I orbed next to them, so they wouldn't know I was watching. Piper actually had tears flowing down her cheeks as did Phoebe when they frantically eyed me. Phoebe pleaded, "Heal her! Please." She was pleading for my replacement's life. Maybe I could get my position in this family back if she died. I shook my head though. I'm a good person. I'm not supposed to think like that.

I hesitantly bent down and placed my hands above her wound. I closed my eyes in concentration and the glow actually came and engulfed her stomach, but I knew it wasn't strong enough. Through my power, I searched for the reason. Soon I found it, and sympathy slipped into my mind for her. She was afraid for a good reason.

The glow surged as my sympathy exploded, but it still wasn't enough. I spoke sadly, "We need Leo."

I looked up to see Phoebe's stricken face and Piper's deep in thought expression. I didn't understand, but I let them handle it. Phoebe smiled slightly when she and Piper looked up at that moment with a determined expression.

Piper stood up and called the healer's name, "Wyatt, sweetie, orb here and heal Auntie Paige, ok? And bring Daddy and Chris." Obediently the little boy appeared. Confusion hit me though violently. My thoughts went to Piper's words "Auntie Paige," He thought of this stranger as his aunt, and I (being his true aunt) wasn't even called that yet. My jealousy rose again - piqued, in fact. I could ruin it for her for at least a few months. She hadn't told them about her secret. Probably afraid she wouldn't be allowed to fight any longer. Was blackmail and hatred really my way? My code? No, I still can't explain why I leapt to such extremes.

Phoebe frowned at me while Wyatt healed Paige. I looked up innocently, and wondered if she could know me that well to read my face. Oh, no, Phoebe might have gotten a premonition of my plan. "Prue, why are you jealous? She hasn't replaced you. Actually she has been trying to find her own place in this family for seven years ,because we kept comparing her to you. She looks up to you as a role model, as someone to learn from, and all you can do is be jealous. She should be jealous of you, because you had an entire childhood with us while she gets into fights with Piper for the first two years and a cold shoulder for the rest. All because Piper's afraid she would forget you or betray you if she accepts Paige.

Paige barely has a relationship with any of us, it's mainly witch duties. I wish you knew what you were jealous of. I just wish we could have found her sooner, then maybe we would all be closer." I scoffed as Phoebe said this, she obviously wanted Paige more than me. She seemed so worried about this intruder when I thought she should be worried about me.

Paige stood up weakly, and she eyed me nervously. I stepped forward, waiting for permission to check her well-being. She slowly nodded. I stepped forward dutifully and held out my hands to her belly to see if there still was a life in her. I nodded when I felt it. She sighed with relief while this exchange completely dumbfounded Piper, Phoebe, and Leo. Leo, well, I hugged him when I finished with Paige.

I stepped back from the friendly embrace and told him, "You have a strong little boy there. I never knew he had so much power. Paige, this is the perfect example of why you shouldn't be fighting, if Wyatt hadn't have been so strong you wouldn't-." I said this cryptically to lead Piper and Phoebe into suspicion. So…conniving.

Paige sighed and reclined on the old couch. Phoebe immediately went to her, "Paige, what are you so scared of? I can feel it. It's so strong that it breached through the empathy blocking potion. My skin is crawling. This is something huge, isn't it?. You need to tell us. We can protect you. You remember when Piper went all psychotically happy, or when she went all fearless. It was because she tried to hide her fear and sadness. Don't do that to yourself, tell us, please?"

Paige looked like a trapped puppy waiting to be kicked, and I couldn't help but feel successful. I had caused this. To my utter surprise Paige actually revealed everything, "A week ago I found out… Henry and I are… I'm pregnant. Prue must not have enough power to heal us both. I'm just as scared as Piper was with Wyatt. I don't want my baby to get attacked like we do. You know how demons go crazy over our children. I guess…I'm just a little stressed right now." her head jerk upward like she could hear something. "I've gotta go. Billy's calling." She stood up shakily.

Right when she lit up in orbs Piper called out, "Be back for dinner and be careful!" Phoebe looked overjoyed and Piper hid a smile with a concerned frown. I couldn't understand their reactions. They should be angry at Paige's deception, not giddy. Piper looked over to me and said, "At dinner tonight you won't feel so jealous, Prue. We're going to tell you everything the good and the bad. Yes, Phoebe you will get a "I told you so" about Cole, because we are telling her about your escapade in the underworld." When Piper said this, I saw the dread and shame on Phoebe's face. Apparently I would know everything. I also knew that tonight would be longer than I needed, but I really needed and wanted to know about that Paige girl.

All day I followed my litte sister around as we just enjoyed each other's company. We missed each other so much. I could tell by the way she would gaze at me with so much sorrow in her eyes that she really did mourn for me. At least toward the end of the day, we almost felt like hardly any time had passed...at least we could look at each other now and smile without my death decaying the pleasantness.

Piper, being the brilliant chef that she is, made a wonderful dinner, although it was awkward. Right after we ate, Leo took the boys and men into the other room while we sat to talk.

Piper took command yet again, "Where should we start?" Tonight Paige looked extra nervous and afraid. It seemed this was judgment day for her.

Phoebe spoke up, guess she'll be the narrator for this story. She explained the days after my…passing. I listened intently, politely, not really expecting any great revelation. Then, her explanation began to mean something more to me than just a retelling, "That girl from earlier came in the door and looked lost, so we introduced ourselves. When we were all touching the chandelier glowed just as it did for us. Prue, we found our baby sister. We also reconstituted the Power of Three." I didn't want to hear this, from what I imagined them telling me, this wasn't it. Phoebe's explanation meant I was completely evil to my little sister... They watched me for a reaction. I could feel their nervous eyes on me.

I finally got over the initial shock and asked the question I was almost dreading, but the answer I knew would come made so much sense, "Paige is our sister?" I got two grateful nods and one shame filled shudder. I looked at her and saw how much she belonged in this family. I went to her, hoping she could forget how mean I was, and I embraced my youngest sister for the first time. I whispered what I knew to be true and what she needed to hear,

"You've done great, Paige. Thank you for protecting our sisters." Her face lit up as did mine, because I suddenly realized I was about to become an Auntie.

I waved my hand for them to continue. Phoebe picked up on it and began again, "She really caught on quickly, but we had a couple of slip ups. The Source came after us, hoping Paige would turn evil ,but she fought through it. The next big event would have to be when we vanquished the Source. That was surprisingly pretty easy." She kept going until she began talking about Cole getting possessed, which must have been really hard on Phoebe, because she just couldn't' say it.

Paige found her voice and continued for Phoebe, so I listened intently. Still this was hard to believe I never trusted Cole, but I never thought he would become the Source. At least he's gone.

Piper continued, and I found out how he had finally been vanquished. I didn't really like the beginning of that story, but it was nice to know he still loved her. I knew she was happy with Coop, so I wasn't worried. They told me the rest about how Wyatt was twice-blessed, future Chris coming back to save Wyatt (that story was sad). I was also on the edge of my seat when they told me about the avatars and then it came to the newest battle.

Piper told this one , because she remembered it both ways apparently. She told it, and I just couldn't get over how much I had missed and how much stronger they seemed without me. Piper finished the recap, "Now, you're here. Paige, don't forget we're all here for you, and you will never be replaced. Neither of you will." This reassured Paige as well as me. Now, all we had to was protect Paige and each other.