Chapter 18:

"Tenten! You have an invitation!" Gai-sensei shouted. Tenten poked her head out of the door.

'An Invitation…?' Tenten thought as she took the invitation from Gai-sensei. She took out her kunai and slid it under the envelope flap. Gai-sensei watched Tenten a little uneasily when she took out the kunai. Tenten carefully opened it and put her kunai away. She took out the card.

"Haku!" Tenten exclaimed when she read it.

"Haku?" Gai-sensei asked.

"Oh, she's the assistant in the Chinese class." Tenten replied. She checked the time and place.

"It's at the church. Next weekend." Tenten said. "That's after the last day of school." Tenten mentioned.

"Haku's getting married…?" Neji asked walking into the living room. He was on his way to the kitchen to get a snack.

"Yes!" Tenten said. She was very happy for Haku.

'…But…it is a little weird…' Tenten thought as she thought of Haku and Zabuza marrying. 'Is Haku going to wear a tux too?' Tenten wondered.

"To who?" Neji asked taking a drink of water.

"Zabuza-san." Tenten replied. She carefully put the invitation back in the envelope and tucked it in her pocket.

"…But I thought you said they were guys." Neji said recalling Tenten saying he was a guy.

"Yeah, they are guys." Tenten replied.

'And why is she not alarmed by this…?' Neji thought watching Tenten who didn't seem bothered at all.

"It says that anyone from Shinobi High School can go." Tenten said. "Want to come?" She asked Gai-sensei and Neji.

"Yes! And I'm sure Lee would love to as well!" Gai-sensei exclaimed. "I haven't been to a wedding in years! The last one was Asuma and Kurenai's!" Gai-sensei added as he sorted the last of the mail.

'That's because you never married.' Neji thought as he put his water away. Tenten looked at him. He noticed and looked away.

"…Fine." Neji replied.

'Fine?' Tenten thought. 'I didn't force him did I?' Tenten pondered as she returned to her room to the last of her homework.

Because of the wedding, everyone in her group was allowed to stay for one more day. It had been a long time since any member in Shinobi High had married so this was held as a special event. But many didn't attend.

"It's alright! I prefer small weddings anyway." Haku said smiling. He was a wearing a tuxedo as Tenten had guessed.

The church was beautiful. It was a white building that was decorated with pictures of God, and other catholic figures. The building was surrounded by a garden. Since it was nearing spring, sakura was in bloom and the whole place seemed to be raining with flowers.

Tenten was walking around the garden since she had come early. She was enjoying the sakura that was raining down on her.

'Sakura...' Tenten remembered the return of Sasuke. She was glad that he was back. It was a relief. But Sakura still seemed a little uneasy.

"Tenten?" Neji asked. He had been wandering around the garden as well.

"Hi!" Tenten said waving. "Did you know that Sasuke is back?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah, I talked to him earlier." Neji replied.

"Oh, well..." Tenten's voice trailed off. She looked off into the distance.

"What?" Neji asked curious.

"Sakura...still seemed uneasy. It seemed as if she was worried." Tenten said.

"Probably she is." Neji replied. "Tenten, I think you should know this." Neji started. "Tsunade-sama told us the day Sasuke left. I think Sasuke knows too. And Sakura is probably getting suspicious."

"What?" Tenten asked very curious.

"That thing that bit Sasuke, was Orochimaru." Neji explained. "This school wasn't supposed to exist. There was another world before, a ninja world as Tsunade-sama called it. But that world was in great trouble. So, the 3rd Hokage found this world and sealed the ninja world in this school. Then, they built a town around the school, where former ninja carried on lives as normal humans." Neji finished.

"..." Tenten was stunned. She listened quietly through the whole thing. "So, is all the students in the school ninjas?" Tenten asked.

"Yes, as far as I know." Neji said. "I thought you should know." He said.

"Thank you for letting me know." Tenten said. "But, what about Orochimaru?" Tenten asked.

"He wants to have the ninja world under his control. So he wants to attack the school." Neji explained.

"...!" Tenten finally got it.

'But I've seen him before. So if I'm a ninja, and he wants the ninja world, was my parents connected to this world?' Tenten thought. 'My parents never talked about their past. Maybe they knew something...' Tenten considered this.

"Hey, maybe we should check the wedding out?" Neji asked checking his watch.

"Oh, yeah!" Tenten said. They returned to the church. Soon enough, the wedding was going to start soon. Tenten and Neji took their seats. Tenten sat next to Temari and Hinata. Neji sat next to Lee and Sasuke.

Zabuza was standing at the front. He had his hands in his pocket and looked bored. The musicians began to play the music. Zabuza definentley didn't like the music but put up with it for Haku.

Haku entered holding Jiraya's arm. Since Haku hadn't been close to anyone other than Zabuza, Jiraya had volunteered to take Haku up to Zabuza. Jiraya let go of Haku and winked at Zabuza. This pissed Zabuza off, but he held his anger knowing this wasn't the right time.

The priest talked for a long time. Finally, he announced,

"Now you may kiss" (A/N I don't know a ton about weddings so it may not be accurate TT)

Haku and Zabuza kissed. (A/N I'm going to leave it at that...)

Everyone clapped. But some people were looking away as well.

After, there was a party. Haku and Zabuza cut the cake and everyone had some. (Save for Sasuke and Neji.)

Tenten was talking with Temari and Hinata. They were drinking some soda. (A/N adults would have wine or champagne but i dunno what kids would drink!)

"There's only one more year..." Hinata said.

"Yup, we'll be the oldest!" Temari said looking excited.

"That'll be fun." Tenten said.

"Hi guys!" Ino said with Sakura behind her.

"I've got to say, as pretty this wedding was, two guys just freaked me out." Ino said glancing at Haku and Zabuza.

"I don't think it's bad." Sakura said. "As long as you're with the one you love."

"True. But it still scares me." Ino said.

"It's not normal...but oh well." Tenten said.

Ino raised her cup. "We've survived 2 years girls!" Ino said. They got the cue and raised their cups.

"Shaanaro!" Sakura shouted. (A/N In english it's Cha! But I don't like that one.)

They all laughed and took a drink from their cups.

Haku smiled and started to clap. Eventually, everyone else were clapping as well. (A/N Even Neji and Sasuke! XD)

Some of the girls blushed but the others were waving.

Tenten raised her cup again and shouted,

"Year 3, here we come!"

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