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The blond was sitting in her room, looking through her drawings, looking for a specific one. Namine always remembered what she drew, when she drew it. But this time it was different. She didn't remember drawing a picture, yet she knew she had done it. She couldn't recall anything about it. She went through her drawings again, flipping pages hysterically. This was so unnatural to her, forgetting something. Especially when she was the one in control of memories. No drawing. No memory of it. But she knew she had drawn one. Something wasn't right here. She went down to the secret laboratory of her master, DiZ. But not to find him, to find someone else. He would help her, as long as she convinced him it was for Sora's good. Namine saw the hooded boy standing in the library, the entrance to the lab. He was looking at a few books, curios what they could tell him. The blond girl looked walked over to him but he didn't notice. As she got closer she noticed a change in the boy. He was slightly taller than when she had last seen him and more muscular. She brushed past his arm to see what he was reading. He noticed, closed the book with a loud Snap! and turned around. He hid the book behind his back and spoke with a deeper voice than the one Namine knew.

"Namine, what a surprise to see you here." Namine glanced at him but she couldn't see his face because of the hood.

"You... seem different. Did something happen?"

"It doesn't matter. What do you want?" he said. He wasn't rude to Namine, it was just his way of talking with her. Namine knew too well for she knew Sora's memories.

"I think I lost one of my drawings, I can't find it. But I also can't remember drawing it but I know that I did." she said almost sounding desperate. The hooded boy uncomfortable lifted his weight from one foot to the other. The blond noticed this.

"Did you take it?" she asked.

"I, uh, didn't. Of course not." He was so bad at lying and Namine knew that. A terrible thought came to Namine's mind.

"Did you rip it?!" she almost yelled at him. If she had drawn herself doing something, that would explain why she couldn't remember. He took a step back from her. Then he got an idea. He pulled open the book he had been hiding and showed the page to Namine. She took it without hesitation. The page was ripped in two and it was her drawing. It showed Roxas in the white room with her, Namine. She still couldn't remember what happened but now she knew that she really had drawn a picture. Namine felt the echo of frustration rise in her. Why was everyone so mean to her? Just because she was different from other nobodies? And now her last ally back stabbed her as well.

"Namine? I'm sorry. DiZ told me to rip it. But can't you redraw it?" the boy said gently. Namine looked at him, a furious glance in her eyes.

"I can't just redraw it! I can't restore what's lost! You didn't rip Roxas' memory, you ripped mine!" A silent tear ran down her cheek. Both were surprised by this. Nobodies couldn't feel due to their lack of a heart or any kind of emotion. So nobodies couldn't cry when their feelings got hurt, because they had none. Yet, here she was, crying because of a ripped memory. The boy used this silence to lean over to the girl and whisper in her ear. She nodded and left the library again. The hooded boy went down the stairs to DiZ. He sat at the computer, as usual.

"How's Roxas?" the boy asked.

"As you brought him. I'm still changing his memories. They will come back eventually but by then it will be too late for him to do something against his fate."

"Why not let Namine do that? She does manipulate memories."

"The girl is out of control. She must be kept away from Roxas. It's better they shall never meet." DiZ said. The boy stood silent for a couple of minutes, then spoke again.

"Hey, what about a break? Just for five minutes, we'll get some ice cream and come back."

The bandages man turned in his chair. "A break? My friend, the worlds depend on us right now, we can't just take a break." he answered surprised, yet not angry.

"Just for five minutes and the sea salt ice cream stand is just behind the woods. I'm sure the worlds allow us this treat. We have been working hard." the boy continued convincing his master. The man nodded, finally. "Well, five minutes couldn't hurt, could they? But you pay." he said menacingly again.

"Since when do the saviors of the worlds have to pay?" the boy said amusingly. DiZ chuckled lightly.

"Because saviors don't steal from whom they have saved." So they left the mansion to get their ice cream. Namine watched them leave through her window. When she couldn't see them anymore, she ran downstairs and into the lab she wasn't aloud in. one of the many computer screens showed a white room with a large sleeping pod in it. Namine knew that Sora was sleeping in there for she was the one imprisoning him there. She felt guilt rise in her and quickly turned away. Another screen showed her the exact same room only the pod in there was opened and revealed a blond in a black cloak.

"Roxas..." she whispered softly. Knowing Sora was in the real Twilight Town, Roxas must be sleeping in the artificial one DiZ had built. She went over to the device that would transfer her there, DiZ had fortunately let it open. She touched it and found herself in the same lab again. She went over to the door that lead to the pods. Namine entered the white room Roxas slept in and the moment she saw him, she felt sudden heat rising up in her. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful in her eyes. She had the urge to draw him but something inside her was against it. Namine's power was also her weakness. If someone would rip her drawing again, all would be lost. But she couldn't withstand this urge so it overtook her. She started sketching away, dozens of pictures of her and Roxas in this room. Her last one was him waking up with his head on her lap and so he did.

"Huh? W-where am I?" he asked almost immediately. Namine smiled and stroked his hair, entranced. The boy didn't move, he just laid still, relaxing. He closed his eyes in satisfaction. Where ever he was, he was safe from harm and with a beautiful blond girl. He remembered seeing her before, but only vague, as if he was suffering amnesia. But he wanted to know her more, wanted to be with her the moment he laid eyes on her.

Namine continued stroking his spiky hair. She had been dreaming about this moment ever since she had known of Roxas. There was nothing in the world that could make her happier now. Roxas' deep blue eyes flung open again. They gave her a questionable look. Her smile that had never left her lips grew even more beautiful. She whispered only, not to disturb the silence between them.


He lip motion her name, making sure he'll remember. And Namine will make sure he kept that memory. Roxas sat up from his position and looked at the blond girl. He smiled, just like she did. No words could describe what they were thinking about each other. It was so odd and yet so familiar to them but they wouldn't question it. A beautiful silence hung between them, neither wanted to break it. Roxas moved closer to Namine and she returned the gesture with a hug. They closed their eyes and left all their worries behind. Both felt like they knew each other for ages but not remembering ever really meeting before. Namine knew though. And she would treasure this moment forever.

"Namine?" Roxas had whispered to her. She let go of him but he still had his hands loosely around her waist. "Yes?" she whispered back. Roxas hesitated before he asked.

"Who are you?"

She just kept smiling to him so he smiled back. Moments passed and their heads kept getting closer and closer to each other. Namine closed her eyes awaiting the moment she wished for so badly. Roxas smiled at her and placed a small peck on her lips playfully. Her eyes opened again and she gave him a look asking if that was all. He smiled and strode his lips past hers again. This time she returned the favor and kissed him back. She had her arms around his neck and went through his soft blond hair. Their foreheads met and they remained like that for a while, playing with each others lips. Namine's drawings lied around them, carelessly thrown around. It was such a beautiful scene, Namine thought. Roxas moved his hand up and stopped behind her head. He slightly tilted his to the side and pushed forward, kissing Namine. She kissed back and went through his blond spikes again. The innocent kiss turned into a very passionate one soon. One of Roxas' hands stroked her back while the other was entangled in her blond hair. Namine her hands at his chest and neck. They never wanted this to end.


DiZ returned to his seat at his computer, licking the blue Popsicle his friend had bought. The boy spoken of had already finished his and was deep in thought. An unexpected gasp left the bandaged man's lips. The hooded boy went over to see why he looked so shocked. The screen DiZ was looking at revealed the pod Roxas should have been sleeping in. Yet the blond was sitting there in the ground kissing another blond, very passionate in fact. The boy immediately left through the beam to the room, DiZ followed with a slight distance. The door opened to the room and the cloaked boy stepped in. the couples' lips parted at once. Namine got up quickly, Roxas followed suit. DiZ came to the room, making Namine gasp. Roxas moved in front of her for protection.

"What did you think you were doing?!" DiZ demanded. He looked down to the drawings on the floor. The man nodded towards the cloaked figure who then got hold of Roxas.

"Hey, lemme go!" he shouted but the hooded one knocked him out cold. Namine shrieked at him falling to the ground. The traitor lifted the blond teen from the floor and put him back into the pod. DiZ laid a strong grip on Namine's arm and lead her out, back through the beam to her room where she got locked in. Namine punched the door, tried to kick it oped, even pick locked it with her pencils but to no avail. After a while she sat at the white table, her head buried in her arms, crying and sobbing uncontrollably.


In the white room with Roxas in the sleeping pod, a tanned silver haired stood, collecting the paper that was spread amongst the floor. His face showed sadness and guilt. He took a look at the picture he held in his hand. Namine and Roxas, holding each other's hands in a fight against heartless. The silver haired shook his head.

"I am so sorry, Namine. I truly am."

He ripped the last of her memories with Roxas.

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