Preface to Story:

May I first state that obviously I own neither 'Blood Ties' nor Tanya Huff and that this will be the only mention I make of any type of disclaimer. This is my first 'Blood Ties' fanfic, so any criticism is appreciated and will be taken into account for following chapters or rewrites. The story starts right after the 'Wrapped' episode and disregards later episodes. The chapters will start out relatively short simply due to the fact that the natural stopping point for each comes quickly. I am not doing this for reviews or praise so I will not try to blackmail my readers in exchange for new and quicker chapters. I will update every week whether I receive reviews or not. I will not lie and say that I do not look forward to any reviews I may receive, but again they aren't the reason I am writing this story. This was simply a plot bunny that popped into my head and wouldn't quit hopping around until I put the words and ideas onto the screen. Thank you for reading my exceptionally long ramble, now onto the story…

Every man is his own ancestor, and every man his own heir. He devises his own fortune, and he inherits his own past.

-Francis Herbert Hedge