I was reading a copy of Hans Christian Anderson fairytales the other day, and, as strange as it sounds, the parallels between "The Little Mermaid" and "Twilight" started bothering me. This is what came of it.

Disclaimer: As much as I wish otherwise, the only parts of Twilight that I do, or will, ever own are my much abused copies of the books. I'm just having a little fun here.


My mother once compared my love for Bella to a fairytale. She is more right than she could ever dream.

But fairytales have not always been the happy, rosy tales portrayed in the movies. Disney really didn't get much right as they adapted true fairytales into pop culture phenomena.

Take "The Little Mermaid", for example. A mermaid meets a prince, falls in love with him, and gives up her voice for the chance to be human. In the movie, they marry and live happily ever after. Nice story, right? But that's not the real story.

In the real one, the poor mermaid gives up her voice for her humanity, for her chance to marry the prince. She gives up her life, her family, for her chance to fall in love and gain an immortal soul. They got that much right. But Disney never mentions the fact that each step the girl takes on her borrowed legs feels as though knives are piercing her skin. Torture flows through her every step. In the Disney version, her voice is stolen by magic, and can be returned. In the real version, her tongue is cut out. She can never return to the world she knew, and if she doesn't win the prince, she dies. They don't say that the girl watches as the man she loves falls in love with another. In the real story, he does. And she can say nothing when he marries another woman. Only through her sacrifice is she given a chance to reach something better.

The prince never knows the sacrifice that the little mermaid made for him. Alice has seen Bella sacrificing her immortal soul for me, giving up what the poor mermaid gave up everything to gain. I cannot allow that, for there is no chance of redemption in this existence I lead. We have lost our souls, and will never be able to regain them. We are damned, regardless of our actions in this life.

Oh yes. Esme was far more right than she dreamed. Except our fairytale is the opposite of what she believes. There will be no happy ending. Death or damnation. Life or existence. Love or hated. Those are the choices. I cannot allow her to pick the ones she thinks she wants. She doesn't know what she'd be loosing. I cannot allow her to become one of us.