Here's another oneshot. You can thank the 5 hour drive home with blaring tunes for this one! Inspired by the song by the Backstreet Boys (still fun to listen to) and the main character was chosen by JCEdgeRKO...tho I don't think she realized the plotline for the fic when she said him. Sorry girl. But this is why I was so amused when you said you still listened to them sometimes! Sorry it took so long to get out.

This is for JCEdgeRKO: my long lost twin ;)

Listen, baby, I'm sorry—just want to tell you don't worry. I will be late—don't stay up and wait for me. You're dropping out; my battery is low. Just so you know: we're going to a place nearby. Gotta go!

That phone call ruined my life. In thirty seconds I destroyed the best thing I had. I was an idiot. I don't know what possessed me that night but wish I had the will to fight it. Unfortunately, it's too late for me. I can't believe it sometimes. I still wake up in the middle of the night from that dream—the one where I'm forced to relive it all over again. I wake up every morning, painfully aware of the empty space beside me. I miss her warmth, her smile…

I had been on the road for a month. Mia didn't say one thing when I told her a few of the guys were joining us for the week. I stepped off the plane and was met by a blur of curly brown hair. "I love you." I said those words back, and she kissed me before greeting the boys. She never complained about having to share me or having to cook for four wrestlers the entire week. Mia was a saint the whole time.

I knew she wanted to make love that first night back. Normally, we were equally willing; however, I was so jet lagged from the European tour that I just couldn't find enough energy. She wasn't mad—she understood. "Aww, come here babe." I fell asleep to her massaging my back and didn't wake up until I smelled breakfast cooking the next morning. She looked so beautiful standing there: hair in a messy ponytail, jeans, and a fitted tee. John, Dave, and Adam were sitting at the counter talking to Mia while she worked. She paused long enough to give me a hug, kiss, and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. I sat down with the guys and soon had food in front of me.

After breakfast Mia insisted we relax for the day. We were about to watch the game on TV when she popped her head in the door. "Can I have all of your guys' laundry before you get too into the game?" I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't back down. Mia did not only my laundry, but all of our stuff. Everyone kept talking about what an amazing girl I had, and they were completely right. She brought us snacks and made a special trip to the store to get everyone's favorite beer.

That night I made love to her for hours. I'd never thought she was more beautiful than that moment, laying in bed beside me asleep. I don't know what I did to deserve you. You're too good for me.

We decided to hit the club a couple of days later. Mia had something planned with her girlfriends, so she said we should have a guys' night. We planned on just going out and letting loose. John and Dave had girls on them all night long. Adam and I innocently danced with a couple of women. My problem was the last girl I danced with ended up not being so innocent. We'd all been drinking and I had just enough alcohol in me to blur my mind. All the guys were chatting at the bar while I was dancing with some blonde.

She turned around and yelled over the music. "I've got a place nearby. Want to go?" I don't know what I was thinking. I just nodded and followed her out of the club. She ran outside to get a cab, and I told the guys Mia was home early and I was going to spend some time with her before they decided to leave. They were none the wiser—telling me to have fun with my girl. I called Mia, and she told she was happy I was having fun. I ignored the pang of guilt and ran outside to meet the nameless girl. After our quickie I caught a cab home. Mia was already asleep when I made it upstairs. I heard the guys come home an hour or so after me.

When I sobered up I felt bad about what had happened but decided not to tell Mia. I just wanted to forget about it. We all went out to eat the last night we were in town. It would figure that our waitress was one night stand girl. I hoped she'd get the hint that Mia was my girl. I need better luck. John was on the other side of Mia, and the two of them were talking when the blonde came to take our order. Before I knew what was happening, she started in on how she thought she'd never see me again. This caught Mia's attention. "Randy, what is she talking about?" Let me tell you—that blonde made the girls in blonde jokes look brilliant. "Well, after he and I had sex the other night, I thought that was it." She turned her attention to me, "Do you want to go out later this week?"

John, Dave, and Adam were glaring at me. If looks could kill, I'd have been dead many times over sitting at that table. I looked at Mia who was trying to hold her tears in. "Baby…" She violently shook her head and ran out of the restaurant. I had thrown the keys to the Hummer in her purse when we got there, so of course she sped off in it. The four of us caught yet another cab and raced back to the house.

Mia made record time to the house I think. She was throwing things in a suitcase when I ran into the room. "Baby, Mia, please. It was a mistake!" She whipped around, and my heart broke at her face. The front of her dress was soaked from the tears rapidly falling from her face, and she looked at me with so much emotion. "Well, I hope you really enjoyed that mistake because it cost you me." I tried stopping her, but she threw a low blow allowing her escape time. When I was finally able to stand, the guys were gone too—they left with Mia. When we went back on the road, the only words they spoke to me were to tell me to not even bother with them or her.

That was almost six months ago. I'm sitting in the living room nursing a beer when I hear a knock at the door. I almost fell over when I saw a very pregnant Mia standing outside. Maybe we can work it out…