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I hope everyone who has enjoyed this fic will like this chapter. This is the conclusion to The Call. What originally was meant to be a one-shot turned into something more.

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I took Mia and our son home the following afternoon. Austin Keith Orton was the best thing to come from our relationship to date. Mom and Dad are more than thrilled about their first grandson and are already working on spoiling him. I finally realize what my mother has been telling me for years: now that I'm a parent, I really do understand the fear. I haven't talked to Mia about it all because I'm trying to let her rest; she's been sleeping most of the afternoon while I watch Austin in his crib. Having him makes me want to leave the business to be with them all the time—something I never thought I'd feel.

"I was wondering where you were." I turned in the rocker to see Mia standing in the doorway, holding her stomach lightly. "You shouldn't be up like this." I rushed over to her hoping to convince her to at the very least sit down. She giggled as she slowly walked to where I had been previously sitting, humoring me I'm sure. "The nurses said I needed to walk a bit. I have to heal if you ever want to be on top of me again." I couldn't form the words quickly enough. I leaned into her, barely whispering, "I thought you said I wouldn't as much touch you ever again." Mia simply smiled before kissing my cheek and looking over at our son.

Austin was a little over a month old. I couldn't believe it had already been that long. Mia's mother was watching him for the night while Mia and I had a date night. I surprised her with dinner and dancing, followed by the biggest surprise of all. Mia was laughing as I pushed her on the swings at the park near our house. I loved hearing her laugh again.

"I love you, Mia." She smiled up at me. "I love you, too. Tonight is perfect." I walked around to the front of her swing and held my hand out. "Want a rush?" Mia eyed me suspiciously. "I'm not having sex with you here, Randy. Children play here—our son plays here." I couldn't help laughing at her before pulling her up from the swing. "Thank you for thinking I'm all about sex, but that's not where my mind was. I thought you like to go down the slide." Mia giggled and kissed my cheek. "You've been ready to pounce on me ever since I showed back up at your door, mister. I'll race you!" She ducked under my arm and rand towards the slide. I caught up to her quickly and snatched her from the ground. "Catch me on the way down?" I had secretly hoped she would ask me that. "Of course."

Mia climbed the steps and sat down at the top of the slide while I stood at the bottom. She smiled her perfect smile at me as she pushed herself off. By the time she got to the bottom, I was down on one knee. I was smiling as I caught her by the waist. "You were right—that was a rush." Her face was flushed from the crisp breeze. I brushed her bangs from her face and grabbed her hands. "I love you. I've never been so happy in my entire life. You make me a better man. You've given me a beautiful baby, and loved me when I haven't deserved it. I want to wake up to you every morning—hold you in my arms every night when I go to bed. I want to raise children with you—go to games, ballet recitals, all of it with you. I want to be able to tell everyone I know that I'm the luckiest man alive. I was lost before I met you. I want you to be my forever. Will you marry me?"

Mia had tears threatening to fall from her eyes. Her mouth was slightly open, and she was breathing heavily, nearing hyperventilation. I forced myself to wait for her to process everything. "Randy, I…I…" Her tears finally pooled over, and I brushed them away from her cheeks. She pulled her hand from mine and held it out for me. I smiled and took the ring from its box and put it on her finger. She was nodding her head 'yes' as she threw her arms around my neck. I stood up, bringing her with me. Mia grabbed my face and started kissing me, speaking in between kisses. "Yes…yes…yes…a million times yes!" I hadn't felt like this in a long time. I carried Mia to the car after a while. She wanted to tell her mom and Austin. We called my parents before leaving the park.

After the worst year of my life, everything was falling back into place. I had my friends back, my beautiful girlfriend—fiancée—and a healthy son. Nothing was ever going to stand in my way again.