It began like any other normal day in camp. Of course, it was hard to say what a normal day was, since every day at the camp had its weirdness. It began like any other semi-normal day. That sounds better.

Calvin, Hobbes, Jason, and Marcus sat up in a tree house outside camp. They had recently built it specially and hidden it in the trees for secret GROSS Club meetings.

"To begin today's meeting," announced Calvin, "I would like to thank Jason and Marcus for supplying the wood. Without it, none of this would be possible."

"Hey, this sure beats a broken-down men's bathroom," agreed Hobbes.

"I heard that!" called the shrill voice of Eddy from below. "And I can stay in that thing forever, ya know!"

"Eddy, the toilets don't work," Jason called back.

Eddy defended himself. "Double D is hard at work fixing them right now! In fact, I'm gonna go check on him." With that, he stormed off.

"Talk about moody," murmured Marcus.

Calvin pulled out a briefcase full of notes. The only reason they kept them in a briefcase was because Hobbes wanted to look professional. "Continuing, we will now discuss...Operation Faux L'Amour!"

Jason's eyes lit up behind his glasses. "We've got the paint and supplies!"

"I drew up designs!" added Hobbes.

"I brought all the old Conversation Hearts!" cried Marcus.

Calvin grinned happily and began doing some last minute designs. "It's amazing we just met this year, yet we all had the same idea last February! The girls won't know what hit 'em! Or, at least, they'll think they'll know at first,, never mind."

Jason grabbed the supplies and began to struggle down the ladder. "Let's get started! Every single tiny, microscopic little thing must go according to plan!"

Double D, meanwhile, was working on fixing a toilet in their bathroom hangout. This would normally be a janitor's job, but no one was willing to touch it. Eddy practically had to force neat-freak Double D into going near the thing. Now, the boy sat there, wearing several pairs of gloves, as to guarantee his skin not making contact with the mess.

"Ed," he panted to his friend, "what did you do to this?!"

"Don't ask, don't tell."

"Oh," moaned Double D, "this is hardly the kind of work I want to do! I'd rather be reading, writing...dare I say romancing?"

"Romance? That's funny, Double D."

"To you, perhaps," replied Double D. He sighed and looked at his reflection in the toilet bowl's murky brown waters. "But to me...well, it would never happen."

Unbeknownst to anyone at this time, three ghosts were at this very moment, flying into camp. No, it wasn't the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Do the names Boo, Wendell, and Quivers ring any bells?

None at all?


Remember that Ghostmaster episode?

Oh, come on! That was a good episode! I like that one!


Well, here's what happened. These three certain ghosts (who all essentially looked like white blobs with arms and crazed expressions) and their other ghostly friends were all possessed by an evil demon known as the Darkling. He had them invade the camp, as there was a spellbook that would restore him hidden somewhere in there. In the end, thanks to Calvin, the Darkling was defeated and the released ghosts became friends with the kids, in a sense.

The thing was, ever since that day that seemed to have happened ages ago, the ghosts hadn't been back at camp, mostly out of shame. Would the kids forgive them? What if they wouldn't even remember them.

All of this was on Wendell, the neurotic one's mind. "Man, we can't show our faces around here! After we almost destroyed them all that last time..."

"He's right," Quivers shook with fear. "And that scary tiger's still here!"

"Listen, guys," said Boo, "the kids know what we did was accidental! Besides, the plan was to apologize to them! We just have to figure out how. Let's take a look around this place and NO SCARING! Never thought I'd say that..."

Turning invisible, the ghosts flew inside and peeked into the first place they could find, a bathroom.

"This place is disgusting!" gagged Quivers. "I think I'm about to die again!"

"Like, why are we messin' around in here?" complained Wendell.

Boo pointed to Double D, who was still working on the toilet. "Because that skinny kid could use a hand with the can. I'm good at flooding bathrooms, so maybe I can fix 'em, too."

Using his powers, Boo flew through and into the toilet bowl to do a little tinkering. Immediately, a gush of sewage burst out straight at Double D, sending him flying out of the bathroom, and winding up pasted against the wall.

Eddy walked by. "I was gonna ask how you were doing, but..."

Boo stuck his head out of the toilet, perfectly clean. "Clog's gone, toilet's fixed. Our job's done. Let's roll, boys!"

"Uh, Boo?" said Quivers.


"Well, that was nice and all, but fixing a toilet doesn't really make up for almost killing everyone with a demon."

"Yeah," agreed Wendell, "and the Darkling woulda done a lot more than JUST kill them! That woulda been warmin' up for him!"

"WHAT?" exploded Boo. "YOU'RE SAYING I JUST BUSTED MY SHEETS OFF FOR YOU TO TELL ME IT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH? Well, you're right! We've gotta figure out what these kids like, aside from working plumbing. Back to camp!"

"What was the clog, anyway?" asked Wendell.

"I'm not telling you in front of Quivers. He's got enough problems."

Meanwhile, Double D was still trying to get himself unstuck from the wall, but the...thing...that had him trapped would not move. Suddenly, he noticed Nazz walking by. "Oh no! Nazz! I must act natural!" He immediately stopped struggling.

"Double D?" gasped Nazz. "What happened?"

"Ahem, oh, yes. The toilets were...ah...not...working...properly, so I was...I...I..."

"Okay, dude," with a weird glance, Nazz walked away.

"I AM AN IDIOT!" shrieked Double D.

"Been there!" called Ed.

"Done that!" added Eddy.