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Chapter 1: Mizuki Joins the Avatar and his Gang:

'Gotta' keep running,' Mizuki thought. She was a 16 year old girl with pale skin, like the people in the fire nation, long dark brown hair, like the water tribe people, and she was wearing a red short sleeved dress with baggy pants underneath, that complimented her slim figure, red long fingerless gloves the went up to her elbows, red flat shoes (1), and black twin ninja swords (2).

"Aw come on we were just getting started I thought you had powers? Why don't show them to us?" One cocky fire bender yelled. He was wearing the basic Fire Nation soldier uniform and he had his helmet on so Mizuki couldn't see his face.

"Yeah or are you nothing with out those wings we heard about that were cut off!" another soldier yelled at her. They were currently chasing Mizuki through the forest and they were gaining on her.

Mizuki looked back and started to run faster, 'Damn it! I can't keep this up! But they'll take me away again if I stop,' she though and ran faster wincing every time she put pressure on her left ankle, Mizuki had sprained it when she tried to get away from the soldiers that were currently chasing her. She knew it was a short way away from breaking but she had to keep running there was no way she was going back now that she escaped.

Ahead of her she could see the forest end and she ran harder but once she reached the end of the forest Mizuki heard a snap then felt agonizing pain. She couldn't stop running at the speed she was going and ending up hitting the ground hard and rolling strait off a cliff. Mizuki eyes widened as she fell she saw the two soldiers stop at the edge of the clef and look down at her as she fell into the thick fog below.

Mizuki thought quickly and bended some water out of the fog (3) catching her self in midair bending the water around her so she wouldn't fall. She looked around her and spotted a ledge but it was no ordinary ledge, it was part of the Western Air Temple Mizuki knew because she had read about it. It was supposed to look like an upside-down city and that exactly what it looked like.

She landed on the ledge, on one foot, which had a fountain in the center of it and an archway in the rock wall that most likely lead to some rooms. Mizuki was glad she was away from the Fire Nation soldiers but now she had a new problem eight people were there starring at her or looking in her direction. A bald kid, two Water Tribe teens, four Earth Kingdom kids and a teen (4), and a Fire Nation teen.

Mizuki starred at them until on of the Water Tribe teens said something, "Wow that was amazing! How did you do that? My name's Katara by the way," Katara said moving towards Mizuki.

Mizuki panicked and bended the water out of the fountain making a wall of water and yelled, "Stay away from me!" she had to be careful they could be the Fire Nation in disguise that's how they people captured her the last time. Katara stopped and looked worried as did the others they were all thinking the same thing, what happened to this girl.

As Mizuki held the water up she began to lose her balance on her right foot. She tried to balance but she ended up putting weight on her left ankle causing her to fall along with the water wall. Katara quickly moved all the water back into the fountain and ran towards Mizuki.

"Are you alright?" Katara asked knelling down in front of Mizuki. Mizuki looked at Katara and moved away slightly. The others moved toward Mizuki slowly.

"I promise we won't hurt you," Aang said knelling down next to Katara.

Mizuki relaxed a little, she could sense something good in the boy and somehow knew he was telling the truth. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm the Avatar, but you can call me Aang, and this is Katara, as you already know, Sokka, Toph, Teo, Haru, The Duke, and Zuko," Aang said giving her a big grin wile gesturing to each of them.

"I'm Mizuki," she said thinking, 'Zuko that name sounds so familiar but from where?'

Mizuki push the thought away thinking she would think of it later and tried to get up but cringed in pain because she put pressure on her ankle but got up balancing on her right foot.

"Are you okay?" Zuko asked causing Katara to give him an angry look.

"Yeah it's just my ankle," Mizuki said, ignoring the look Katara gave Zuko thinking she would find out about it later.

"What's wrong with it?" Sokka asked.

"It's broken," Misuki said flatly.

"Broken, maybe Katara can't heal it for you," Toph said.

"Yeah I can try any way but it may take a wile to heal," Katara said bending some water out of her pouch and was about to put it on Mizuki's ankle.

"Wait, I can do it myself," Mizuki said still not trusting them to much and bended the water from Katara's hands and putting it on her ankle. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Mizuki could feel the bones moving back into place. Once she had them in place she fused the pieces back together. Mizuki opened her eyes and let the water hit the ground. She gently put her left foot down and smiled it was fully healed. She looked at the group and they all had sickly looks on their faces. "Um, what's wrong?"

"That was one of the most sickening things I've seen," Sokka said sticking his tongue out.

"Ok what did you just do?" Haru asked.

"I just completely healed my ankle," Mizuki said still smiling.

"WHAT?! How is that possible?" Katara asked.

"I've had a lot of healing training," Mizuki said.

"Really, do you think you could teach me?" Katara asked.

"I don't know it takes a long time to learn and I don't want to burden you," Mizuki said, 'And if I stay in one place to long I might be captured again like what almost happened before I fell."

"You won't be a burden to us," Sokka said.

"Yeah the more the merrier," The Duke said.

Mizuki thought about it for a moment then said, "Ok I will stay but when you have learned how to heal like I can I will leave."

"Ok, so let's find an empty room for you in the temple that shouldn't be to hard," Sokka said, "Follow me."

Mizuki nodded and followed Sokka into the temple to find her a room. She didn't know it yet but this was the start of a better life.

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1. It's like Katara's dress from before they went to battle in the Fire Nation but red.

2. They are 2 swords that can lock together at the handles and become a double blade sword.

3. See the Puppetmaster episode if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

4. They are Toph, Teo, Haru and The Duke if you didn't know.