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Harry Potter: A Dark Order

Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry was an unhappy man to say the least. As he surveyed the damage done to his office he frowned 'That boy is becoming far to headstrong for my plans it is time to bring him to heel' "Phineas Could you go to your portrait at grimmauld place and tell the order members there to come to school. I fear it is no longer safe there."

There was sharp knock on the door to his office "Come in" He called out "Ahh young Nymphadora, Remus and Alastor how can i be of service this evening." he asked putting on his best grandfatherly smile.

"Well Albus" Moody began "it's about Potter. We" he motioned the other two "believe Potte should see a mind healer before he cracks. The lad has seen and experienced things not even the senior aurors have had to live through."

Albus, stood stock still of all the things he had thought they would want to talk about this was not it 'I had better divert their thinking elsewhere if Harry goes to see a mind healer then its all over the blocks will be removed and he will have way too much power.' "I am afraid that just will not be possible. It will not be safe for Harry to move about this summer at all."

Fawkes let out a cry that sounded rather angry and vanished in a flash of fire and Lupin took up the discussion "Then at least let us pass messages between him and his friends it will make the world of difference having someone to talk to. If he left to himself it could very well eat him alive."

Dumbledore smiled at this 'different track than I expected he would take, perhaps I should throw him a bone' "I will consider your idea Remus. Is there something you want to add Nymphadora."

'If tonks was not livid before she sure as hell was now' remus thought to himself

"Well Sir, I am here to tell you by order of the head of the DMLE that myself, aurors Shacklebolt, Moody, and Hestia Jones are detailed to watch Harry Potter this summer which means you cannot keep him in his home or away from his friends and by extension an auror mind healer and if you try to stop this I will have arrested for interfering in ministry business and as the Chief Warlock of the wizengamot you know you don't have a leg to stand on." Moody and Lupin looked gob smacked "By the way this is my resignation from your order of the phoenix and a request it is time to prepare him as Sirius's death has proven we don't know how long we have."

"I see Ms. Tonks, I guess with Harry so well guarded we can use the order member to actually accomplish something against Tom Riddle and his death eaters" the order will not do anything unless i allow it, but the loss of Tonks is regrettable but alas she is young she will learn that my actions are for the greater good and while the loss of young Harry will be tragic our world will be stronger for it' he mused to himself.

The three said their good byes and left the headmasters' office Albus sighed a cast Privacy wards not noticing the pair of yellow eyes nor the painting of Phineas watching from the corner of his office. The old sorcerer went to his fire place and through some black powder in "Haroun al-Mensir" He called out.

There was a few moments of tense silence as the old man waited with an almost supernatural calm


"Well now this is a surprise" said the wizened old Arab said "What would the greatest of light wizards want with an old assassin like me?" He spoke the words light wizard with scarcely veiled contempt.

"Haroun ,I would like to hire 10 of your best. No questions asked!" Dumbledore stated evenly " I need some people removed from the big picture and hidden elsewhere, and then I need a few people eliminated entirely."

Haroun was a little shocked 'this is not the same man i dealt with back in the great war' "how many and who" ' What would cause the greatest light wizard to act thus' the old assassin wondered.

"The ones to be removed from the picture are five school aged children. Ginevra Weasely, Ronald Weasely, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and Hermione Granger. The persons to be eliminated are "Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, and Alastor Moody."

Haroun's eyes grow big 'This definitely is not the man i knew' "Albus, Moody alone 150,000 galleons and even then there is no guarantee. Lupin and Tonks will be 25,000 a piece and the 5 children 100,000 each." He stated evenly .

"If I may ask Haroun why so much for the children?" the old man asked in exasperation.

"My Two nieces attend your school" Haroun lied glibly to the aging sorcerer "They keep me informed. The five you want me to kidnap are very close to Harry Potter and there will be fallout from this" the assassin stopped for a moment as if gathering his thoughts "I think I understand now what you are trying to accomplish my old friend and I can say that it is a dangerous road you now tread. If the boy finds out about this are you prepared to deal with the backlash?"

Albus frowned 'i didn't know he had nieces or any family at all attending the school' " 700,000 Galleons will be deposited in your account, when can you have men in place"

Haroun looked thoughtful for a moment "Two weeks time".

"Excellent" the headmaster exclaimed "I look forward to seeing the fruits of your success" 'and i can keep my hands clean' he thought as he entered his personal chambers.

Phineas and Winky shared a look before Phineas walked from his frame and Winky popped to the only person she knew who could help. Haroun sat back for a moment before calling out "Padma ?Parvati? Could you come here i need to talk to you about something !"

The twin girls, His grandchildren walked in " Yes Grandpa?" They spoke in unison

Haroun chuckled to himself "Girls I have a couple of questions that i would like to ask you do you have time?"

Padma looked nervous "What kind of questions"

Haroun looked troubled fro a moment as normally his grandchildren would tell him anything he wanted to know 'this is not a good sign' he mused 'then again it just might be' "A client has asked me to neutralize what they deem to be bad influences on one of your classmates and i believe because of this there will be fallout." Haroun marveled at how composed the twins were "I am certain you both know who the individual i am speaking of"

Pavarti whipped out her wand "Petri..." Was all she got out before her aged grandfather silenced her wordlessly and wandlessly when he felt a wand prodding th back of his neck and Padma ground out "You had better not have taken that contract"

"Oh, and why is that dear" he spoke lightly a smile gracing his lips He was amazed 'how did she get the drop on me no one in had gotten the drop on me in almost a century. Not Grindelwald nor Voldemort

"Because if you harm Harry in any way you are no better than that half blood tyrant who calls himself a dark lord" Pavarti said having wordlessly canceling the silencing jinx. 'This day gets more interesting by the second' the old man thought 'I cannot recall ever being described in such an insulting way.'

"Why are you so loyal to one who is not your blood, Child" Haroun wondered aloud.

"Thats simple grandfather Harry Potter is a member of my house. And he has stood against you-know-who five times. The ministry has proclaimed him a liar or crazy. If he is crazy i am Kali incarnate"Pavarti snorted out "Besides he taught us to defend ourselves when the ministry would not allow Professor Dumbledore to hire a decent teacher. Because of his conviction he had to carve into the back of his hand 'i must not tell lies' no one defended him and they were wrong. SO because of that we will defy even you Grandfather to do what is right."

Haroun sat stunned by the words of his beloved granddaughters "You're telling me that a 15 year old boy stood against the one man that my most senior assassins fear and has won four times not counting the his first encounter as a babe?"

"Yes" the twins said in unison. "If anyone has a chance it is Harry Potter and if you are neutralizing outside influences around him it will only serve to kill him faster than the dark lord can." Pavarti paused before coming to a terrible conclusion "It's the Dark lord he wants harry weakened so he can kill him."

'This day keeps getting better' Haroun though as he chuckled " No dear girl Voldemort and i have an old agreement if he does not approach me i will not become involved in the war. This is someone who is solidly within the side of light. Someone of great power and even greater respect."

The twins thought for a moment before Padma whimpered "He is supposed to stand against the darkness. Why would he do such a thing.?"

'Damn how am i supposed to explain to them that not everything is black and white there is a layer of grey in between' he sighed "My darling Grand daughters Make no mistake that Albus Dumbledore stand against the darkness in all its forms. However do not forget that he is also a man who makes mistakes and i believe that this is one of those times where he is making a huge mistake."Haroun paused examining his two most cherished grand children "He wants me to kill Remus Lupin, and several Aurors the infamous Alastor Moody and Nymphadora Tonks. He also wants me to kidnap Ron and Ginny Weasely, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and your roommate Hermione Granger". He stopped speaking still looking at his girls watched them go from shocked silence to tears in the blink of an eye.

The Twins stared at their aged grand parent in shock and silence reigned supreme for a few scant moments of time.

Parvati was the first to break the silence "Please do not do this. Whatever the headmaster has planned harry will be the one who suffers, Remus Lupin is the last link to his parents. If anything happens to him I shudder to think what would happen. The word around school was that just before the end of school Harry and the kids you mentioned Fought 12 Death eaters at the ministry until The headmaster and others arrived to help. It was said that Sirius black was there and died duelling Bellatrix LeStrange and that Harry saw it all."

Haroun sighed thoughtfully "He must be a very special young man if you are both willing to speak so highly of him. Parvati do you fancy the boy?" he eyed her closely.

"No Grandfather !" She said emphatically. "That particular ship sailed over a year ago at the fourth year Yule Ball. He was a prat."

Padma chimed in "Yeah, much to our dismay he looked like a love sick puppy watching Cho Chang."

The old mans' eyebrow raised "We, Padma? Do you fancy young Mr. Potter?" 'Now i might be getting somewhere.' he thought to himself.

A blush slowly crept it's way into Padma Patils' cheeks not that most people would know it by looking "Well if you had seen him in the DA last year Grandfather i am sure you would understand why i find him appealing. Trust me when I say this if you kill Remus Lupin, Harry Potter will find out. If not from us he is smart enough to reason it out." Padma stopped speaking "If any harm comes to his friends he will make Voldemort look like a rank amateur. There is a rumor from third year that he cast a corporeal patronus that drove off over 100 dementors. Arithmantically speaking Harry Potter is probably the most powerful wizard on the face of the planet right now th only reason Voldemort is a threat is that he is untrained."

"I see that this will be more complex than it originally appeared." Haroun surmised. "Would you really seek to harm me for the sake of this boy? Is he worth dying for?" he said in a low, cold voice as he silently cast a protego shield.

"Reducto" was all padma said and the spell leapt from her wand impacting and taking down the older man's shield but losing all potency before actually striking him Padma was poised to stun her grand father. When he spoke.

"You Are a fiery one my granddaughter much like your grandmother in that respect. If I told her what was planned she would most likely kill me herself as she was good friends with Gerald and Christine Evans. A frown crossed Padma's face as seeing this he said "they were Harry's maternal grandparents. I knew James and Lily but only in passing. Several times Voldemort tried to outsource killing them to me in the first war because none of his death eaters were competent."

"Then why would you take this Job Grandfather" The twins said in unison.

"Well there is the challenge of trying to take Alastor Moody, and well the money is a nice a bonus" the old man said smiling at his twin granddaughters

The girls shook their head and Padma spoke in a low voice "Grandfather, I know that traditionally speaking we should be seen and not heard and that our opinions should carry no weight in your decision. But know this if you do this it will destroy him and I swear on my life and my magic that any hurt that comes from this I will visit upon you by several orders of magnitude." Parvati was aghast never had she ever thought to speak to her grand father or any member her family in such a tone. She began to back away her eyes wide with fright at what she thought was going to happen next.

Haroun al-mensir prided himself on never showing surprised but in the space of twenty minutes. However this was one of the times his mask of impassiveness failed and his reaction was quite evident. quickly it changed to anger and he stood his hand raised to strike his grand daughter for her indiscretion. When another voice spoke with great anger.

"Impactus" the incantation came with such speed and force that Haroun had no time to twist out of the way as he thought 'Damn i wonder how long she was listening' as he flew back into the wall. then the voice continued " Girls could you please leave us your Grandfather and i need to have a word."

the girls nodded and left the room silently

The old man groaned " Did you have to do that in front of them?"

"Yes" she replied "If you had not raised your hand in anger. I would not have put you on your ass old man"

"I am supposed to just let her disrespect our traditions and me in my own home?" Haroun asked an expression of disbelief etched into his face "Karma, you cannot be serious. we have been married almost 100 years since we left..."

"Since we left India in 1898, I know" she looked at her husband "I love you old man, Kali only knows why. However you have forgotten that we are no longer in India and those customs are outdated and if you think for a minute i am going to let you abuse your grand daughter for answering your question honestly you have another thing coming."

Haroun knew when he was beat so he held his hands up in the universal sign of submission.

Karma laughed "You are as wise as they say. Now what are we going to do about this. Gerald and Christine took us in when our home was destroyed in the great war. To act against their heir would be disgraceful."

"I had not thought of that." He groaned berating himself for old age.

"No, No you did not" She said with a smile "What would you ever do without me?"

"I pray to Shiva and Kali that i never find out" Haroun admitted to himself." as for the contract since i already took the contract i can not back out"

"I know you cannot back out but i believe you can change the parameters just a little to make it appear that you completed the job" Karma said firmly."start by writing to Alastor its been years since the two of you talked anyways he will more than likely be suspicious but that is to be expected he does know you."

again he put his hands up "yes dear!." He sat back at his desk and pulled a piece of parchment out and began to write.

Winky popped down to the kitchen. "Dobby where you be?"

Dobby appeared "I is here Winky, what can Dobby do for you?"

"Dobby be needing to warn, Harry Potter sir, him in danger form bad headmaster." Winky said as she started slamming her head into the floor.

Dobby's hand snaked ot and grabbed winky preventing her from damaging herself any further "Can Winky show Dobby what she has seen?"

Winky nodded and touched her forehead to Dobby's and they both relived the moments in the office. When they came out Dobby's Expression was grim.

"Dumblydore is such a good master why would him do this to Harry Potter sir." Dobby wailed.

Winky sat quietly "I don't know Dobby."

"What should we do now we cannot allow this to happen. If it comes to pass it would hurt Harry potter sir more than anything in the world." Dobby said emphatically "I must go and protect him."
as Dobby was about to pop he felt a presence rest its hand and he looked up and saw the ethereal bodies of the Grey Lady, The Bloody Baron,Sir Nicholas, and the Fat Friar it was the lady who spoke

"young elf you are aware of the of the penalty for betrayal against the master?" She said in a whisper. Dobby nodded his head "Yet you still go against the headmaster?" Again Dobby nodded "Then it is fortunate that the elves are bonded to the school and not the headmaster." The Ghosts looked to one another and the Baron Spoke his voice like nails on blackboard.

"We must summon her, the need is indeed great. Young master Potter could ask this of her in our stead with greater ease as only he and Riddle remain as heirs. the ghost formed a circle intoning an incantation lost to the dark recesses of time the walls began shimmering and a force began to coalesce as it drew form th elves gasped and bowed low. for the first time since the founding an avatar of the school walked the hallowed halls of the school.

"Why have you woken me?" a feminine voice queried them.

The ghosts answered as one "the fate of an heir hangs in the balance. one is shrouded in darkness and the other is in grave danger. The headmaster has lost his focus he treats the young boy as a pawn as if life were a mere chess game."

The avatar looked "That surely is not the case, I can feel the goodness in him, though it is muted by the loss of friends through age, He has not yet fallen so low that he is irredeemable. Has he?"

Nicholas spoke "Ask Winky daughter of Dotty and Smeeth."

Winky stood before the avatar cowering in fear "Fear not little one I mean you no harm, you have lived in my halls for several years now and i have let none harm you."

Yes mistress" Winky said soflty

"Show me what you have seen young one, Open your mind to me." the avatar asked. Winky nodded and touched her forehead to the avatars. The scene assaulted the avatar she heard and saw what her chosen head had just sanctioned. But she also remembered Haroun from his school days yes he did fall into the family trade but he was an honorable man. surely once he found the details out from his twin granddaughters he would act appropriately. "I see he believes that for the greater good of society Harry must fall with the dark lord. He does not know that Harry Potter is the culmination of the Gryffindors and Hufflepuff lines. this situation must be monitored"

The grey lady spoke pointing to Dobby "This elf has a request Mistress"

she looked on the elf and could tell what he was about to ask "Make your request young elf." she stated with a smile.

Dobby looked stricken for a moment then he drew himself "Lady Hogwarts I request that my bond with castle be transferred to the Heir of Griffindor and Hufflepuff. though he does not know it he and his friends need protection and though i am but one elf. he freed me and i owe him a debt.

"Dobby son of Tobby and Marise I grant your wish hence forth those of your line will tied to the fate of Gryffindor and its line. So mote it be." Lady Hogwarts spoke in a crisp tone "I must ask you all to take a step back there is something i must do now as this situation bears close watching and i must take steps to make sure that this year the students have a decent defense instructor. again the power began to poor in toward the avatar the stairs stopped moving the wards wavered as the door to the room of requirement appeared and Lady Hogwarts searched her memories of all the students and faculty members over the course of a thousand years she took the color of Bellatrix blacks hair, Lily Evans green eyes, the humor of Nymphadora tonks, the drive of Hermione granger, and the stature of Minerva Mcgonagal
and temepered it with the beauty of Rowena ravenclaw. as the door to the room of requirement opened a very beautiful lady who appeared to be in her mid thirties walked out. and the avatar looked exhausted but as a last effort she cloaked her daughter and sent a ghost to tell her to go to apparate to the ward line and walk in..

Phineas Nigellus was not a happy painting , often he thought Dumbledore was to soft with the kids. But now he thought the man had finally fell off his cracker he had ordered the death of a family member even if that old hag had cast Andromeda out she was still family. Hopefully Sirius had the foresight to make Potter his heir, else his house would see its end very soon. as he came into his picture in auror headquarters he looked around and wandered from painting to painting until he was in his great grand nieces office. what he saw when he got there would have moved his heart ... if he still had one. "Miss Tonks." He said quietly as tonks was crying her eyes out when she did not respond he cleared his voice and said "Nymphadora Tonks, Daughter of Andromeda Tonks-Black Pull yourself together."

Tonks stiffened as she heard her given name and then saw who it was. "What do you want old man?"

"that will be enough of your cheek young lady i may be a painting but i am also your elder and presumably wiser great uncle." he said with a smile 'at least she is not crying anymore' "Miss tonks I have found tonight that you and several others are in great danger from a mad man. Apparently he has taken out a contract on your, Mr. lupin and Alistor's lives and has arranged for the kidnapping of several people close to Mr. Potter." Phineas stopped and looked at his great grand niece "Nymphadora you need to go into hiding for a little while, Tell noone other than Remus and Moody and warn the youngest Weasleys, the Longbottom boy and the Lovegood girl to be more vigilant there is a new player at the table and want to exert pressure on young Mr. Potter but i do not believe he knows what he is getting himself into."

"Does Dumbledore have an idea who it is." Phineas shook his head. "who is the hitter supposed to be."

"He assumes it is and old associate of Grindlewald. The hitter is supposed to be Haroun al-mensir, a man who is a family friend actually." Phineas admitted with aplomb. " Albus spoke with Al-mensir tonight to validate the rumor before he sent me to you" 'Please believe me young one , please your life depends on it' he thought to himself

"Ok Phineas,where should i go." tonks asked

Phineas thought for a moment. "Go to Gringotts ask to see Ragnot and when the goblins give you grief and they will trust me tell them the son of nigellius rests Cornwall."

Nymphadora stopped at that "You didn't have any sons"

"that you or anyone else knows of. Trust me the body of my stillborn child lies at rest in Cornwall go now Nymphodora time is short." the aged painting urged.

"Ok old man but we will talk later." Tonks said as she strode out to Gringotts

Mad eye sat at his house eating breakfast watching an owl approach as it lit upon his window sill he caught a glimpse of the sigil on the letter, It was a sigil he had not seen in almost 4 decades and it still steamed him, While Haroun was not a dark wizard he was borderline and he was an assassin. he was also a friend . a friend he missed very much. he took the letter and five minutes later he took his first shot of fire whiskey in almost 40 years.

Remus lupin watched #4 Privet Drive from under his invisibility cloak he watched as the last member of his pack wandered around like a zombie. Harry appeared to be grieving, Yet Remus felt guilty about not being there for him. He had to watch as grief began to consume his cub. He would have to do something soon.

Hermione was worried, Harry had such a hard year, the blood quill, the loss of his broom, the loss of his godfather being possessed by Voldemort. He was so angry at the world and now he was not talking to any of them it was like he was shutting them all out. In addition to this she was worried about Ron, those brain things really did a number on him he could not sleep more than an hour without having a brain induced nightmare. Her own brush with death made her realize exactly what the cost of being Harry's friend was. Ginny, luna and Neville were no worse for wear though. They spent one night in the hospital wing and then were discharged. Harry did not even come to the Hospital wing he just disappeared. Between voldemarts possession, Sirius's death and what ever Dumbledore's office made him run from everyone who loved him. Hermione was worried immensely. So she grabbed a parchment Dear Ginny,...

Ron tossed and turned in his sleep and then sat bolt upright breathing heavily all he could see was his best mate writhing under the possession of Voldemort dying before his eyes and there was naught he could do. He lay back down and could not get back to sleep. So he sat down and wrote an apology to Harry for ever being jealous of his fame. he had seen first hand what the cost of Harry's fame was. the loss of everyone who could love him. Never again would his best mate face Voldemort alone.

Ginny had spent days listening to her mother go on an on about how a proper lady wold act and that Ginny was not acting like proper lady. Finally Ginny spoke "What did you want me to do mother? We no support in the school! Did you want us to let Harry go alone to die?" All her brothers looked shocked to here little gin-gin speak out against their mother. Molly had fallen into a chair weeping her head in her hands. After that whenever she did anything remotely parental it was a hug and kiss on the forehead. It was also during this time that Ginny realized she was not compatible with Harry on an emotional level. she was not prepared to deal with the cart of luggage that passed for his emotional scarring, as a girl friend she could not be there for him the way he needed. but she could be the little sister he might need in the future.

Neville Longbottom had returned to his grandmothers estate expecting for all hell to break loose, He was of course pleasantly surprised when he was met by his great uncle Algernon Croaker and his grandmother who sat him down to 'discuss' his trip to the department of mysteries. Really it was a chance for them to tell him how proud they were of him. Something they had never done before. it made Neville feel good inside he finally lived up to their expectations. at the same time he remembered, her, Bellatrix lestrange. Hate blossomed in the pit of his stomach and began to rise like bile overcoming the majority of his body. Finally he thought of Harry who had lost yet another piece of his family. How over the last days of school noone had seen him save Luna and their discussion was concise to the point or so she said.

Luna lovegood was a bit unattached from reality if you asked some people to others she was stark raving mad. But Harry Potter had treated her with respect and kindness and that was worth more than all the galleons in the world as far as she was concerned. members of her own house took her stuff and though she did not let on it did hurt her and her heart soared when harry asked if she wanted his help. Like an older brother. Sh then considered the events of the last year and extrapolated out the possible events of the year to come and she shuddered the war was much closer and there were more sides than what were evident at first glance. She needed to help Harry but not as a love interest there was someone coming from her own house who would fulfill that need. No Harry would need family and he would have to learn that there was family you were born with and then there was family you gathered as you lived. Hopefully they could get through to him.

Harry was in hell, his actions had lead to the death of Sirius and there was no way he could get around that. It dominated his dreams along with the possession by Voldemort and his own use of an unforgivable against Bellatrix. as a result he was looking more and more gaunt and haunted. Even the Dursley's noticed. Petunia actually piled his plate with extra portions, Dudley was watching his cousin he knew something had happened and it was not good. Vernon had even layed off on him with the verbal abuse. not that it helped, Harry was slowly losing his will to live something had to give and soon it would; not that Harry knew what was going on in the world.

tonks walked into Gringotts and walkd to the first open teller "Master Shredthorn Could i please speak with Master Ragnot please it is a matter of some urgency regarding the black..."

The old goblin looked at her and the grinned a toothy grin and said "Miss tonks perhaps i misheard you because if what i heard was true you must have taken leave of your limited apelike senses in order to think you can see the head of this branch of Gringotts just because you want to. Regardless of whatever plight the black family might be in, it would not be your concern you are not a black your branch was disowned."

'Wow' tonks thought to herself 'old Phineas was not kidding when he said they wold grief me' "The son of nigellius rests in Cornwall" she said in a very low voice

Shredthorn paled a bit looked around "Are you certain?"

"The body of his stillborn child lies at rest in Cornwall" Tonks said confidently.

"then you must come with me, Ragnot the old must be made aware" he said simply as he showed her to a door that lead to long hallway full of busts of previous goblin leaders of the bank. they eventually came to a gold inlaid door which had two of the meanest looking goblin warriors honing their axes, the noise mad tonks cringe. the door opened to an oval room with a large crescent moon shaped desk the carpet in the room was a plush red carpet there were weapon and the heads of beasts adorning the wall. tonks looked around. Shredthorn offered her a chair and once she was ensconced in it he hande her tea and some biscuits.

Ragnot looked at her before starting "Miss Tonks do you know why you are here?"

"Honestly sir" she said and when he nodded "I assumed it has something to do with the hit that was put out on Me, Lupin and Moody!"

Ragnot though for a moment "Well that does certainly figure into this. You have been sent here for th reading of the last will and testament of Phineas Nigellus

I Phineas Nigellus being of sound body and mind leave to Nymphadora Tonks-Black My personal Vault 1234 and grant her subordinate access to the Black family vault and set her a stippend of 750 galleons per month. I also leave her Black island in the Caribbean, the Ludlow house in Singapore, and Black tower on the coast of Scotland . I also eave her the title of Baroness Nigellus-black I do this posthumously this the third of July 1996.


Phineas Nigellus

Headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry


Tonks sat gaping like a fish out of water. when Ragnot spoke "We have been waiting over 100 years to execute that will many in the Black family have tried to force its execution but for naught. Only when Phineas decided there was an heir worthy to his considerable fortune. you are now a wealthy young woman and with the rumors that are circulating that a known associate of Grindlewald ordering a hit on you and endangering those close to the Black heir ..."

Tonks heard black heir "Excuse me Master Ragnot but who is the black heir.?"

Ragnot smiled.

Padma and Parvati sat in their room one reading teen witch the other doing her Arithmancy homework both looked up when their bedroom door opened and their grandmother walked in. "Parvati could you please leave for a fe moments so i can speak with Padma for a moment" the older woman spoke her tone though suggested it was not a request.

Pavarti looked at her sister and mumbled "Nice knowing you sis." and fled from the room.

Padma sat quietly her mind reeling from the fact that she had cast a spell at and openly defied the patriarch of her family, of course she was going to be punished her grand mother was going to soften the blow a bit but she was sure the punishment was going to be severe. Karma, watching her grandchild as she sat down was concerned she detected more than a hint of fear coming from Padma. She knew that Haroun was outside listening in.

"Padma, we have some things to discuss. Namely the level of disrespect you have shown for your grandfather tonight. you realized there will be a punishment for that." her eyes widened as she saw Padma flinch. Her Heart broke a little. until she felt a notice me not charm go up by the door and she saw Haroun enter out of the corner of her eyes.

Haroun had been listening, true he could exact punishment as her patriarch but they were no longer in india so most of the punishments seemed to be inappropriate. He had sent Karma in to soften the blow thinking padma would break down crying when she walked in. She had not though, but the look of fear in her eyes made him feel uncomfortable. Silently he cursed himself for ever allowing her to read any books on family culture from India. Then Karma mentioned punishment and Padma flinched away from her. Haroun was assassin and his life was rich with tradition any tradition that would punish a child for being young was not a tradition he would support. He had seen to many children harmed and would not kill nor allow harm to come to a child. he made up his mind and cast a low level notice-me-not charm and disillusioned himself and entered the girls room. he walked to his granddaughter and dropped the charm padma screeched and flung herself back but not fast enough as the old man caught her and pulled her into a gentle hug as she broke down "I dont want to be stoned, please don't whip me just let me go, let me go let me go." padma cried

finally her grand father found his voice."Dear girl, i am many things an assassin, the right hand of the destroyer himself, but my oath to shiva prevents me from ever harming a child, as such i will never punish you with physical harm, I apologize earlier tonight i forgot you were still a child and almost hit you." the old man looked Chagrined as he held his grandchild sobbing for a time

"However there is a matter we must discuss my oath states i may do no harm to child it also says i can not stand by and watch harm be done to a child and it sounds like your headmaster has lost touch with reality and is willing to sacrifice one young man to the strongest dark wizard since old Slytherin himself. Even though Voldemort and i have wary respect for one another we fought a battle when he tried to recruit the Temple of Shiva. he killed most of the templars,acolytes and elders and was just starting on the youth when i arrived. I have never seen destruction on that level before. we dueled for the better part of an hour before we tried our end games to no avail we we were to evenly matched at the time. Now i feel he has finally surpassed me. It is time for me to leave my knowledge to another. In a way you have made my choice easier."

Padma looked confused for a moment then it dawned on her "Harry?" Haroun nodded

"What I need is for you to write a letter to him and his friends their lives are in danger and we have two weeks to move them and their families to a secure a location."

Padma nodded and reached for her parchment and quill