A Summary of Ginny's Life So Far

If it all had not happened to her, she would have never believed it to be true. She could never have imagined that one person's life could be so complex.

She had never considered herself a sane person. She had six equally crazy older brothers, a very over-protective mum, and a father who's fascinated with Muggle plugs and wiring. To top it all off, she had been possessed by one of the most evil wizards of the age and saved by the boy who vanquished him.

That boy was now a man and unfortunately, he was the reason she felt even more insane than she ever thought possible.

Who was this dastardly young man who drove her to the brink of absolute absurdity? Harry James Potter that is who. Yes the "Boy Who Lived" and now "The Man Who Conquered." Yes, Harry the Hottie, every young witch's dreamboat and fantasy date. Witch Weekly's Man of the Year, whose face unwillingly appeared in more newspaper and magazine articles than Gilderoy Lockhart.

Ginny had dated Harry for a few months at the end of her fifth year, his sixth. It was bliss. They laughed, joked, snogged like hippogriffs (why do they say that anyway, hippogriffs don't even have lips) well; regrettably, the end of that year brought a horrendous event, the death of the great Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Harry, being gallant and all that, feared for Ginny's safety and lamentably chose to end their budding relationship so that she would not be a target or used as a means of getting to him.

He then left with Ron and Hermione to go off on their quest to locate and destroy the last of the Horcruxes. Ginny saw Harry briefly over Bill and Fleur's wedding. Unfortunately, her mum kept them so busy that she barely had enough time to pull him aside and snog the daylights out of him. A birthday present she was hoping he would never forget.

She returned to Hogwarts for her sixth year without a boyfriend. She chose not to date. If she couldn't have Harry than she wanted no one else. Secretly her heart still belonged to him. Though she tried to hide it to the rest of the world, inside she was a wreck.

Her Mum was a total mess that entire year. One son was recently married, one was off playing with dragons, one had his head up his ass, two were trying to blow up everything in site with their new line products flying off the shelves of their joke shop and finally the last was off chasing dark wizards with his girlfriend and best mate. Ginny returned home as much as she could. It seemed with no children left in the nest Molly Weasley was determined to latch on like glue to her only daughter.

The end of that year brought the death of Voldemort and a whole bunch of Death Eaters. Unfortunately, because of the battle, Hogwarts was practically destroyed.

He wanted no parade or fan fare and granted no interviews. He simply sent Hedwig to the Minister of Magic giving him only the important details of the battle and told him not to seek him out for anything else. Harry had had enough. He was done.

What they didn't realize was to what extent he was done. Harry did what no one expected him to. He went to Gringotts and withdrew a fair amount of gold, transferred it to English pounds and said goodbye to the Wizarding world and enrolled in the Muggle Oxford University. He was tired of death and destruction and wanted a completely new life, and if he never used magic again, it was ok with him.

He sent the Weasleys a very nice letter thanking them for all of their love and support and let them know his plans. Much to their dismay Harry had transferred a good deal of gold into their account and asked them to settle any issues he may have left outstanding and to keep the rest for the family. He wanted to repay them for all that they had done and this was the only thing he was capable of at the time. He promised to contact them over Christmas each year as a way of keeping in touch.

He did however keep in close contact with Ron and Hermione, but no one else. He worked very hard trying to be a good student and just a regular Muggle. Hermione was very proud. Ron just wanted to know if they had a game like Quidditch. Harry had also hired the Magical Muggle Contracting Company to rebuild Goodrich Hollow. It would be a real Muggle house, with electricity and everything. Everyone soon realized that Harry was serious. He had sworn off the wizarding world for good.

When Ginny heard the news of Harry's departure from the wizarding world, she didn't leave her room for a week. Where was her letter? All she got was a note on the end of her parents' letter wishing her good luck with her last year at Hogwarts. She felt completely rejected. She had been waiting for him and he chose to barely acknowledge her existence.

Eventually she pulled herself out of her gloom and realized that she could face a world without Harry Potter. She started her seventh and final year at Hogwarts with a newfound purpose. Unbelievably and much to the joy of her parents she was named Head Girl, and again captain of the Quidditch team. She ended the year passing every one of her NEWTS with flying colors.

She then entered Wizarding College to study Advanced Charms and Education. She wanted to teach at Hogwarts. She was very skilled in charms and thought she would make and excellent teacher. Moreover, it was a sure way of getting out of her parents house and a Mum who was determined to marry her off to any one of her girlfriends' still eligible sons.

She had a great flat in London that she shared with her two girlfriends from college Meg and Hillary. Yes, she dated. Nothing serious though. She just didn't want to open her heart to anyone. She was even proposed to, twice. Her mum was thrilled, she just couldn't say yes.

Four years later, she graduated. At the ceremony, Headmistress McGonagall presented her with a letter offering her a position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as the new Charms Professor. She was in complete shock. She had accomplished what she had set out to do.

She moved into Hogwarts all excited. She was now the Charms Professor and would be taking over as Head of Gryffindor House.

Her first year was great. She loved the students and the faculty. She loved teaching. Her life was wonderful. She finally felt somewhat real again.

Boy, how that fell apart fast.

Up until this point, she was still somewhat sane, not completely, but nowhere near the raving lunatic she would become.

She returned to Hogwarts last July, a few months before the start of school. You know to get the upper hand, get re-acclimated, plan her lessons, decorate her classroom and office, fluff the quills, etc. etc. What she did not expect was what was going to be responsible for the start of her newfound insanity. She had no idea what trouble lied around the corner, literally.

Ginny was clumsily trying to maneuver some crates into her classroom, each filled to the rim with new books and supplies. She was levitating them around the corner when she suddenly heard a loud "UMPH!" then a very familiar "What the Bloody Hell!"

She recognized that voice underneath those crates. She closed her eyes. "No, this can't be happening. Life could not be this cruel" she thought.

She opened her eyes and rounded the corner. Sprawled on the floor in front of her was, the one and only, Harry James Potter.