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Remus turned, catching his little boy in his arms and swinging him around lovingly. "And where have you been all day, young man?"

"I was with Mummy, and Nucle Harry, and Nucle Snirius, and…" the little boy's face scrunched in thought, trying to remember if anyone else had joined them that day.

"If you don't teach him my name soon, Moony, he'll call me Padfoot and nothing else."

Harry walked in behind Sirius, patting him on the back and laughing. "Too close to Snivellus for you?"

Sirius only glared at his godson, but the mock-tension was broken when Hermione walked in, a smile on her face as she looked around at her boys.

"Hello, love," Remus said softly, kissing his wife as their little boy wiggled in his arms until he was sat down.

"Ewww," he said, wrinkling his nose at the affection between his parents.

"What's the matter, John, don't like to see your Daddy kiss your Mummy?" Sirius asked good-naturedly.

"No," he replied defiantly, his little two-year old hands on his hips in a gesture so reminiscent of Hermione it made them all chuckle each time. "'Cuz after they kiss some, he starts missing her mouth."

"He does, eh?" Harry goaded, watching them all with a smile on his face and laughing as Hermione ducked her head into Remus' chest. The affection between the two had been a bit hard to get used to at first, but now they all freely admitted to being slightly jealous of the two obviously in love.

With a grimace on his pudgy face, he said, "He kisses her neck and everything. Yuck!"

Their laughter was only broken when the door flew open and Daphne walked in with her mother, both laden with packages and bags as they tried to run in the house before the rain came down. Bill and a very pregnant Fleur walking in closely behind them.

"Hermione," she said hastily, "I'm so sorry to just barge in your house, but it's starting to rain and…what are you all doing?" she asked hesitantly when she noticed they had all been laughing.

"Ignore them. They're just a bunch of men with too much time on their hands," Hermione said, taking some of the boxes from the two women and then pushing the guys forward to do the same. Bill walked an exhausted Fleur to a nearby chair.

'I'd like to have my hands on something, love, but it has nothing to do with what's in these boxes.'

'Oh, really? I'm sure Daphne picked up a few things for their wedding night. Interested?'

'Think she'd notice?'

Hermione and Remus stopped their inner dialogue with a pointed look from Harry. "I have no idea what you two are talking about, nor do I care, but this stuff is rather heavy and my future bride is giving me that look. So, if we could move this along a bit."

He grunted when Daphne's elbow connected with his ribs, but smiled sweetly at her nonetheless.

Sirius, however, was quietly talking to Daphne's mother as he took her wet coat. "You're soaking wet," he said softly. "You should change clothes before you get sick."

"Worried about me, Black?" she asked coyly, extracting her wand and casting a drying spell upon herself, laughing as he rolled his eyes and escorted her to the kitchen for tea.

"Interesting," Remus muttered.

"Disturbing," Harry said, watching the door his godfather and his soon to be mother-in-law had disappeared through.

Rolling their eyes, Hermione and Daphne began putting away the boxes, most of which were set to the side to come out for the wedding tomorrow.

"Are you sure it's okay for them all to crash here tonight?" Daphne asked a bit nervously.

"Positive! Look at it this way, if they all stay here, I can keep an eye on them and make sure they don't over do things. And," she added happily, "he can't possibly be late to his own wedding if it's only several meters away, now can he?"

Daphne seemed to relax then. "Thank you again for letting us have the wedding here. Your house is just amazing and as soon as I saw the forest out back, I knew it was what I wanted. And you know Harry, he'll do anything I ask him to do."

"Yes, it's quite disgusting really," Sirius joked, having come back into the room. "He's become a carbon copy of his father."

"And what is wrong with making my daughter happy, if it makes him happy, Mr. Black?"

Sirius grinned, that mischievous grin that made them all groan. "Why, not a thing, Cat," he purred. "So, tell me, what is it that makes you happy?"

"You," she said seductively, walking right in front of a very shocked Sirius and smiling sweetly, "leaving," she added with a wink as he chuckled and shook his head.

"Met your match, eh, Padfoot?"

"You know, Moony, I think I have," he replied, watching the blond woman as she talked with the girls and laughed. "Well, it could be worse, young Mr. Malfoy could be spending the night as well."

"Please don't even suggest it," Harry groaned. "Malfoy thinks that because he married Daph's little sister that he can be more unbearable than usual. Although they all swear she's slowly working it out of him."

"Owl!" Daphne called, ducking as the bird flew through the window and landed on the table between Hermione and Remus.

'Go on, love, open it.'

Hermione took the envelope from the owl's leg, offering it a treat and watching as it flew quickly through the window.

Dear Remus and Hermione,

I hope this letter finds you both in good health and happiness. I believe enough time has passed that this will be read without animosity from you both. That thought almost makes me laugh as I realize that the animosity came mostly from myself. I really just wanted to apologize for everything. As you know, I was sent to the States on 'assignment' and not allowed to return for five years. However strange this country may be, I have found an amazing man who actually wants to spend his life with me. It was through him, more than anything else, that I came to understand my feelings of the past, along with my actions.

Hermione, what I tried to do to you is unforgivable, but I hope that given time, you will find it in yourself to do so. I heard you and Remus were married shortly after your bonding and I am truly happy for the both of you. Funnily enough, my intended is also a werewolf, infected several years ago and trying desperately to change the laws here the way you two have changed them there. I have met his wolf and now fully understand why things happened the way they did between the two of you. It's the most amazing connection in the world and I thank Merlin every day that I have been so blessed.

Please, accept this as a peace offering to the both of you and know that I wish you only the best in life.


Nymphadora Tonks

"Well, I suppose that puts an end to that, then," Harry said. "When she does come back, we don't have to worry about what she's going to do."

"I'm glad she finally understands," Hermione said softly, wiping a tear from her cheek as Remus held her. He gently kissed her and before either realized it, the letter drifted forgotten to the floor and their arms wound tightly around each other.

A cough brought them both back to attention, Hermione blushing slightly as she bent to pick up the letter.

Bill chuckled as Fleur said sweetly, "Eet must be a wolf thing. My Beel is insatiable."

"Yes," Bill added with a grin, "she just hates that I didn't get the voice or the seven month pregnancy abilities!" Fleur nodded her agreement as the others laughed at Hermione's embarrassment.

Several hours later, Daphne and Catherine had left, while Bill and Fleur agreed to take John with them, saying that it would be best if Harry and the boys got out of hand that a child not be around to witness it. Sirius, Harry, Hermione, and Remus sat in the living room and argued about whether or not it was their way of getting a bit of practice before the baby was born.

The next day Harry would be married in Remus and Hermione's backyard, in a very small and private ceremony-his only request and one that Daphne had readily agreed to.

Hermione and Remus were snuggled on the couch, wrapped up in each other as usual while Sirius ribbed Harry on the impending loss of his manhood.

"Well, old man, it's not like you haven't been caught with Catherine a time or two."

Sirius scowled at being called an old man, before softening his expression and saying, "True. At least you have my taste in women."

Hermione came over, kissing them both on top of their heads. "I'm going to take a shower now. You two make yourselves at home as usual and I'll see you early in the morning."

"Night, Hermione," they chorused in unison.

Remus, however, had a very mischievous look on his handsome face.

"What are you planning, Remus?" Harry asked fearfully.

He chuckled softly before answering, "Just playing with my wife."

Sirius and Harry both groaned before turning back to dragging out their chess game and discussing whether or not Molly would come in and try to take over the entire wedding in her motherly fashion. At least, they both agreed, she had apologized to Remus and Hermione and made amends.

'I'm naked now. The water is so warm. Sure you don't want to join me?'

'I could be convinced.'

'I did say I was naked. Besides, it's much more fun when it's your hands running all over my hot, soapy body.'

'My hands, my mouth, my hard cock. I know what you want, wife, what you still want after all this time. You want me to pick you up in my arms as you wrap your legs around me. You want me to pound you right into that wall you're leaning against, don't you?'

"REMUS LUPIN GET YOUR ARSE UP HERE NOW!" Hermione screamed from the upstairs bathroom.

Chuckling softly, Remus stood from the couch and winked at the two men shaking their heads. "Well, good night, you two."

"SILENCING CHARMS!" they both yelled as he walked up the steps to join his wife.

Later, when the time was right and their world settled down from the events of the wedding, he would tell his wife how happy he truly was. He'd kiss her from head to toe, paying special attention to her belly, as he thanked her for the little girl she didn't yet know was growing inside of her.

His family, his life, would finally be what he had always dreamed.