A/N: I am so sorry to disappoint you guys, but this is not a new chapter.

I have just had the most horrible experience with another author and I am in desperate need of a friend and I don't think my real life friends will be able to help me or understand this. I am not going to be shy or be humble by hiding the name of this person because he/she has repeatedly insulted my intelligence. This very rude author goes by the name of BlackPrince24, author of the adopted fic, Sense and Sensibility.

Like any good meaning reader and fellow writer in I pointed out to him that his fic is identical to that of a fic I have read before. Now I asked this before I read then A/N at the end of his fic, and I admit that was a mistake in my part, but you can't deny the fact that some people skip the A/N, like how I know some of you will not read this at all, even I am guilty of that. As for the A/N in his/her summary, I have so many fics on alert and with only 2 chapters to his tale, he/she can't really expect me to be familiar to his fic at once!

And so I reviewed his/her story, told him that I love the fic but that it was identical to the one Id read before. I then go on to say that I hope he/she was the same author with new account and under a different name, rewriting the story so as to avoid any problems. Was there anything rude in the way I messaged him? Tell me please, because the reply I got from him implies that I had been very very rude to him/her.

Everyone knows that putting all your message in ALL CAPS signifies you are either mad, screaming or both. So he screams at me, and this is what he/she tells me (I copy and pasted it) "For the love of god, YOU HAVE AN EXPLANATION ALREADY, DO I HAVE TO PUT IT IN EVERY CHAPTER? SERIOUSLY? THE AUTHOR'S NOTE, IT CLEARLY STATES THIS STORY WAS ADOPTED. THE SUMMARY OF THE STORY, CLEARLY STATES THIS STORY WAS ADOPTED. HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU NEED?"

Now is that rude or what? My polite question was paid back with an extremely obnoxious reply. I should have let his/her comment slide by, but I couldn't so I replied to him again, as polite as I had been to him/her earlier, telling him/her that a simple and diplomatic answer of please read the author's notes would have suffice.

But then he/she goes on to say that I have no comprehension skills and have no brain cells because I missed his/her author's note at the end! Is that even logical? Then he blocks me! The gall! If this is how he reacts to all questions he gets, I don't know what kind of person tolerates him or her.

I am aware that accusing one of plagiarism sucks, but technically it is not his work, he adopted it and it will continue to be hot his/hers until she makes changes to it, so what right does this author have to say rude and insulting words to an honest reviewer?

I am deeply hurt by this person and despite how great the fic is I am currently repelled by him/her. Please guys, I want to read what you all have to say. I don't expect you guys to do anything but I would really love so support or someone to help me understand why this author is so mean. I am a few months away from taking my Medical College Admission Test and I don't really need to question my capabilities.

The next chapter for all my fics are being written. I will not promise to post a new chapter soon because I am just too busy to write, but be assured that I will get one posted, one way or another! You can hold me to that! These Author's notes will be removed once the new chapter is up.