Chapter 1

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Chpt. 1.

Note: this obviously begins during that wedding dress contest episode

"A Wedding dress contest! No way!" Serena drooled.

"Yep! And the winner gets a free honeymoon to Hawaii!' said a man that popped outa no where. 'Now why don't you move along girly so real customers can have a chance to sign up..."

"Whuddu-you you mean, move along!? For all you know I just might BE a -real- customer!"

The crowd around the two arguers chuckled. The imposter of a priest smirked, "Yea right, and just how old are you? 7 maybe 8?" Scattered laughter was heard around her. "Why don't you run along home."

"Why you pompous..."

"Hey! Hey! Watch how you talk to a priest young lady!"

"Your no priest you arrogant twit! And I happen to be old enough to marry in 30 countries, which includes this one! You know what? I am a real customer! gimme that stupid sign up sheet." The man held the sheet away from the girl.

"Yeah right missy, if you're really a customer...who's your betrothed?"

"My be-what?" Serena said exasperated.

The man smiled. "I thought so." He turned away... Serena, seeing no way to continue the argument, proceeded to walk away.

"Dang it!" she cursed. She came up upon a corner, turned it and bumped into solid wall. She quickly looked up and blue crashed with blue.

"Well whuddya know! Meatball head can bump into some one without maiming them! What a revolution!"

Serena glared at her offender.
"Darien." She spat.

"Meatball head." He returned smiling. "What's up?"

"Nothing." She replied bitterly

"Anything I can do for ya?" Darien questioned. Serena glanced at him suspiciously. "Just to make your life brighter." He said in mock sweetness.

"Well you could fall off the face of the earth..."

'Ouch that hurt.' Darien thought, somewhat sarcastically and part something
else. He continued as if she had said nothing. " Yes well if there is anything I can do for you, you just let me know! Meatball head!" His smile quickly turned to a frown as he walked past her.

"Matte!" she started. Grabbing his jacket. He looked at her inquisitively.

"Nani?" he replied

"Well..." she began slowly "there is something...if you really mean you'll help

"Yea I was serious, must be that extra cup of coffee I had this morning giving
me some weird after affects but hurry up before I change my mind..."

"Uh O.K." she stuttered. "Actually...actually I was wondering what 'betrothed'

Darien's mind whirled as he felt a wave of inexplicable heat and jealousy wash over him. 'Betrothed? Why does she want to know that? She's not thinking of actually...No way!' For some reason, at that moment he felt he would have murdered any man thinking of actually bringing up the subject of a marriage with the angel in front of least, not until he'd tasted those rosy pink lips of hers for himsel...Hold up! What am I thinking!? This is meatball head you ecchi baka!' He noticed Serena giving him a strange look and pushed the weird feelings away.

"It means the same thing as fiancée' Serena. Why?" Serena looked thoughtful in reply. Her face brightened as something dawned upon her.

"Ooooohhhhhh." She finally drawled after a while.

Darien decided to beat a hasty retreat, even with out hearing the answer to his question. He'd never admit it but she was way too tempting when she actually appeared to be thinking ... She should do that more often...NO she SHOULDN'T!'Darien kicked himself mentally, 'Dang it mind whose side are you on, besides, she looks sexy even when she's her normal ditzy sel...!?' Darien shook his head, "O.K. time to go...what is that meatball head doing to me" he thought to himself.
"Uh...yeah, well I'll be seein' ya Meatba..." He didn't get to finish, Serena grabbed his coat and ran with all her might back the way she came.

Serena's Pov

Serena's thoughts shot through her brain like rapid fire. 'I am such a freakin' genius! I can't wait to see the look on that guys face when I prove him wrong!-O.K. so he won't really be wrong, Darien's not my be-betra...fiancée but he won't know the difference!" She continued on her train of thought, 'I'm not gonna be embarrassed by some moronic guy even if I have to use another one to get back at him!'
Truth is Serena didn't think the man she was dragging behind her was a moron at
all. As a matter of fact...she had an evil suspicion she had some sort of feeling for the source of her life's misery. It was all so confusing... When she arrived in front of the church's gate she whirled the so-called "priest" around and shoved Darien in front of him.

Narrator POV
"This is him!" she announced with more assuredness than she felt.

"Who?" both men stated looking startled at the girl in blonde pigtails.

"Uh...him..." she replied falteringly, "you know! The uh -person- we were uh...-discussing- earlier?" she stuttered to the priest. Darien was giving her one hell of a weird look and she knew it. Feeling unwelcome color flood her cheeks she stared at the priest. She was not going to say the actual word! Not right in front of his face!...she wasn't! Not about this creep! Her own mind teased her, "He may be a creep but he's one heck of babe isn't he?" "NO!" Serena said mentally in a deadpanned tone.

"Who?" the priest asked again.

"DON'T FOOL AROUND WITH ME! YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN!" Serena gritted out in the form of a scream.

"No, I don't, now if your not signing up, do what I said before and GO AWAY!"

"Oh for Pete's Sake! He's my BETROTHDED-ED-ED!" Serena screamed.
Dariens jaw dropped to the ground. Stayed there a while and soon went through
it. She glanced at the raven haired, gawking man beside her and added..."Or what
ever that word is!"

"The Priest looked at the man with a smug smile. "Oh really? And when did he find out about this?"

"What's it matter? Now give me that frickin sheet!" Serena lunged for the clipboard in the man's hand. But he dodged away.

"I don't believe you." He hissed.

"That's not your job dim wit! Your job is to Let-me -sign-that-fricking-sheet!"

"Kiss him."


"If he's your betrothed then kiss him. I wanna see some action here."

"Ewww! You hentai little weirdo, now I KNOW your not a priest! Who do you think you are!?"

"I think I'm the only man who can get you into this contest and if you want in your gonna prove your going to get married and the only way to do that is to kiss him!"

Serena looked at the still gawking idiot standing on the sidewalk.

"There is no way I am kissing that!" she screamed

"Now, Now, is that ANY way to talk about your future -husband-?" Serena shivered at the words. From some kind of sick pleasure or that sick feeling in her stomach she didn't know.

"O.k. O.k. Fine..." Serena tentatively walked toward Darien who had regained control of his jaw and was looking at Serena like he was trying to figure out which drug she had had to much of. Serena inched closer and before either knew what was happening, Serena grabbed Darien's hand and brushed her lips against his fingertips. One millisecond later she threw herself away from him and began spitting in the grass.

Darien's eyes were huge. As he looked at Serena as if she'd just walked off a space shuttle from the moon. He was still trying to make sense of all this. What did this brat think she was doing? The thought of just walking away never crossed his mind.

" There!" she spat

"Yea right." The priest said and turned away.

"What do you mean yea right? I kissed him you A-hole and your going to acknowledge it!"

"I meant on the lips lil' miss schoolgirl."

Both Serena and Darien gaped. Darien struggled for words

"Uh-uh" he protested loudly. "Kiss meatball head? No way-umph." He didn't

Serena POV

Darien gawked at the mans audacity. Then cried in repulsion. "Uh-uh! No way-..." 'He's gonna screw this up!' she realized that when Darien began to speak. To stop him, Serena forced herself into his arms, grabbed his mouth and pressed it to hers. Darien tried to pull away but Serena barred him from that with her hands in a death grip, lost in his midnight hair. She pressed her body against his and found comfort in the way his seemed to cradle hers. Serena focused on his lips: warm, soft and sweeter than chocolate. In the back of her mind a voice told her it wouldn't look very convincing if this were only a one way thing...she had to get him to kiss her back. She softened her attack and became more fluid-like to where his body connected with hers. His hands, which were hovering around her waist, were slowly coming closer until they rested on her hips.

'There's something familiar about this.'
'There's something familiar about this.'

Their thoughts were identical. Somehow, this kiss that felt so new...and definently unexpected; yet, there was something about it that had a tinge of years old passion like there were some kind of forgotten memory expressing itself through this intimate connection. Both reveled in the glory it. And these feelings flashing by. But how could a kiss feel so new and exiting, yet so familiar and passionate? They sought the answers in the others kiss.

Darien POV

Darien's mind was whirling.
'What is she doing!?' he screamed inside himself 'What the hell is this feeling!?'
His body was raging with a thousand voices, all of them screaming for more of
the minx in his arms. He tightened his grip on her waist and drew her nearer. Serena let out a small gasp before she covered he covered her mouth again.

"Oh my god I'm enjoying this!" he suddenly realized. Where the HELL did she learn to kiss like THIS!"

Her taste, her, warmth, her pressure intoxicated him and he could feel himself losing control even as his mind argued with him...

"Uh...hello? Brain to Darien are practically kissing the life out of a 14-year-old child in public, namely one MEATBALL-HEAD. AND in front of a church AND a priest for Pete's sake. Repeat with me Darien...Can you say ETERNITY IN HELL?'
However, Darien wasn't listening to logic at the moment. All he knew was the present, the girl in his arms that he was pouring the loneliness of the past few years into, and the hands stroking his hair that were driving him insane. (in a VERY good way) he thought smiling. He had to admit it, he loved this, he loved this feeling, he loved this kiss and dang it, he realized with something akin to horror and pleasure, he was beginning to fear he loved HER. Then it happened, an image of a sad angelic figure filled his mind... it called out to him, "my love..."

"Princess!" Darien cried surprised as he broke the kiss. Serena fell backwards dazed before looking at him, then to the "priest" and going at him again. Darien shook his head and pushed her back angrily.

"NO!" he said harshly, panting hard for breath "don't you ever stop!? What are you trying to do kill me!? What's WRONG with you!?" with that he stalked off as fast as his protesting body (especially his lips) would let him. Hurt and confused, Serena could only watch helplessly while panting, in her daze she Darien Stalk off; looking like he had just been insulted and betrayed in the worst possible way.

"What just happened?" Serena pouted with tears in her eyes. "Why did he just –walk off- like that? What did I do?"

'What?' asked the little voice in her head. ' You mean besides almost sucking his lungs out, kissing him when you had no right too, and dragging him into your own problems? And all this when he absolutely HATES you? I mean besides that you did absolutely nothing and he hasn't one reason to be mad!' Serena groaned. " God what was I –thinking-! Now he'll hate me even more! I have to apologize and explain what happened! He's got to understand!' then Serena thought about it. Apologize? To Darien? The worlds largest most egotistical –jerk-! She wanted badly to say no way and forget about it. But she knew her conscience would never let her. She groaned. "Oh man how do I get myself into these things!?"

Serena then remembered her little audience. She turned to look at him and was appalled to see him with eyes the size of saucers and drool practically hanging to the floor. "Ugh!" said Serena disgusted "You know what? Forget your dang contest! I wouldn't be in it if you BEGGED me!" With that she ran off in Darien's direction.

Serena POV
"It was him I know it was!" Serena told herself guiltily. "That prince from my dreams what was I DOING kissing Darien like that!? How could I have just totally forgotten my dream prince!" Serena's train of thought shifted. "But why? Why did he pop into my mind when I was kissing Darien? He's never come to me outside of my dreams before!"
'Probably cause you never cheated on him before.'

"I wasn't really cheating on him." Serena told herself. "I mean, he is just a dream right? You just can't cheat on a dream" Serena paused mentally while still running for Darien physically...'yes that's right! He's just a dream and I didn't do –anything- wrong!" She repeated this to herself over and over knowing she would never believe it. "Arghhhhhh! She screamed outwardly over the jumble of feelings inside... "This is all Darien's fault! HE should be the one apologizing to ME! Making me feel this way, how dare he!"

Darien POV

'Shimatta! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!' Darien screamed at himself, you totally crazy, ecchi slug! What were you THINKING!?" He reflected on the last 5 minutes and amended his statement. 'Iie, what were you DOING?' Darien kicked, or more rather scuffed the ground with his foot and went on with his tirade. "I can't believe that I just did that! I almost completely lost control with a 14-year-old girl in the middle of the street just because she kissed me! What the hell is the matter with me!?" (This was a very big thing for him, seeing how his whole life was based on structure and self-discipline...) He then thought about the image that had showed itself in his mind the last few seconds he had shared space with Serena. "The princess..." he murmured, "she appeared to me outside of one of my dreams...and with Serena...what does this -mean-? Will she ever come to me again now that I kissed someone else?" Darien turned around and shook his fists at the sky; "Doesn't ANYONE have any answers?" He sighed and looked around at the empty street. 'Just like my life. Empty, completely void.' This thought only made him angrier and he took it out on the brick wall next to him. He slammed it with his fist and felt the stone break beneath him. He retracted his arm and studied his knuckles. 'Not a scratch, not one damn scratch. I punch a brick wall with enough force to shatter a mans wrist and I don't even have a freaking scratch.'

Yep, Thanks to Darien's alter ego tuxedo mask, Darien had many advanced skills that most people didn't. Usually it was a great asset to Darien but right now it only made him angry. It caused him to pour over all the things that would continue to keep him angry, because he knew the anger would lessen the guilt. A sudden crash behind him told him he was no longer alone.

He looked back at the two pools of gold lying in the street.

"Meatball head." Darien breathed, resisting the small inner urge to run straight over to her and kiss her pain away. An urge he never realized he had before today. He groaned and turned around to walk away, she was the only and last person he wanted to see right now. He began to take a trembling step forward before Serena called out for him to stop. And because of some strange reason, he did. He watched as Serena jogged up to him hyperventilating, and out of breath.

"Darien," she panted, "Oh Darien I'm so sorry...I didn't mean gotta understand I..." Serena looked up at the profile of Darien's face in desperation.

His back was mostly towards her and his face was outlined by the red of the setting sun. Darien heard her words but said none of his own...until...

"What did you think you were doing?" he yelled looking at her face. "What were you thinking? What gives you...!? Why did you!?!? What the..!? Darien felt himself go on over load, there was just too many questions to be said at one time for him. Instead he left a lot of unfinished questions and gave her a look of death with his hands balled to fists. Serena hesitantly explained her situation of needing a Be-be-betra, betro...(ah heck)...fiancée. She looked at Darien to gauge his reaction. Nothing. Absolutely nothing...or so she thought.

Darien was a jumble of thoughts, and emotions. "That's it!? That's what this was all about!? I felt all that...that...(he wouldn't admit to pleasure now) those emotions with her and then suffered all the guilt for the sake of some stupid CONTEST and to get even with a fake priest!?" Darien was livid. His conscience tried to calm him down. "Be glad he wasn't a real priest...maybe you won't be condemned after all..." Darien ignored his inner self. He was ticked. What gave her the right to mess with people's emotions for her own good!? Especially his. He was NOT going to let her get away all happy and forgiven like everyone else did. It was time she learned to consider other people's feelings over her own obsessions sometimes. And finally he spoke, in an evil low tone, "Yea well, you're lucky you ended up with someone as nice as I am to end up with you kissing like that. Anyone else would have thrown you down in the dirt; you kiss like a hippo and that's putting it nicely." ('What a lie' said Darien's insides). Serena turned red as a beet and shot back at him.

"Why you little creep! How dare you say that to me!? You weren't exactly prince charming yourself back there Mr. Jaw-through-the-ground! You could have wrecked my whole plan! Could you possibly have been more obvious?"

"What do I care whether your little scheme worked or not!?" Darien shouted. "What if my girlfriend had walked by? Did you even think about that? How do think I would explain a 14 year old baby kissing me like she thought she was 21!"

Serena was taken aback. "YOU have a girlfriend!?" Darien paused, more than a little embarrassed and went on. "No," he sighed, "I don't but that's not the point. Meatball head the point is I could of."

Serena looked smug. "Yeah what ever." She said. "So King Darien the great can't even get a date huh? Must be cause you kiss like a dog." Darien went white as a sheet.

"I do not." He said quietly.

Serena smiled wickedly. "You do. I practically had to stop myself from vomiting 3 times cause your mouth tasted like dog chow."

Darien's jaw gaped open, closed, then open again before he could reply with a snappy comeback.

"Jeez Serena what do you do? Sit around all day and french kiss dogs to know this much about what they're like?"

"Only if you sit around all day kissing hippo's."

"Well I don't"

"And neither do I."

They were silent for a while both staring at the sidewalk until finally Serena

"Look Darien, I'm sorry. I really am, I know this offended you and I was wrong to do what I did but I'm willing to make it up to you some how."

Darien looked at Serena in surprise. "What?"

"I said I'm sorry and I want to make it up to you."

"Like how?"

"I dunno...think of something."

"Like what?"

"I don't know Darien. How 'bout I let you call me Meatball head for a week and I
won't yell at you for it." Darien thought about it.
'One week? No arguing? Alright!?"

"MMMM." Said Darien. "Only one week? That's kinda short isn't it?"

"It's seven days more than you deserve sleaze bag."

Darien shook his head. "What ever. Fine it's a deal. Bye Meatball head." Serena watched Darien's back become smaller and smaller until...

"Darien Matte!"

"HUH?" he turned around to see Serena running up to him. "What?"

"Look O.k. I lied. You don't kiss like a dog. Do I –really- kiss like a hippo?" Darien chuckled. 'Ha I knew it! Hmmm. Should I tell her the truth? Naaaa.' Then Darien got an idea. If the princess popped up and talked to him if he kissed Serena once...maybe she'd show up again.

Darien smiled. "Yea you do meatball-head..." Serena looked dejected. "However," Darien continued. "I know someone who can help you."

Serena cocked her head to the side and raised a questioning eyebrow. "Help?"
"Teach you how to kiss."

"Woooow now." Serena held up a hand. "You want to set me up with a total stranger so he can teach me how to –kiss-!?"

"That was the plan."

"Yea right you weirdo! You'll probably set me up with the nerdiest man in town!" Darien expected this and countered it with a shrug and "Oh well, you're right. But maybe after you lose a few boyfriends you won't have to worry about it any more..."


"Well yea I mean a guy doesn't usually like kissing hippos."

"Why you..."

"Just trying to help...but since you don't want it I guess I'll just go..."

"Wait!" Serena grabbed his jacket.

Darien looked at her, feigning uninterest. "Nani?"

Serena sighed. "Who exactly were you implying?"

Darien thought fast. "Tuxedo Mask."

Serena's eyes got huge then filled with disbelief. "Yea right, thanks a lot for getting my hopes up jerk!"

With that, Serena let Darien's jacket out of her hand and began to walk away.

"I'm serious." Darien said simply.'

"And I'm a Persian rug."

"He'll be behind the Café' Santa Monica in Alley 402 at 12:00 tonight.'

"Oh and why would he be there?" said Serena spinning around.

"Because I happen to be a friend of his and he owes me a favor..."

"Yea right."

"He does."

"And you know him –how-?"

Darien felt like a deer in the headlights. "I—I just do."

"Right." Serena resumed her walking.

"He'll be there Serena. And he'll be waiting."

"What ever Darien!"

"Be there Serena." 'Please be there.' Echoed his mind. 'I can't believe the situations that you get us into sometimes Darien.' Muttered Darien's conscience. Darien also began his walk home in strange anticipation of tonight at midnight. He knew she'd be there, her and her large obsession for his alter ego. "She'll be there." He whispered. "And so will I." With that Darien, also known as tuxedo mask, continued his voyage home.

End chpt. 1
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