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"Then shall we begin?" whispered Tuxedo Mask. Serena whimpered and struggled to breath under the weight of the much larger man. She couldn't let this happen. She knew it was wrong. I mean she didn't even know the guy! I mean -dreaming- about something is one thing but having it actually HAPPEN is -quite- another! And what if all that stuff Luna was saying was right? Serena lurched in shock. LUNA! She had promised Luna she would investigate didn't she!? And she promised she'd keep up her guard against both Tuxedo and Darien with scouts honor! She knew she couldn't let this happen, she'd have to get Tuxedo Mask to leave. But how? He had said he would stay no matter what and she couldn't just transform in front of him to make him go. Suddenly she noticed his intense gaze on her and knew that she'd just have to wing it and hope things worked out for the best.

"T-T-Tuxedo Mask" she shuddered out, "H-How did you get h-here?" The blue-eyed man gave a smug smile to the woman beneath him before leaning down to put his mouth next to her ear. Serena's chin trembled as she leaned her head away slightly from his warm breath, Tuxedo chuckled at her antics before saying in a low, breathy whisper "A magician never tells his secrets." At that comment, Serena ignored the pounding in her ears to let herself laugh. All at once Serena relaxed and felt a plan form in her head. "Well then," thought Serena, "If he wants to play games…let's make it a two player match!" Tuxedo Mask picked himself up to look at her in speculation while she laughed. He raised an eyebrow and smiled thinking he had made her laugh at his wit. "A magician huh?" Serena asked coyly, "So tell me Mr. Magic…" she trailed off as she snuck her arms up under his to grab his top hat. Tuxedo mask looked up in surprise when he felt the weight lifted from his head and while he was off his guard Serena used all her strength to push the man off of her to the other end of the bed. In the end, a hatless tuxedo mask lay sprawled and straddled under a some-what sarcastic girl. Serena pinched the brim of the hat and swung it slowly above the man's domino before saying "if I asked you to, would you be able to pull a rabbit out of this?" serena lowered her eyelids seductively before leaning slowly down to lay on the man's already heaving chest, "after all," she continued, "they are my favorite animal and any -good- magician could do it."
Tuxedo Mask looked up at the girl in total shock. Of all the things he had imagined her doing, that sure as heck wasn't one of them. He struggled to control his raging heartbeat as he choked out "I-I'm not that k-kind of magician-n." he could feel his face growing hotter by the minute as the little nymph chuckled at his pathetic answer. Serena noticed with something akin to pleasure the pick tint that had taken place on her tutors face and decided to use it to her advantage. With a flick of her wrist the top hat flew to the farthest corner of the room opposite Serena and Tuxedo Mask followed it's flight with his eyes until his face was twisted completely away from the girl. Serena, seeing that he wasn't focused on her quickly jumped up and ran for the window, throwing it open as Tuxedo Mask called out in surprise. Breathing briskly Serena stepped out onto the balcony and quickly jumped over the railing onto the ledge that ran around her house dividing the second and third floors. Serena held her breath as she inched along the narrow path; she knew that Tuxedo Mask would not be able to follow her out here. She could barely fit on it herself and she was way smaller in size than him.
It wasn't to long before the poorly clad girl heard a cursing and rustling at the window of her escape. Serena pressed herself to the wall as she looked in satisfaction at the figure scrambling out of her window.


Tuxedo Mask jerked himself off the bed the moment he saw the girl lunge towards the window, but completely forgot about the blanket that she had pinned on top of him. Strictly meaning…he fell straight to the floor. Cursing fluently, he ripped himself out of the sheets and stumbled to the open window. Once there he threw himself out of it and onto the balcony, cursing the whole way.
Tuxedo Mask looked around in anger for his elusive bunny, but she was nowhere to be seen.
"Damn it!" he cried as he cried as he banged his fist against the house. "Arghhh…Where did she go!?" he growled. It was then that he heard a bubbly laugh on the wing, floating around him…teasing him…taunting him. The mysterious man looked around in confusion and frustration before walking to the part of the balcony that jutted out the farthest from the house. The moment he looked to his right his breath caught and his jaw dropped. It was her! Only…she wasn't real…she couldn't be real. The bottom of her dress swayed away with the breeze, and thanks to the slit Tuxedo could see almost all of her creamy legs. Her hair, thanks to playful wind, billowed behind her like an angelic cape painted silver by the moonlight. Tuxedo Mask struggled to breath as his eyes traveled from her dainty feet up her silky legs over her slim waist and stopped at her chest area. The triangles that gave little enough modesty from the front did absolutely nothing from a side view. Tuxedo Mask struggled to breath as he traced the curvature of her pale pink breast in his mind over and over.
Finally he was ripped out of his trance when the object of his vision began to shake rapidly. Blushing furiously at his loss of sense and control he shut his mouth and looked up quickly into the cool blue depths of the woman-child's eyes. Her laugh reminded him of wind chimes. Beautiful wind chimes. Fighting inwardly to control his lungs and cool down his warm body he stared into the azure eyes shadowed by thick exotic lashes. Almost immediately her smile faded and her face took on a daring, sexy, and all together taunting mask. Taking a few slow, unsure breaths under his intense gaze she finally hardened her resolve and stood up as tall and as straight as she could. (Tuxedo Mask's eyes widened in expectation and surprise at this small move.) They looked into each other's eyes once more before Serena's face once again took its smug smile. The masked man looked on in wonder as complete amusement filled the young girl's eyes. He broke completely out her trance when she laughed at him before saying in amusement.
"I'm sorry…were you looking for me?"

End chpt 3

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