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Chapter One:

Talented People

Tsukino Usagi sat curled up on a comfy chair, watching the two younger girls sleep. The three could be mistaken for sisters or mother and daughters, but she shivered at the latter. To think some girls her age were already married and had children was too much. No, she thought as she observed the sleeping girls, I'm glad I'm not like that. Then she felt a pang of guilt. The only reason she wasn't married to some old guy and had his kids was because , four years ago, her parents died in a plague.

Finally, after thinking about these sorts of things for a while more, she got off the chair and climbed into the bed she shared with the two younger girls, carefully, so as not to wake them. No, she thought as she drifted to sleep, I'm glad I have no husband…

The early morning sun was just rising when Usagi felt something, rather two somethings jumping on her.

"D' ya suppose she's dead?" Asked a childish feminine voice. Usagi made it out to be on her stomach, knees impaling her and feet stabbing her upper thigh.

"Chibi?" Asked another feminine voice, even more child-like than the first. This was right by her right ear.

Suddenly, Usagi forced her entire upper body up and then, immediately after, she jumped out of bed startling the other two badly. The girl who had been on Usagi's stomach, fell onto her back on the bed, while the other one just looked up startled. Usagi grinned.

"And that's what you get for waking up early!" She declared. The one on her back glowered.

"Usagi-chan!" She growled and got up, chasing the older girl to the kitchen. The youngest just sat on the bed blinking, and then followed them. By the time all three were in the kitchen and the older girls had calmed down a bit, Usagi ushered the other two back into the bedroom.

Usagi put on her leggings, blue dress with skirts that reached her ankle, and brown boots. Her hair was done up in its usual bun-and-ponytail style. Once she dressed, she saw the second oldest girl, Chibiusa dressed and putting up her hair in Usagi's same style. Chibi Chibi, the youngest of them, was trying to put her dress over her head, with her leggings only half on. Usagi giggled and helped the poor girl fix her outfit, and put hers boots on. Her hair was also in the same style the other two had. Once all three were ready, they stepped out the door and into the crisp fall air.

The girls walked down Market Street with Usagi's order to 'stay close', enjoying the wonderful aromas that floated to them. Lavender from the soap and perfume cart, fish from the fisherman's cart, and food from the baker's shop. Heading gleefully to the baker's, none of the girls noticed a blur heading right for them until it was too late.

Wham! A large, blue and brown shape smashed into Usagi, causing all four of the people to tumble over and land with a thud. The shape who had knocked the girls over stood up and bowed. It was Umino, the local geek.

"Sorry, Tsukino-san," he said, mumbling, "but I'm late for my lessons." With that, he rushed off.

Usagi and the girls got to their feet and went inside the shop to have breakfast, two growling about baka boys, while the youngest copied their pose.

A familiar ring of a bell alerted the woman at the counter she had customers, so she looked up and smiled knowingly.

"Did Umino bump into you three again?" she asked, knowing the answer. All three nodded their heads.

The baker laughed. "I thought so. Well, girls what would you like today?" she asked. The three brightened instantly at the thought of food.

"Well, Mako-chan, I would like some fresh bread please. With oatmeal." This was the ever polite Chibiusa.

"Mako-chan, chibi bread!" Chibi Chibi copied her sister as the older women laughed.

"Hmm, well I think white bread with oatmeal and maybe a little sugar on the oatmeal." Usagi said as Makoto sighed. Knowing Usagi that would mean two loaves of bread and three bowls of oatmeal. But she got everything for them anyway and the girls had their breakfast. Saying good-bye to Makoto, the girls headed back home.

Ten miles away from Usagi and the others' village, was the palace and the capital city. Heir apparent, Crown Prince Endymion of Terra, was working up a sweat with his men before breakfast. They were on the practice field and, even though it was only thee beginning of fall and his men were elite, the prince still insisted they work. At the moment, he was doing staff work with his best general, General Kunzite. His other generals were practicing archery (Jadeite), horseback riding (Nephrite) or studying mathematics (Zoisite).

"Your Highness," called a light-haired servant. The moment the men heard his call, they got distracted. Kunzite's staff accidently moved too high, hitting the prince on his cheek. Luckily, it was his cheek because he had turned his head. Endymion clutched his cheek in pain and dropped his staff. Kunzite did the same as he went to see if his master was alright. Jadeite wasn't paying attention to where he shot an arrow and it landed in front of Nephlite's horse. The horse got scared he bucked his rider off and Nephrite went flying… and smashed into Zoisite, who had been coming out of the library. Both men toppled to the ground with Nephrite landing on his back on top of Zoisite. The horse, by this time had leapt out of the ring and was chasing Jadeite who wasn't looking where he was going and slammed into a concerned and sorry Kunzite, knocking them both down and away from the prince in pain, with the horse stampeding over them. The servant gasped and didn't even know what to do first.

Since the man was taking too long, the king, queen and their visiting prince who had just arrived from Elysian came out to see what happened. Watching the last event occur made the queen gasp, the king swear and the young prince amused.

"So, very refined and talented men you have hear Your Majesties." He said drily.

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