changing my ways

"inner sakura"



Disclaimer:...sobs... i don't...sniff...own naruto...more sobs...(if i did then sakura would have all the guys chasing after is my favourite character!)

A sixteen year old pink haired kunoichi walked quickly down the corridor heading towards the hokages office. she knocked on the door and the voice of the Hokage greeted her.

"Come in stepped"

She opened the door and steped into the office.

"You wanted to see me Tsunade-sama?" sakura asked her sensei.

"Yes. sakura you have a very important mission. It's only a healing mission so you will be going on your own. Your mission is to heal Kankuro."

"What's he done?!"

"Nothing to worry about." Tsunade said waving her hand "He just sneaked up on Gaara and said boo and well you know what Gaara's like" both women sweet dropped.

"Your to leave this afternoon. Any questions?"

"No sensei."

"Good. You may go now."

Sakura left the Hokage tower and set off for her house jumping over the roof tops. When she arrived she saw her mother waiting for her at the door. Her mother greeted her then turned and lead sakura into the kitchen.

"Sakura, what did the Hokage want?" Sakura's mother asked sitting down at the table.

"I have a mission."

"Another one! you only just got back from the last!"

"I know mum but this one is only a small one. All i have to do is go to Suna and heal the kazekage's brother."

"Ok, when do you leave?"

"I just have to pack them i'll be gone."

"Be careful sakura"

"Don't worry i will mum." and with that Sakura went upstairs to pack.

10 minuets later and she was really to go standing at the gates she smiled st the ANBU on guard duty and in return he nodded his has. With that she took off into the mid-morning sun.