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Sunday dinner was going to be at Harry's house and everyone was expected to be over around 3pm.

Ginny had not yet told her family of her plans to move in with Harry so it was going to be a bit of a surprise for everyone that they were now getting married. If Fred and George were able to keep their big mouths shut her parents might not even know that she and Harry were a couple.

Molly and Arthur were the first to arrive. Molly went directly to the kitchen and began pulling out about a dozen miniaturized dishes that she had already prepared.

"Mum," said Ginny as she eyed the many dishes that Molly had just magically enlarged, "do you need any help?"

"Of course Ginny dear, I am sure you are a bit more familiar with Harry's kitchen than I am. Why you young kids insist upon merging wizard and muggle appliances is a mystery."

Amazingly Molly was so focused on organizing her things that she hadn't yet noticed Ginny's new ring or the changes to the house.

"Harry," asked Arthur, "Would you mind terribly showing me that mechanical device that washes dishes. The auto–washer was it?"

"You mean the dishwasher?" he replied.

"Yes, that's the ticket. Molly put up quite a fuss about it and it has been on my mind ever since."

"Yes," laughed Harry, "Kreacher hates it too. I only use it when he goes off to Hogwarts or Grimuald place."

Meanwhile, Ginny was kept busy preparing the salad and starting the pudding. Molly was like a whirling dervish pointing her wand at several pots and sending several bowls to mixing.

It was when Arthur was ducking his head into the dishwasher that they heard several bowls crash to the countertop and Molly let out an excited squeal.

Arthur successfully banged his head on the inside of the dishwasher and came up rubbing his bald spot. "Good heavens Molly what is it,' he asked concerned.

She just stood there frozen holding her apron to her mouth and pointing at Ginny.

"Is that?" she asked with a shaking voice. "Is that what I think it is?"

Harry went and stood next to Ginny, "You mean the carrot peeler. It's quite old," he knew he was being cruel but he couldn't help himself.

Molly shook her head.

"Oh," said Harry in an exaggerated manner. "You mean this," he said as he lifted Ginny's left hand to show her.

Molly nodded her head.

"It was my mum's engagement ring," he said looking like the cat that got the cream.

Ginny smiled brightly, "Harry proposed last night."

Harry leaned in and kissed her tenderly on the lips still in awe that she had said yes.

They all dashed over to Molly as they saw her wobble and drop towards the floor. Luckily they caught her just in time.

"Molly dear," said Arthur a bit worried, "Are you ok?"

Molly's eyes came back into focus as they lifted her onto a stool. Ginny flicked her wand and produced a glass of water.

It was right at this same time that most of the remaining Weasley clan arrived and of course went straight to the kitchen to say hello to their mum and dad.

"What is going on!" asked Bill who along with his other brothers had rushed over to their dazed mother.

"Ginny," she whispered after she took a sip of water. "She and Harry," she managed in another whisper.

"She and Harry what?" asked a frustrated Ron, his mother couldn't be this much of a wreck just because they were dating again, could she?

"She and Harry are engaged," she said. She shook her head a bit to clear her thoughts and then managed a bit louder and stronger. "GINNY AND HARRY ARE GETTING MARRIED!" she almost yelled with glee.

Everyone's head practically snapped in the direction of the young couple who were now sitting up on the opposite counter top. Harry lifted Ginny's hand to show the ring, of course smiling like an idiot the entire time.

"Well I'll be," said Arthur in shock, finally putting all of it together. "That's wonderful news," he said excitedly. He reached over and shook Harry's hand. "Well done my boy, well done! Welcome to the family."

"Thanks Mr. Weasley," said Harry, truly grateful for having such a wonderful family to be a part of.

"None of that now son, you can call me dad if you're going to marry my baby girl."

"Alright then, dad," said Harry a bit shocked by his sentiment.

"Blimey you work fast," said Ron as he too went over and shook Harry's hand then brought him in for a manly hug.

"Couldn't help myself," said Harry with a grin.

By this time all the remaining family members had gathered round and were joyfully congratulating the happy couple. Meg, Hillary, Hermione, Fleur and Gabrielle practically shoved the men out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"All right, all right," said Bill. "We can take a hint." He gave a devious smile, "We want to have a little chat with Harry anyway."

"Blimey Harry the last I knew you two had just started dating again, now you're engaged. How long did you two actually date for before you asked her to marry you?" asked a shocked Neville.

"I asked her last night, so technically about a week." He wanted to get everything out in the open before her brothers contemplated killing him. So on a more serious note, he continued, "I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her back in Hogwarts. I just didn't think I would survive to experience it. Unfortunately I was so messed up after the war that I didn't think I deserved her. So I left. It took a few years and Ron had to dig me out of a few kegs, but I got my head on straight. I've already given you some of the other details and there is no way I am about to repeat that conversation. So don't ask. "

A few of them snickered remembering Harry's amazing confession.

"Well, from what we witnessed yesterday, that certainly isn't the case any more," said Fred making sure that all his brothers were paying attention. They had been true to their word and not said anything to their parents. Now that Harry and Ginny had announced their engagement, it was time to have a bit of fun.

Bill was the first to bite, "What exactly did you witness?"

George's grin grew exponentially, "Let's just say Mr. Brilliant here was stupid enough to forget to put up privacy wards and we had the misfortune of catching the last act of the Harry and Ginny show, complete with sound effects. We were waiting for the bed to come crashing through the wall!"

"WHAT!" yelled Charlie.

"Why would you think they would come through the wall," asked a clueless Percy.

Fred and George looked at him in amazement, "Seriously?" they asked.

"Little Gin Gin wasn't phased that we heard them shagging like bloody centaurs and had the nerve to tell us that the git was now well deserving of the nickname we had given him," said Fred as he gestured towards Harry who was trying hard to melt into the floor.

George continued, "If she didn't love the sod so much I would think she had done it all intentionally just to get back at us."

Ron finally spoke up, "You mean you walked in on them… shagging?" he laughed at them, "I thought I had it bad the other day trying to ignore the stupid grin he couldn't wipe off his face."

Harry tried to look humble trying his hardest to not let the grin reappear. Every time he thought of Ginny it came back.

"You knew!" they all yelled.

"Of course I knew he's my best mate. It's not like I asked him for details. Do you think I'm bloody mental?" said Ron sarcastically.

Bill deciding to be the voice of reason before they got too riled up and decided to inflict some serious harm, "Let's just try and remember that he did ask her to marry him and how happy it is making mum. We know he would never hurt her, right Harry?" he asked.

With this Harry looked at them all and nodded, "I told you I never would. This is for keeps. She's stuck with me for the rest of her life."

Back in the kitchen Molly was still nursing her tea she had still not said anything.

"But when did you start dating?" she asked out of the blue.

Ginny went and sat down next to her. "Well, we dated for a few weeks back in Hogwarts, my fifth year Harry's sixth. Then of course prince charming out there," she pointed to the living room, "took off for six years. Since he came back we've been playing cat and pixie around Hogwarts. Finally about a week ago he got me so bloomin' mad that I hexed him."

Everyone looked shocked, but a few found it quite amusing.

"He's lucky I was taking it easy on him," teased Ginny. "So naturally, right while I was building up steam, he kissed me. And the rest, they say, is history."

"Wait, wait, wait," chimed in Meg and Hillary, "You seem to be leaving out a few important details."

Ginny smiled innocently. "And they will remain left out. The rest is between Harry and me."

"Meaning we don't want to know," commented Fleur with a knowing grin.

"So mum wanting desperately to change the subject," asked Ginny, "how are you feeling?"

Molly leaned over and hugged her little girl, "Oh, you," she teased. "You nearly gave me a heart attack. It's not nice to trick an old woman like that."

"Mum, you are hardly old," laughed Ginny, "and if Fred and George's antics haven't scared you to death yet, than nothing will."

"You're right there," said Molly. "Now sit down and let me see that beautiful ring."

Molly brought Ginny's hand closer, "Oh, it is lovely. I remember when your father proposed, it was so romantic. How did Harry ask you?"

Ginny looked a bit worried, how could she tell her mother that he had asked her while they were in bed starkers?

"Well," said Ginny trying to think of the best way to phrase it. "He just asked me out of the blue. We were talking about Quidditch and all of a sudden he said, "Marry me."

Molly gave a knowing smile, "It's ok if you leave out a few details love, I understand. Your father and I were young once too."

Ginny grimaced, "Thank mum, I think." She smiled as she continued, "Well, after I said yes Harry looked at me and said that his life was now perfect."

"Oh, how romantic," gushed Hermione.

"I know," said Ginny with a sigh. "He told me that he had been thinking of how lucky he was and said that the only way he could think of making it more perfect is if he could have it forever. He went and got this beautiful goblin made box out his nightstand. It had all three rings in it. He was so sweet. He took out the engagement ring and said," with this Ginny lowered her voice to mimic Harry, "I believe this one belongs to you." She sighed again, remembering the incredibly romantic moment then continued, "The others are just as lovely. They have been in the Potter family for generations. The names of the past Potter family members who have worn them are in the box. Lilly and James were the last listed. Harry said our names will appear as soon as we get married."

Molly continued to wipe the tears from her eyes with her apron.

"Well I am just thrilled that you two are finally together. I don't think I have seen either of you this happy since Hogwarts," said Hermione. "You really are perfect for each other."

Molly regained her composure and took another sip of her tea. She couldn't help herself, "Let's talk wedding plans!" she said with excitement. "Fred and George have practically every detail of their weddings taken care of. They've gone and hired some eccentric planner who promises to make their weddings as unique as they are. They actually took me out to lunch bought me a dress and then went ahead and made arrangements for the beauty shop girl to do my hair and make up the day of the wedding!" Molly blushed a bit, "I feel like royalty."

"As you should mum," said Ginny as she turned and gave her mum a hug. "You've earned it after putting up with those two."

"So what about the wedding plans?" asked Hermione impatiently.

"Mum," said Ginny cautiously, "Harry told me that both his parents and Sirius had put aside galleons for his wedding."

Molly looked shocked, "Really?"

"Really," said Ginny, "It would be a shame to not honor their wishes and I would feel much better knowing that this was a joint venture between Harry's family and mine."

Molly thought about it. She knew Harry would be insulted if they didn't accept it but she also knew that as the bride's parents they should pay for most of it.

"Ginny," said Molly, still a bit hesitant.

"Look mum," said Ginny ready to argue her point. "Harry and I went to Gringotts this morning. He even had a key made for me." She summoned the key out of her purse and showed it to them. "Harry is the sole heir to the Potter and Black family vaults. If we manage it right we should be able to live comfortably for the rest of our lives." She put the key down and took both of her mothers' hands in hers, "Mum, you've taught me well. I know the importance of a galleon well saved and a galleon well spent and so does Harry. This is not us being foolish. It is important to him that we use his inheritance for this. It's the only thing he has left of his family. For him it's like making them a part of it."

Molly looked like she was going to tear up again, "I know Ginny." She took a deep breath and continued. "If that is what you and Harry want than your father and I will agree to it."

Ginny leaned over and hugged her mother tightly, "Thanks mum."

"But don't expect me to plan this entire thing on my own," said Molly.

"Of course not," said Ginny, "Though, I actually thought you would have most of it planned out by now."

Molly gave an affronted look then smiled, "Well, I do have a little book put aside with ideas in it."