Family Moments

A bunch of snapshots of the post-war lives of Zuko and Katara, the Fire Lord, and his queen. Scenes range from their marriage, to eachs' death, years later, and most include kiddies!

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The Wedding


Spirits, but he was nervous. True, he'd been told that a man's luckiest day is when the woman he loves agrees to marry him, but he just couldn't get out of his mind an old proverb his uncle had once told him; A bird may love a fish, Zuko, but where would they live? Of course, the old man had been talking about Mai, not Katara, but that didn't help matters any. He was nervous, as he paced his room, too nervous to go out and face this crucial moment.

As he paced, regal wedding robes draped over his thin, but muscular frame, his mind was bombarded with thoughts and doubts. What if Katara had heard that same proverb uncle had said to him so long ago? What if she said no? What if she decided he wasn't the one? Then what would he do? Katara had been everything and more to him since the day he'd first realized he loved her. And, somewhere in the farthest corner of his mind, he acknowledged that Aang, the Avatar, was only part of the reason why he'd followed them. It had only been a small portion of why, but he'd found that brave young girl he'd first seen in the south pole beautiful and frightening all at the same time. But, until that day in the catacombs, he'd pushed back any attraction he felt toward her to capture the Avatar.

A knock on the door caught his attention, and Zuko turned to find himself staring at his uncle, who wore a concerned look on his face. Zuko was paler than usual to his uncle's watchful eye, and he seemed nervous, somehow, as if not sure of himself.

"Nephew," Iroh said, afraid to hear the answer, "Are you alright? You aren't having second thoughts, are you?"

"I..." Zuko looked down, not knowing quite what to tell his dear old uncle.

"Zuko, Katara loves you," Iroh told him, putting a hand on his nephew's shoulder. "She wants you more than you know." Zuko turned away, closing his eyes, and bringing a hand up to his scarred cheek.

How could she want me? he wondered silently. How can she want me, when she could have the Avatar? The world's greatest hero?

"Come on, Nephew," Iroh directed gently, placing a hand on Zuko's shoulder, "your bride is waiting for you." Zuko nodded silently and followed his uncle out of the room – the same room he'd had as a boy, growing up...

Katara fidgeted, pulling at the high collar of the wedding gown, nervous and trembling. What if this was all a mistake? What if Zuko decided he didn't really love her as much as she loved him?

"Now, Milady, there's no reason to be so nervous," one of the palace maids said, as she fixed Katara's long hair into a cross between Fire Nation and Water Tribe style. "You're marrying the Fire Lord."

"He's a wonderful man," another maid, who was finishing a hem on the bottom of the dress, added. "And I've seen the way he looks at you. Oh, for a man like him to look my way..."

"Ah, you're just dreamin' Ila," remarked a third maid, who was working on Katara's makeup. "There's no one like the Fire Lord. To be so good and kind, after all he's been put through...I tell ya, he's one of a kind." Then, to Katara, she said, "You're done, Milady. Now, let's go meet your husband!" Still nervous, but reassured by the kind maids, Katara followed them out into the courtyard, to face her love, and her future.

As Zuko stood before the high sage of the Fire Nation, Katara at his side, a dress of blue, and gold so befitting her, he found it suddenly very hard to breathe. Oh, sweet Agni, why was this so frightening? Why couldn't he just calm down? Katara loved him as much as he loved her. Didn't she?

Katara could feel her insides turning. Oh spirits, why was she so nervous? She loved Zuko with all her heart, and he loved her. Didn't he? Her heart raced when she felt a trembling, clammy hand slide into her own. She glanced down to see that his skin was paler than usual, which, against her dark skin, was already quite light.

Katara bit her lip in concern, as she gazed sidelong at Zuko. Was he sick? Was that the reason for his nervousness, and pale, sweating face? Oh, spirits, please, she begged silently, don't let him be sick. Not Zuko, please.

But, when it came time for each to promise their love to only each other, Zuko's voice – albeit in a rather high tone – didn't sound sick at all, just incredibly nervous. And when she looked into his eyes, her heart broke. What she saw was not the strong, burning fire that had carried him and their love through that final battle – and had made him risk his life for her – or that steely determination she loved so much. No, in his eyes was a silent prayer, almost as though this usually strong, fearless person were begging her to make the same promise he had. She could see in his eyes, fear, as well. Fear that she would not take him, or that, later on down the road, she might just leave, like she'd done in that cave, all those years ago, as he'd watched her leave with the Avatar, so much of what he'd wanted at that time dying as her form faded into the dark tunnel.

Katara could have cried at all the worry she saw there, but instead, she the words that brought the strength of fearlessness back into his eyes, and burning deep within, she could see the fire of life, and strength;

"I will always love you, and be only yours until the day that I die..."

Zuko felt he could have died a happy man right then and there. So she did want him. As much as he needed her.

"...and beyond," she finished, a small, loving smile on her face, and a look in her eyes that promised Zuko she'd never leave him. Ever.

And the Fire Lord couldn't have asked for a more promising future...


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