Suze's POV

We hit the ground hard. "Ow!" I cried. For a moment I forgot that I was in the year 1850. All I saw was the barn blazing in front of me. Horses were neighing and people were screaming and yelling around. "What the hell..?"

I started to panic. Oh my God, Oh my God! How am I supposed to escape these flames?

Then I noticed Jesse sitting up beside me. At once my heart started beating at a more normal pace. Jesse was here. He would help me. He always did.

But…hold on. This Jesse looked…alive. No that's stupid. Jesse is a ghost, Suze you moron.

Then suddenly it all came flooding down on me. Jesse's fight with Felix Diego…Diego grabbing hold of me then throwing me away like a piece of trash…me knocking over the lantern… and then…and..then…I was trapped in a ring of fire! Yeah, and then Jesse came to save me! And he knocked down the barn wall and we jumped!

Jesse's deep voice broke me out of my reverie. "Ms. Simon, Ms. Simon, are you alright?" he asked me. "Huh?" I asked intelligently. Then realizing what he said I replied "Yeah, yeah. I'm ok. How 'bout you?" Jesse looked at me a little strangely, possibly wierded out my 21st century vernacular. But he replied "I'm alright" and helped me go and sit in a secluded spot a safe distance away from the barn. Then he went to help the other people who had run out tame the fire.

I leaned back against a tree, exhausted. Normally, I wouldn't just sit around and watch other people taking care of an emergency. I would want to be part of the action. But today I was tired out. The evening's excitement was catching up on me.

I watched Jesse's strong muscular arms pick up bucket after bucket of water and hand it on to the next person. He was sooo handsome. The spreading flames were making shadows on some areas of his face and lighting up others. The raging light enhanced his perfectly sculpted features. Break out of it, Suze. How are you thinking these things when someone's property is burning down? I continued staring at Jesse's tall frame. He helped other people without expecting rewards in return. He wasn't conceited. Unlike Paul, I thought darkly.

Then I remembered him. Paul. Oh my God, where was he? I mean it wasn't like I actually liked him or anything but still I didn't want him dead. Just then a heavy hand fell on my shoulder. "What the...?!" I jumped a foot into the air. I turned around and guess who I saw? Paul Slater. Wow. Speak of the devil and he appears. But anyway, I was relieved to see him.

"Paul! Ohmigod, thank god you are alive!" I shouted, grabbing him by the shoulders. I expected him to smirk and make some cheeky comment on my huge display of emotion towards him. Instead, he went all worried and said "Suze. You ok? You don't have any broken bones or anything do you? 'Cause being in 1850, we won't have any medication. I mean, of course there is medication but not the proper kind. We won't have a CAT scan and-

"Paul!" I cut him off. Wow. Paul Slater, the logical and cool-headed Paul Slater was actually babbling. He must be feeling really bad about bringing me here in the first place. "I'm fine. No broken bones or anything. I'm totally broken bones-free. See?" I twirled around to prove what I said. Paul looked relieved. "Oh, ok. Good.

"So…where's Rico?" he said, his usual sneer plastered across his face again. Some things never change. "He went to help put out the fire" I replied. Just then, with a great shudder the barn fell down. It lay there in a pile of smoking ash and wood.

Jesse spotted the two of us and came running to us. He was panting hard and sweating. Unlike the sight of Dopey sweating when he's working with his barbells or something, the sight of Jesse sweating didn't make me want to barf. When Jesse sweats he looks heroic and …oh whatever. All I meant is that Jesse looks hot in anything and in any state.

"Susannah, where will you stay the night?" asked Jesse. "And, you" he added, turning to Paul disgustedly. That's my Jesse for you. Always kind and caring. "Jesse, don't worry about us. We'll think of something. You have to get back to your house, ok?" I said. "And leave you here alone stranded with this puta?" he said. "No, no. We will all stay the night here at the boardinghouse and then tomorrow morning, I will escort you to my ranch. I think my parents will want to meet the people who saved my life" Jesse said.

Wow. A meeting with Jesse's family. A glimpse into his life. I mean, even though the Ghost Jesse and I are totally, completely in love, he rarely says anything about his life when he was alive. This was a chance I couldn't miss. To see the man of my dreams in his natural environment. Without thinking, I said "Ok. I mean, yes we will go with you!"

Jesse looked down at me, happy and at the same time amused. Paul looked scandalized but didn't say anything. "That's a plan" said Jesse, grinning.