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Chapter Ten:

Vesta shifted uncomfortably from one foot to another as Rei explained to Minako who she was and asked for permission to stay behind when the Aino household went to visit their friends.

"It is my duty as a fire priestess, a duty I have been neglecting as of late. Please understand." She was asking as a servant and as a friend; the two girls were obviously close. Still, Vesta almost laughed to see her teacher humbled. She was so commanding usually.

"Don't worry about it. I can manage fine on my own. But you've never taken a student before. Why the change of heart?" Minako, the sunny blond, was telling her long-time friend and maid.

"I really think it's about time I took one on, and I thank you for this opportunity." She curtsied as Minako dismissed them.

A few weeks later, Minako was wandering the market near her family's house by the border of the kingdom. She was so desperately bored that even the beautiful things that would normally catch her blue eyes seemed dull. Without Rei, she had no one to talk to about those beautiful things. She tried; she really did, to enjoy the people and their goods. As she leaned down to sniff a new perfume, she got the strangest feeling that something was about to happen. She turned around too fast, and bumped into a person.

"I'm so sor-" Minako began, but the person disappeared. She did see a lock of sea-colored hair, though. Exasperated, the young noblewoman went back to her uncle's fief-castle.

When she got there, a men-servant told her that her uncle wanted to see her. Curious, Minako wondered what he could possibly want. When the noble and servant reached the sitting room, the servant bowed to the elderly man sitting in the chair and with a wave of the man's hand, the servant left.

"My dear niece, it is good you are here. I trust you are enjoying your stay?" asked the man. He was now watching her from where he sat, dressed in a purple over-coat with orange flower designs on the sleeves. He also wore fine black boots, a white dress shirt and dark blue breeches.

"Yes, Uncle. My stay is good." She had a polite, noblewoman's smile. He stood and motioned to someone hiding in the shadows.

"My dear, I must ask you to look after this young lady. I found her wandering alone, but there aren't any woman-figures to look after her." A young woman, child really, stepped out into Minako's view. She had strange pink hair in the even stranger style. The girl was wearing a light pink day dress and had a yellow bow in her hair.

After looking the girl over, Minako replied, "Yes, Uncle. I will take care of her." The uncle heaved a sigh of relief.

A woman sat on a wooden stool by the fireplace. Her eyes were closed and she was leaning back.

"What are you thinking about, Michiru?" asked a voice. The woman on the stool looked up to see her friend come in the door. The other sat down on the floor beside her and stared intently up.

"Earlier today, in the market, I had the strangest sensation." She took the other's hand in her own. "It was so like when you are near me. A strange feeling." They thought in comfortable silence. Soon, the two heard footsteps coming nearer. The blond stood up, her body tense. The other remained seated, but prepared to jump up if necessary.

A woman came into view, her stance calm and face blank. Her hair was long and blackish-green. Her garnet eyes did not even blink as she saw them. Her black dress lay limp against her and she looked a little out of place in the warm little house.

"Who are you?" Demanded the blond, tightening her hands into fists. The other one relaxed slightly upon seeing the woman.

"I feel it again, Hakura. The feeling I had earlier, but I've never seen her." Whispered Michiru. Hakura relaxed slightly.

"Yes, that is the sisterhood we all once shared." Said the stranger. "You may not know me, but I know you both. Distant Sky King and Mature Sea King." She addressed them both.

"I believe you know we have questions, one of which is can you answer them?" said Michiru as she stood. The woman nodded.

"I may answer a few, for you. I am Meioh Setsuna." The woman said approvingly.

"Momentary Dark King." Breathed Hakura. Again, the woman nodded. "Aren't you forbidden to leave your post?"

"Yes, and I see I was right to see you both, my partners. Do you hold all memories?" Setsuna asked them. They nodded.

"Yes, Pluto. We also know that your father will be angered." Setsuna managed a small smile.

"I cannot stay. I have only come to deliver a message." She stood up straighter and her small smile was gone.

"A great time is coming. A time when darkness and evil rise up to meet that which is good. The war begins in a bloody battle where none shall be spared the horror. Despair will rein, but do not fear. A serene light will come to you. This light is our hope, our messiah. Time does not rule it, death obeys it. There is only one chance, but many tests. Whatever happens, DO NOT FAIL!"

This voice was far more commanding and knowledgeable than the first, and ended with a loud boom. Setsuna disappeared, leaving the other two puzzled, but unsurprised.

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