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" - Talking

' - Thinking

When All Goes Wrong

Chapter 5

"Not Too Late?"

Kyo ran out the door quickly, carrying Yuki as gently in his arms as he could.

The towel that was wrapped around Yuki's head was slowly turning red and he knew that he needed to get Yuki to Hatori soon.

'Please hold on Yuki'

Kyo ran toward the main house, looking down at Yuki whose violet eyes keep trying to close. "Stay awake Yuki!"

Yuki slowly lifts his head up to look at Kyo; his eyes half-lidded but trying to do what Kyo asked. "So…t-tired…t-t-though.."

Kyo shakes his head sadly with tears in his eyes, as he puts his full power into his running, nearing the main house. "Hang on. Just a few more minutes, okay?"

Yuki nods slowly, trying to keep his eyes open.

Kyo runs through the front gate of the main house and right onto the porch of Hatori's house; knocking on the door loudly. "Hatori! Open the door! It's Yuki! He needs help!"

Hatori slides open the door, the tired look on his face changing to a look of worry as he catches sight of Yuki in Kyo's arms. "What happened?"

Kyo looks down at Yuki and then up at Hatori; worry in his red eyes. "He fell down the stairs. Can you help?"

Hatori looks at Yuki, his eyes showing his seriousness.

"I can try. We'll just hope its not too late."

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