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I heard Piper calling my name and a glimmer of hope entered my mind. Maybe the past few days had just been a twisted dream. Maybe our family didn't come that close to being destroyed beyond repair. Of course, that dreamer's hope disappeared when the pain returned. Everything finally came back to my memory. It seemed that I had passed out from the pain. I guess we weren't home free just yet.

My vision was blurry, but I could tell that Piper was concerned for me. She was my from my time which surprised me slightly, because I thought that by now she was still not speaking to me. I smiled as comfortingly as I could, but she just gave me one of her infamous "I know better" looks. She really had the mother role down. I chuckled as much as my body would allow and sat up.

Piper said softly as if she were afraid that her voice would blow me away, "Prue, hon, we're ready to leave. You've been asleep for an hour now. We need to get going so we can get you better. We're hoping that by going back-" I help up my hands telling her to stop.

I had a lethal headache and I already knew this speech. It was the same one that I had been pitching to myself since we'd been fighting this fight. I said quietly, "Let's go." She nodded I guess somewhat understanding.

They had moved me into the living room to prevent me from waking up because of all the noise of the attic. We trudged up the stairs...well I trudged while Piper simply walked. My legs seemed stiffer and heavier than before as did my whole body. We went into the busy room and everyone stopped when they saw me. They must have thought I would die in my sleep, because their faces just spoke of their relief. I smiled at Paige who was standing beside her daughter.

I walked to the podium and saw the page was one I hadn't seen before. It's handwritten script was completely modern unlike the older entries in the book. Paige said kindly as she was more than relieved at how things had worked out so far, "We put an entry on the demon. We thought it was appropriate if we all put something that we knew about him. Obviously I knew the most, but I thought you'd like to add the part about how he fought...since you fought him the most out of all of us. We simply watched or were the butt of it. We have a few minutes. It seems that the elders are finally going to help us, because they are our ride home. They said we had well deserved it, for they had a glimpse of the future that the demon would have brought. He never had a name. Odd isn't was almost like the fact that we didn't know his name made him invincible. We showed him didn't we." She laughed and went over to the couch her daughter had gone to sit. They both were so mirthful that it brought a smile to my lips.

I wrote what I knew, but it wasn't much. I simply put, "This demon's style was that of a cheater as he tried to destroy everything just so he could have a wife. He had no mercy for anything, he was extremely powerful physically, but he couldn't stand up against our power of nine." I wanted to put that he almost defeated the charmed twice over, his power came from his mystery. We knew nothing of him not even his name, and still we defeated him. He should be an example to all demons who wish to defeat the charmed ones. We take care of our family against any challenge including nameless demons. I didn't put that, however, because our family already knew that. Really the demons needed a newsletter then I would write all that. They were the ones who needed to hear that.

I looked up when I heard a new voice. An elder stood there speaking to Phoebe. Her past self was swooning over the guy while she simply giggled at her old antics. She truly was a happy person now who had the love of her life. To tell the truth I was kind of jealous of her success. I had always told her to be more responsible so that she could have all these things and yet I didn't get any of it.

I looked up when the elder said my name. He looked at me with concerned eyes, "Prue, you need to be healed. Here." He reached his hands out and the warm glow overtook that spot then spread throughout my body. This took a surprising five minutes. I hadn't realized how close to death I was.

I smiled gratefully at him, but he didn't notice because he was already concentrating on sending us home. In a whirl of angelic lights we appeared in the attic. This was the exact time as we left. I looked around at everyone. I giggled without consequences when I saw Paige. She was looking at us probably wondering why we were so happy to see her. Maybe this wasn't the Paige who had seen all those things. She was from different future...right? What made us so happy was the fact that she was still pregnant.

I said aloud, "Does everyone remember?" I got two nods and one frown just as I had thought. Paige had a fresh start and she didn't even know it. She didn't have to go with the baggage of being an alcoholic again or seeing everyone's death. Piper, Phoebe, and I rushed to Paige's side and tackled her into a hug. We told her a diluted version of the past few days.

We didn't mention the details of her pain and such, but she got the idea. I looked over at the book and thought quickly, and rushed over towards it. I started to flip through the pages thinking that it might be the evidence for our story. The page on our mysterious demon.

There it had the date written at the bottom and had our initials beside our entries. The ink had long ago settled into the page, but it looked odd to me, because just minutes ago I saw it where the ink would ooze if you even brushed your hand over it. I said distracted by the ink, "Come here." They came curious as to what had my attention. Paige's eyes got a little bit bigger when she examined it.

She muttered, "I didn't even know you guys could this have been written and I know that's my handwriting. I even wrote the date." I sighed. She just couldn't understand what we were saying, but ,oh, well, she was safe and we had a fresh start.

I commented lightly hoping to change the subject to let Paige's mind settle down, so she wouldn't be so confused, "So, Pipe, when you going to let me have my title back as big sis?" I chuckled a little.

She just looked up at me and said, "How about...when your older? Isn't that what you say to a kid when they want something they can't have?" She put on an act of innocence, so I tickled her side. She must have forgiven me.

We were on the same level of happiness now, so we were about to go down the stairs to get some dinner. We were starving. I looked across the room and saw Paige and Phoebe talking about something. I saw Paige looked at Phoebe incredulously and disbelievingly while caressing her stomach. Phoebe must have broke the news about her having twins. I laughed and closed the book of shadows. It's funny it just felt like I was closing a chapter to our lives.

Paige looked at me with pleading eyes, because she probably thought Phoebe was playing with her mind, but I smiled just as giddy as Phoebe. I thought silently, "There's the new chapter in our lives. I just hope Paige comes up with a better name for the girls though." Still chuckling now I walked down the stairs following little sister even if she doesn't know she is. She'll always be my little sister.


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