter the room.

"I take it things went well." She commented noticing the warm aura that surrounds her friend only to see his appearance, "I also think you should brush your hair," She said dryly rolling her eyes as he ran his slender fingers through the unruly mess.

"Let's just say that he will never want to look in the mirror ever again," Robin said as a sadistic laughter passed his lips causing the girl in front of him to slowly back away in slight fear.

"Remind me to never piss you off," She whispered quietly before she plastered a bright smile on her face and turned back to the desk she handed Robin a small packet. Flipping through it quickly he noticed it was a deal to steal a legendary piece of literature. Nodding his head in agreement to take the challenge he looked back over to his friend before taking a seat next to her peering into the computer screen to get more information. "This was all I have been able to find about the guy that may own the book." She as she brought up the data. "I could get more but I received this assignment earlier this morning and I've not had time to find anything else." She muttered as they began to read it.

Piece: богов власть (God's power)

Author: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Value: Priceless

History: Created before written language supposedly existed, inside is rumored to tell of secret of eternal life, Healing, and sudden death.

Last seen: December 15, 1947, State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Current Owner: Deathstroke

Reason of Mission: Charles Johnson, Billionaire, his daughter is dying from Cancer he think that the book may be able to heal her so that she may live. Current age- seven

After reading the short amount of Robin turned to look over at his comrade before replying to the information presented to him.

"Any clue as to who this 'DeathStroke' guy is Sam?" He asked as she nodded her head slowly as if not willing to give up the information.

"I think his real name is Slade Wilson, supposedly he was your arch- nemesis back when you we a Titan, he captured you at one point claiming he wanted you as an apprentice." Samantha said as she turned towards Robin confusion at impassive face.

"If he hated the Titans then he is a friend of mine now," Robin stated calmly as he walked over to his own computer turning it on before hacking into government files hoping to receive more information on Slade before the heist. Samantha just shook her head returning to continue her own work hoping her friend would be okay.


A tall man began to stride over towards his comrade observing his unruly suit and haggard appearance before looking at the panting young man besides him. Narrowing his eye he slowly tightens his fist at the young men before him.

"What is the problem this time?" The man hissed as he glared at the young boy in front of him who merely shrugged a shoulder grabbing the PSP out of the older gentleman's hand well he was distracted.

"Nothing, uncle just took away my PSP for no reason, he was probably going to destroy it because he didn't like it, and I had to protect it!" The boy yelled as the man vision went white upon hearing the word protect.


Flash Back containing Sexual content read at your own risk!


A small lithe boy easily flipped over the older man, glaring harshly into his gold eye and whitish hair before attempting to smash his face in with his steel toes boot. Reacting quicker the man grabbed the boy's leg slamming him to the ground mounting him around the slim waist leaning closer to the boy's face.

"Why do you fight my boy, you now as well as I do that you want this." The man whispered in the teen's ears feeling the small shiver that ran across the boy delicate body, smirking.

"I don't want this Slade and I never did," Robin hissed as Slade bit softly into the boy's earlobe causing him gasp. Squirming to get out of the hold Slade chuckled deep in his thought at the friction between both him and the teen beneath him.

"Something is telling my differently," Slade said as he pulled his hard-on against the pretty teen beneath him. Biting back a moan at the friction Robin began to push the man off him only to have a pair of lush lips press against his own, demanding entrance, whimpering slightly Slade stroked the boy's thigh causing him to gasp. Immediately his tongue darted into the small cavern as he groaned in pleasure at the sweet taste of blueberries and vanilla assaulted his taste buds, shyly moving his tongue in Slade's mouth as well Robin tasted cinnamon and spices. Moaning softly Slade picked the teen up before bringing him to the bedroom tossing him the bed before pouncing on him ripping off this black suit in between kisses caressing every part of skin he could reach.

"I still hate you," Robin said in between moan as Slade kissed him again tearing off his own uniform as robin began to nibble on the older man neck.

"I would not expect anything other from you," Slade muttered as Robin quickly grabbed his shoulder bringing him down for another passionate kiss, growling harshly Slade bit Robin's lip to show dominance as he grabbed a small tube off to the side of the bed. Smearing some on his fingers, Slade rubbed it on his throbbing cock before positioning himself in front of the boy. "This will hurt, especially since it is your first time," Slade whispered as Robin nodded in acknowledgement bracing himself for the pain. Slowly entering the small teen Slade gave out a shuttered breath trying to stop himself from not fucking the tight hot boy senseless, wincing Robin squeezing the man's shoulder to continue as Slade began to thrust into the petite boy letting go of all restraints. Bucking his hip with each thrust Robin wrapped his legs around the larger man and began to moan, begging Slade to go faster as sweat covered both their bodies. Breathing heavily Slade began to pound into the tight tense hitting his prostate over and over causing the Robin to scream his name in pleasure. Grunting Slade's vision stared to become white with pleasure as he shoot his seeds deep into Robin's hot body before leaning down biting the young man delicate neck, claiming him. Slowly leaving the teen's tight body Slade fell beside him as Robin rolled closer to him, pressing his face into his chest.

"Why do you continue to fight?" Slade asked as Robin shrugged his shoulder lightly leaning closer to the warm man next to him.

"If I don't who will, everything could be destroyed if I don't protect it, it is my duty even if I never wanted the responsibility in the first place I will still defend the innocent," Robin muttered before falling into a restful sleep hardly hearing his lover reply.

"No one is truly innocent these days; they would do anything for their self not caring about whose life they destroy. I think you may be the last innocent one Robin," Slade whispered as he pulled his lover closer before falling asleep as well.


It is over please continued to read, and for all you who did read the smut above, it was exactly as if seemed, a hate-love hard core sex with no reason lol, I just added it for some of the reviews perverted appetite.


Quickly slamming the young man against the wall by the thought Slade tightens his hold choking the brat in front of him.

"You know nothing about protection; the only think you are is a spoiled little brat who would have been dead if it was not for Wintergreen." Slade growled as he through the boy towards the ground watching him cough grabbing his neck hoping oxygen would enter his lung soon as Wintergreen rushed to his side.

"Master Wilson, I am sorry for my nephew's arrogance it won't happen again." Wintergreen said as he picked the boy up carrying him out of the room. Sighing in frustration Slade walked over to his study and began writing report glancing at the picture of his dead love Slade picked it up and throws it against the wall as the glass shattered into hundreds of pieces. Placing his head in his hands Slade turned to open the draw only to find a small black mask before he calm down.

"I know your alive it is only a matter of time before we meet again," Slade whispered softly as he left the room the masked eye's following him the whole way until the room went black.


Smirking in success Robin turned towards Samantha and started to tell her the new information he discovered.

"I've found him, he owns a mansion in a reclusive part of Russia just on the border of China," Robin said as he looked back towards the blueprints of the mansion, "This place has one of the tightest security I have ever meet to date, getting into the white house would be a breeze compared to this." Robin commented as Sam walked closer peering over his shoulder at the blueprint in front of her before sighing.

"I'll arrange your transportation," Sam said calmly as she shook her head before leaving the room as Robin smirked to himself look at the file closely for any hidden information.

"Soon we will meet Slade, you won't have a clue at what hit you," Robin whispered as he left the room. As soon as he entered his bedroom he began to strip walking into the jointed bathroom before taking a short shower sighing in happiness as the warm water rolled down his back and through his long black hair. After twenty minutes Robin came out and lied down in his bed, sleeping peacefully for the first time in months, his revenge sated for now.


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