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After the War

The alien race called the Xilians tried to take over the Earth. These aliens were stopped by the operation that Captain Douglas Gordon of the EDF (Earth Defense Force) named "Final War". The king of the monsters, Godzilla, was released at the South Pole. While chasing the undersea battleship known as the Gotengo, Godzilla fought and defeated all the other monsters which were under the Xilians' control. After destroying the greatest enemy, Keizer Ghidorah, the monster king threatened to wipe out the Gotengo along with all the humans aboard it. But if it wasn't for Minilla, a younger Godzilla, that would've become reality. As the little monster stood between his "father" and the humans, Godzilla seemed to realize the situation and returned to the ocean, followed by his new adopted son.

"It's over now", said Miyuki Otonashi, the UN Biologist who had been involved in stopping the Xilian invasion.

The mutant soldier Shinichi Ozaki answered: "No, it's the beginning of a new war."

They gave a wondering look at each other, then they continued to watch as Godzilla and Minilla waded off to the ocean to find a new home...

Mt. Fuji, Japan; November 15th, 200X

A few days had passed from those events. Everything was starting to return to normal. But there were still some things to do for the EDF. They had dispatched a few special helicopters to Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. The helicopters were equipped with some sort of strong cables which could lift things that were even twenty times heavier than the helicopters themselves.

As the helicopters were approaching their destination, the pilot of the leading helicopter said to the passengers: "We're approaching the spot."

"Thank you", said Susan Hudson.

This American woman was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her life had had some tragic moments. When she was on a trip to Tokyo with her parents, a monster called Titanosaurus suddenly attacked the city. Whether it was luck or something else, she managed to survive the incident. Unfortunately her parents didn't. They were crushed under falling debris. Since that incident, she had always beared hatred towards giant monsters.

Susan was put in an orphanage. It seemed luck was on her side again, since she was quickly adopted by a Japanese couple who didn't have any children. Since then she had spent her life in studying the Japanese language and unnatural things, including monsters. After she had given many research papers on the subject to the EDF, her knowledge and skills were quickly noticed and she got a job as a scientist. After working for ten years at the EDF, she was promoted the new Lieutenant. At the promotion ceremony she told that luck was on her side once again. Ten had always been her lucky number.

Now, just two days after the promotion ceremony, Susan was on her first field mission. She was aboard the leading helicopter with none other than Douglas Gordon, Captain of the Gotengo. Since he was American as well, Susan felt happy to speak her native language for a change.

"You look pretty excited", said Gordon.

The new Lieutenant answered: "Well, I guess so."

"I know how you feel. I remember my first field mission. It was in the Antarctic in the 1960s."

"You mean, the time when you trapped Godzilla in all that ice, that was your first field mission?" Susan asked in amazement.

"That's right."

"Well, at least you got to do the epic thing, right?"

"You got that right."

"Oh, look! There they are!" Susan said, looking through the window.

They had arrived at the destination. At the root of Mt. Fuji, there were three monsters that Godzilla had defeated, lying unconscious, but not dead, as it was proven by X-ray research. These monsters were the giant pterodactyl Rodan, the giant Ankylosaurus called Anguirus, and King Caesar, the lion god of Okinawa.

Manazuru, Japan; November 15th, 200X

The next destination of Susan and Gordon's team was Manazuru, a town in Kanagawa prefecture, in south of the city of Odawara. Another monster lay there, still pierced by an electrical transmission tower. That monster was Kamacuras, the giant praying mantis that had lost to Godzilla too. The helicopters started to lower their cables...

The Pacific Ocean near New Guinea; November 15th, 200X

Somewhere in the depths of the Pacific an Ohio Class Nuclear-Powered Submarine was on a search mission. When the sub was coming close to the island of New Guinea, the radar spotted its target: Kumonga, the giant spider that lost to Godzilla in New Guinea. The monster king had swung the spider all the way to the ocean.

"Kumonga straight ahead, sir!" a radar observer announced.

"Good, we found that spidey. Report to the EDF!" Commander Robertson ordered. "Provide them with the coordinates of the spot where they'll send the helicopters."