The New Charmed One's

Character Bio's


Full Name- Melinda Jane Elric

Birthday-September 15


Occupation- College student

Power- moving things with her mind

Lives- she in Dublin Ireland with her older sister Marnie

Description-5'0 115 pounds hazel eye's and brown hair has a boyfriend

Personality – A snooty loud mouth teenager that thinks that she knows everything and has a bad habit of getting into trouble.


Full Name- Marnie Dawn Elric

Birthday- October 31



Power- Freezing Time

Lives-In Dublin Ireland

Description-5'7 125 pounds green eye's Auburn Red hair and single

Personality- is a natural born leader, out going, a helper to others, a little bit of a Romantic and a peace maker when need be


Full Name- Madison Lilly Elric

Birthday- April 8


Occupation- Fashion Designer



Description-5'4 120 pounds brown hair with strawberry blond highlights eye's hazel and single

Personality-Happy and open to new things

Setting:Marnie is going into the police station to bail Melinda out.

Disclaimer – I do not own the show Charmed it was a shame that they ended it the way they did so I'm going to try my hand at this story writing thing let me know if you like it I also have one other story other then this one check it out and see what you think of it its still a work in progress though so if you review be nice please well with out further a do here is chapter one.

Chapter 1- We're What? NO WAY!

"Excuse me I called a few minutes ago about my sister Melinda Elric I'm here to post her bail." Said Marnie. "Alright if you would just feel out of theses papers and

well get everything started as soon as your done." Said the cop handing Marine the papers to feel out along with a pen and clipboard -Marnie feels out the papers

and hands them back a few minutes later alone with the bell money- "Here you are sir." Said Marine as she handed the papers and the bell money to the cop behind

the desk. "Thank you Miss it will just be a minute and ill go get her." Said the cop. "OK. thank you." Said Marine as she turned to sit in a chair and wait

-About 5 minutes latter- the cop brings Melinda out form the holding cell in the back of the building-"Here you are Miss." Said the cop as he brought Melinda around

to the front of the desk were Marnie was waiting. "Thank you officer is she fee to go now or is there something else that she needs to do before she can go?" Asked

Marnie as she stood up. "No miss she can go we are finished here she can go home." Said the cop. "OK thanks again we want take up any more of your time I'm sure

you're a busy man." Said Marnie taking Melinda by the shoulder and guiding her toward the exit. "So what's your excuse this time Melinda?" Asked Marnie looking

over at Melinda who Says nothing but just glares at Marnie and walks out the front door of the police station."This is the fifth time this month that I have had to

come down here and get you at this rate I'm going to have to put a lean on the house just to have money to get back and forth to work- sighs- I have a good mind to

leave you in there maybe then you'll learn your lesson" Said Marnie as she followed Melinda out the door. "Yeah…Yeah what ever!" said Melinda getting in the car.

At The House

"Were do you think that you are going?" Asked Marnie as Melinda started to go upstairs. "Up Stairs to bed do you mind." Said Melinda fixing to go upstairs.

"OK but don't think for one minute that this conversation is over young lady." Said Marnie as Melinda stomps up stairs and slams the door. "Oh that little." Said

Marnie about ready to explode here's Melinda turn up her ratio Marnie goes to the living room picks up the phone and calls here Sister Madison. "Hello." Said

Madison answering the phone. "How many years do you think id get if I feed our younger sister to Nessy?" Asked Marnie sarcastically. "Oh hey Marnie what

happened now?" Asked Madison. "She got arrested again for the fifth time this month I swear I don't know were she gets it from." Said Marnie sighing

"Not again." Said Madison sighing. "Yes again." Said Marnie annoyed with Melinda. "Why is she doing this? Do you think she's doing it for attention?" Asked

Madison wondering. "I don't know really I don't but I'm about ready to give her some attention." Said Marnie making Madison laugh what do you think that I should

do I have tried to talk to her and as you can see that's not helping." Said Marnie exhaustedly. "How about I come down for a little wail maybe I can talk to her I mean

it can't hurt right." Said Madison suggesting. "If you think that it will help Ok sure besides it might give us some time to catch up whilel we're at it. But want that mess

with your Fashion Show?" Asked Marnie. "Nah it won't I got one over that way soon any way so it want mess with nothing." Said Madison assuring her sister.

"Oh ok if you're sure that it want mess up any thing." Said Marnie. "Yeah I'm sure I'll be there in a few days." Said Madison. "Ok then I'll see you when you get here

and I promise I'll try not to kill her till you get here." Said Marnie. "I know that you can handle it sis and if you did feed her to Nessy then I don't know how they

will take it well don't do any thing that you'll regret and ill see ya when I get there ok sis." said Madison laughing. "Ok I won't I'll just wait till you get here so I'll

have some help." Said Marnie relieved. "Ok that works. bye sis! see ya when I get there." Said Madison. "Ok bye. have a good flight here. see ya when ya get here."

Said Marnie and They both hung up laughing and wondering if the other was just as bad or not worse then there younger sister and if so what would there mother

think, but little did they know that something truly amazing was about to happen.

A/N: Well there's the first chapter let me know what ya think and if you have any thing that I could add or some ideas please let me know this is Hermione signing off good night every one have a nice day and a good night.