Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket but I do own the plot.

This is my first try at a Fruits Basket story, so I'd like a real opinion of my story and how I can improve it.

When All Goes Wrong by Yuki's Little Girl

Chapter One


Tohru was sitting on the porch relaxing, her hair swaying with the wind. Shigure's house was peaceful with everyone gone. Yuki went out on a walk, Kyo had gone out to who knows where, and Shigure went to the main house to visit. The cherry blossom trees were beginning to sparkle and glitter in the evening sky. There were 12 trees planted for each of the zodiac members.

"Tohru, I'm home and ready for one of your home-cooked dinners!" yelled Shigure.

He was walking through the woods toward her. He has his usual grin on his face.

Tohru got up to go inside. "How was your visit? "asked Tohru.

"I had a lovely time with Aya, who decided to visit as well," said Shigure", but I could not wait for one of your meals. Where are Yuki and Kyo?"

"I haven't seen Kyo but I think Yuki went on a walk"

"They better hurry or they'll miss one of your delicious dinners" said Shigure leaving the room and heading toward his office.

Soon, Tohru had dinner all made and set in the dining room. It was getting late and Kyo and Yuki were still missing.

Suddenly, the front door came flying open and Kyo ran in with a worried look on his face. His shirt was covered in blood and he was holding a little boy, wrapped in his jacket, to his chest. The boy had silver hair with blood all over it and looked to be 4 or 5 years old.

"Kyo, who is this?"