Chapter 2: Unusual You

The rain finally stopped. The smell of it had been drowned out by the smell of gas and hot dog venders. The numerous city lights burned Tyler's eyes but they were too beautiful to turn away and look at the dirty street. Tyler stood there in the middle of Times Square admiring all the LCD screens, flashing lights, the very street where millions of people—complete strangers— pass each other by simply walking.

While admiring the lights, Tyler lost sight of his friends. He looked around and couldn't even see Reid's patch of blonde hair among the several bouncing bobbling heads. He reached for his cell phone but came up empty handed as all his pockets had been turned inside out. Then one single thought came into his head…

I left it on my bed… in the hotel.


Tyler quickly thought to use the nearest payphone. Problem is that everyone's number had always been on speed dial. He never had to remember any of them.

Double fuck.

"Need help?"

Tyler turned around to see a beautiful tall young woman dressed in a beanie hat, a medium length pea coat and dark blue jeans. The first thing Tyler noticed was her sparkling grey-blue eyes behind well worn black Dolce & Gabana eye glasses and her shoulder-length deep red wavy hair. She didn't have that skinny anorexic look either. She had full cheeks with beautiful plump lips. It was hard to tell through her coat but he knew she had curves in all the right places. He also realized that he wasn't looking that far down. He being 6'2 looked down to a lot of people minus the boys. She had to be no less than 5'11 or even 6'0 - model worthy. Tyler almost let his mind drift to thoughts of what he could do with her legs. The change was comforting that he didn't have to raise his voice or bend down to be heard.

"Hello?" She replied waving a hand in his face.

"Sorry, yeah, I do need help, I sort of lost my friends and I'm not from around here." Tyler said blushing.

"No problem, we get you people around here all the time." The mystery woman replied with a hint of a New York accent.

"Common, follow me… there's a trash can you can stand on and see everything." Tyler could hardly keep up with the speed this girl was walking.

It must be a New York thing.

"Hey, wait up; I'm not used to this kind of crowd." Tyler finally had to say something or he would have lost the only hope he had of finding his adventurous friends.

"Sorry. Where are you from if you're not used to this kind of crowd?" She asked raising a perfectly tweezed eye brow.

"Massachusetts. Ipswich, Massachusetts"

"Never heard of it. Small town?" She said after a pause.

"Yeah, it's the type of town where everyone knows each other and gossip spreads like wildfire." Tyler said feeling like he could trust this random girl.

"I'm from one of those, too." She said finding the trash can she mentioned earlier.

They stopped and Tyler stared, feeling like he couldn't get enough of her.

"You must be pretty popular if you call New York City a small town." Tyler said with a laugh.

"I never said I was from New York City." She replied with a smirk.

"Really? You sound like it. If you're not from here, where are you from?" Tyler asked forgetting about his friends and everything else but the girl right in front of him.

"Jersey City, New Jersey. It's right over the river." She replied with a smile that could put Times Square to shame.

"Never heard of it." Tyler said playing the same game she did.

"It's the type of town where everyone knows each other and gossip spreads like wildfire." She said. Apparently Tyler wasn't alone playing this game.

They laughed. Still staring at each other, Tyler decided to get closer to her. She stood tall never stepping back. With her being so tall, he didn't have to bend down to get close to her face. He was so entranced with her beauty he didn't realize his own hand reaching up to cup her face. Tyler licked his lips getting closer to hers. She looked into his crystal blue orbs and became instantly captivated. She tilted her head up angling it at the perfect angle for him. Leaning in he was about to touch when she abruptly pulled back.

"I'm sorry, it's just… I don't know you. Hell, I don't even know your name." She pulled back looking like a lost puppy.

Tyler forced his eyes to the ground; becoming suddenly interested in the gum stuck to the concrete. "It's okay; I should be the one who's sorry. I usually don't kiss girls I've known for about 5 minutes."

She smiled looking at him with apologetic eyes. "Melissa. My name's Melissa."

Tyler looked from the ground to her eyes smiling and sticking out his hand. "Tyler, Tyler Simms."

She laughed taking his hand and shaking it. She has such an amazing smile.

"So what are you doing in New York, Tyler?" She asked finally letting go of his hand.

Tyler, already missing the warmth of her hand, replied, "Well I came to see the ball drop with my friends... Oh shit! My friends! I totally forgot about them!"

Tyler quickly jumped onto the trash can looking around finding no one familiar among the hundreds of people.

"TYLER!" yelled a familiar voice.

Tyler turned around finding Reid with the rest following. He jumped off the garbage can as Reid came near.

"Where the fuck have you been?! You ignored our calls and everything!" Reid said with clear anger grabbing Tyler's coat.

"I haven't been ignoring your calls; I left my phone in the hotel." Tyler replied with sudden anger pushing Reid into the trash can he recently stood on.

Caleb and Pogue cut in grabbing Tyler and Reid before they went after each other anymore.

"It's okay Ty, we got scared when we couldn't find you. It's a big city and I want to return everyone we came with." Caleb said with his leader attitude.

"Yeah, yeah." Tyler turned away looking away from the group and locked eyes with the forgotten girl. She stared right back with amusement written all over her face. Tyler walked over to her.

"Wow, I never thought you were the violent type." Melissa laughed.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. He's been on my shit list for a while now." Tyler said showing a sad smile.

"Ouch," she laughed. "It's okay. Now that you found your friends I should be on my way." Melissa replied turning to leave when Tyler suddenly called after her.

"Wait, will I ever see you again?" Tyler asked truly curious.

"Do you believe in fate, Tyler?" she asked.

"Not really," He said honestly.

"Maybe you should start." She said with a final smirk, a kiss to his cheek and a wave to the group before disappearing into the crowd.

Tyler tried to find her but it was impossible with the dozens of people with the exact black beanie. He gave up and turned back to the group.

"Who was that?" Kate asked with an equally confused Sarah next to her.

"Just a friend," Tyler laughed and started walking towards the long strip of restaurants.

Sarah looked at Caleb for an explanation only receiving a shrug in response. Caleb followed Tyler as the rest did. No one said a word of who was Tyler's mystery friend. They all walked to the restaurant in silence.