I was in a black world of nothingness. I slowly opened my eyes. It took me a while before I knew who I was or what had happened. When I remembered what had happened I shot up. I looked around rapidly.

'What is this place?' I thought as I looked around. 'It's almost like...' I looked around once more before thinking, 'Nothing.' My long black hair fell on my face.

'I hope Naruto got Sasuke back...' I thought as I fell to my hands and knees. 'What's happening?' I thought. My body was feeling weak.

Then the ground started to try to swallow me.

'What!?' I thought as I tried to escape. It was no use, there was no way to escape the ground.

'No!' I thought. I was sinking into the ground. I kept on clawing at the ground but there was nothing to pull myself up with.

'Don't go...' A voice came from nowhere.

'What!?' I thought as I tried to pull myself out.

'Don't...don't leave me...' The voice said again. It sounded like the voice was crying.

'No!' I thought again. The ground came over my face.

'Please! Don't leave...'

'Who are you!?' I thought as I used my last strength to pull my hand out of the ground.

A hand grabbed my hand.

'What!?' I thought as I grabbed the hand as well.

'Neji...!' That was the last of the voice I heard as the hand pulled me out of the ground.

The next thing I knew, I was hearing beeps.

My eyes slowly opened again. I glanced at my side and I saw a machine that measured heart beats. It was beeping which I gess meant I was still alive.

'What was that dream...?' I thought. I slowly got up. It hurt but i still managed to sit up. When I did I saw Tenten. She had her head and arms rested on my bed.

"...Don't leave..." She said in her sleep.

'Was she the voice that saved me...?' I thought. Then a tear dropped from her eyes.

I was suprised but then I patted her on the head.

"Of course... I wouldn't leave you." I said and looked out the window at the shining sun.

My thought on what happened at the hospital after Neji fought Kidomaru