Title-These Days Remind Me of Paris.

Show- NCIS

Pairing- Jibbs, Jenny Shepherd and Jethro Gibbs

Rating- Teen

Season- Anything after season 3. No real link to TV episodes.

Disclaimer- I own nothing apart from junk. All characters etc belong to the powers that be. I am making zilch from this story.

The office is shrouded in darkness as she enters, the street lamps casting a drowsy shadow across the desk. She knows he's there, hidden from sight. Her instincts kicking in and the hairs lifting of her neck.

Saying nothing, to mirror his stance, she leans across the desk to place today's files down and feels rather than hears the flicker of movement.

Before she can turn, he is upon her. Pressing his front to her back. The words escaping her throat are cut off by a gasp as his lips attack her neck.

The rain on the window. The murmur of the distance traffic. The ghosts of their past, swirls around them as clothes fall from finger tips and temperatures rise.

This is tomorrow.