Chapter 1:

It had only been a week since Tenten had left school, but she was glad to see everyone again. On the day that Tenten and her friends were going back, they packed together.

"It's been a while so I'll be glad to go back." Tenten told her friends Temari and Hinata.

"Yes!" Said the ever polite Hinata.

"Yeah, but there's some people I wouldn't mind not seeing." Said Temari who always spoke her mind.

"...Temari." Tenten said.

"I was just kidding Tenten." She said standing up and gathering her bags.

"I know." Tenten said and put on her backpack. They started to walk away when Hinata said,

"Wait!" Hinata was trying to put on her bag which was too heavy for her to carry.

"How about we help you?" Tenten asked as Temari followed Tenten to Hinata.

"Thank you..." Hinata said as the three walked over to the car.

They put their bags in the trunk and got in. Neji was already sitting in the front.

"Hi Neji!" Tenten said smiling. He looked at her.

"Hello." He mumbled. Tenten watched him for a little bit but started to talk to Temari and Hinata.

When they got there, everything was just the way they had left it, save for the 1st years.

"Let's go to our rooms." Temari said and the trio went to their dorms.

When Tenten entered her dorm she quickly rushed to her room and put her bags down.

"Hello Tenten!" She turned around to Lee.

"Hello Lee!" Tenten said. "How have you been?"

"Oh, this week was wonderful! Gai-sensei let me train with him for a whole week! I learned many things about youth! Want to see my memos?" Lee offered his small notebook.

"No thanks..." Tenten said. Lee turned around.

"How was your break Neji?" Neji looked at his roommates.

"Fine." He said.

"He says that every year." Lee said.

"You've known him before?" Tenten asked Lee.

"Oh yes. We were in the same middle school." Lee said.

"Hello youthful students! How was your break?" Gai Sensei said making a dramatic enterance.

"Hello Gai-sensei." Tenten said waving.

"Hello Gai-sensei!" Lee said full of energy.

"Oh yeah, we'll gather at the plaza at 3:00 so make yourself at home." Gai Sensei left after giving his signature smile.

"Finally...quiet." Neji muttered.

"Neji!" Tenten said. He turned around. "What middle school did you go to?"

"Fire middle school. Why?" He asked.

"Just wondering." Tenten said.

Tenten didn't know what to do to kill the time so she decided to walk around and see if she would meet someone.

" Hello Tenten-san!" Haku said. Behind him was Zabuza-san.

"Hi Haku-san!" Tenten said. Haku seemed especially happy.

"Guess what happened during the summer!" Haku said. Zabuza put a hand on his shoulder.


"It's okay. Why keep it a secret? We can trust Tenten-san." Haku reassured the uneasy Zabuza.

"I don't know Haku-san." Tenten said after thinking it over.

"Zabuza-san and I got engaged!" Haku said showing Tenten her ring.

"Wow!" Tenten said. "I'm so happy for you!" Tenten said trying to mask the thought of two guys marrying. Although Haku did look a lot like a girl.

"Thank you Tenten-san!" He said.

Later when Tenten thought about their engagement she realized that they looked very happy together. Maybe engaging was just so that feeling would be permanent.

'Marriage...' Tenten thought. She'd never been to a marriage before. Her mother had said that marriage was a waste of money and it wasn't necessary for lovers.

Later, Tenten came back to the group 2 area. Everyone was starting to gather around. Temari and Hinata waited near Tenten.

"Why do we have to meet like this every year?" Temari complained. "We already know each other."

"Naruto-kun isn't here yet..." Hinata said looking around.

"Don't worry! He'll be here." Tenten said putting a arm around Hinata. "I mean it wouldn't be like Naruto to be on time would it?" Hinata nodded.

"No it wouldn't..." Naruto was the second to last person to come. After him Kakashi-sensei came.

The meeting talked about the requirements of being a 2nd year student and other types of boring buisness.

When it was finally finished the group was allowed to socialize.

The girls all gathered up and talked about their breaks.

"Paris was awesome!" Sakura and Ino both said. They talked for a long time about how beautiful it was until Temari and Kin told them that they had told them enough.

"Well, our break was normal." Temari said. Tenten and Hinata nodded.

"Nothing special in paticular." Then they all turned to Kin.

"How was your break?" Kin looked at them as if they were immature.

"Nothing happened. I was with Zaku for a week. We ate, slept, and lived. I assure you that nothing happened." Kin said again to get it over with.

"But that's boring!" Ino and Sakura said bummed that they didn't have any gossip material.

"Oh yeah!" Sakura said. "I was thinking about this for a long time but how about we each bring a guy and we do a double date thing, except that we have 6 couples."

"Sounds like fun!" Ino said smiling. "We're going to do it! How about this saturday?"

The girls were all free that day. Although some were unwilling, Ino managed to get them to go.

Chapter 1 for year 2! Oh yeah, originalatorian (sorry if i spelled that wrong) reminded me that we have 3 years so it will be 3 years! Sorry for the inconvenience!