Dark Order was started when i was at a low point. my wife and i were trying for a baby andit was not happening, that along with my gender issues and anxiety were not helping. My job did not help at all; i was working for the local newspaper at the the production plant i would mark up negatives and be the last set of eyes to see the text before we went to press as a result of that i started reading news around the country and i found there was a lot i mean a metric crsp ton of evil in the world. Mothers allowing their four month old daughters to raped, sodomized and killed sorts of thing. Things that made my blood boil . Dark Order was my outlet to release the feelings of anger and hate. It was also my outlet to show the world what my thoughts of what evil really is. I have not touched it in almost 8 years. I have not been in that place nor do i want to return to that place even though i could very easily try to continue I do not believe it would be healthy for me to continue.

I realize this will disappoint many who like the vibe of the story As such i put this story up for adoption and i offer an apology to all who have invested the time reading this story.