There were two questions on her mind when she awoke. Where had she finally ended up and was there anything to eat. The night before was a blur and trying to piece it together was giving her a headache.

She had fought with her brother, that much she remembered. It had been one of their bigger fights. Screaming, yelling, throwing everything, but last night had been different. It had been a fight over something important/.

She couldn't remember and gave up leaning against the wall. She looked around the small building, she hated running away, it was a cowardly thing to do. For some reason it had come to that. There was nothing around her. She was in an abandoned mill house and there was nothing around except two broken beer bottles and an old pack of cigarettes.

She stood weakly holding her stomach as it growled. She walked to the entrance of the mill and peeked onto the street, the sun was just rising and there were plenty of shadows. She could run again.

Deciding against staying in the mill she snuck into a side alley. She ran along it until she reached another block and kept going until she reached a train track. She stared at it before walking along it. Her old converses were beginning to tear at her feet and her long, blonde hair was getting tangled and matted as the sun rose above her head.

The tracks kept going and she knew this was her best bet of finally leaving the old town. Leaving her old home was what needed to happen. She needed to be separated from her brother, leaving the foster home was the only way to do that.

Night fell and she decided to keep walking, it would be easier than trying to find a place to sleep in the middle of nowhere. The next morning she was still walking, exhausted. It was almost three in the afternoon when she finally stumbled into the first town on the tracks. It was a sleepy town. Just what she was looking for.

She took her first steps into the town and knew she was causing a stir in the normalcy of the lives of the townspeople. Twenty minutes of walking and she reached a dirt road. Hoping it led somewhere she could sleep she walked along it. She walked along it until she reached a tree house. She smiled to herself and climbed up the ladder.

She pushed the trapdoor aside and climbed into it. She looked around at her new home and smiled to herself. She walked over to the pillowed corner and collapsed onto it finally falling asleep.

She had no idea where she was, barely an idea of who she was, and nothing to look forward to.

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