Double D say outside with a wistful expression on his face. So that was it. He had almost made it. Come so close. Only to get nothing. Was anything worth it anymore? She was the girl of his dreams, the one he loved, the one he poured his heart out for...and she thought he was nothing.

It wasn't fair. Kevin wasn't nice. How come HE got the girls? Double D was the nice one, the kind one. Sure, he was nerdy, dorky, but did that matter? He had love. So much to give...but no one wanted it.

Hobbes walked over. "Hey, Double D," he said. "I thought I should talk to you."

"I didn't really want to marry her," sighed Double D. "At least, not now. But I thought I had a chance."

Hobbes shook his head. "She wasn't worth it. Believe me, this tiger knows more about love than you would think. You're just...well, an ugly duckling right now. Kind of."

"Yes. I suppose this ugly duckling hasn't become a swan yet."

"He was always a swan, you know," said Hobbes. "It just took the others a while to figure it out. And if that other swan couldn't see that, was she really as much of a swan in the first place?"

Double D nodded. "Perhaps you're right. But I just...I don't know if I'll ever get over her."

"Oh, you will. But it will take time. Eventually, though, you'll forgive her and get on with your life."

"You're right. Perhaps I'll go inside now." Double D got to his feet and slowly headed inside. However, he had no idea what he was about to find...

Everyone was waiting for him! And they all had glasses of Kool-Aid!

"There he is!" thought Snoopy, pointing to his friend. Everyone cheered!

Double D was bewildered. "I don't understand. What's going on?"

"You were amazing, Double D!" cried Calvin. "Even us guys who DON'T like girls have to admit it!"

"A-admit what?" stammered Double D.

Linus stepped forward. "You showed real courage. You told a girl you loved her. You expressed your feelings for her."

"But she said no," sighed Double D.

Rolf laughed. "It does not matter, foolish Ed-boy! Rolf's friends from the old country would all hold you in high esteem!"

"The force was with you!" agreed Jason.

Eddy happily raised his cup of Kool-Aid. "To my best friend Double D! The bravest man in camp!"

Everyone cheered again and broke out the punch. Soon, the whole camp was singing "Auld Lang Syne..." and butchering the lyrics pretty badly.

Should old food tainted left to rot

And never thought with rye

Could boulders dated be the spot

And still be bold lang stein

Double D felt something hit him in the back. It was a paper airplane. He opened it up to find that it was actually a note:

Dear Double D,

Remember no man is a failure who has friends

Thanks for the tuna!



Double D's eyes welled up with tears. He may have lost the girl, but he hadn't realized what amazing people had been around him the whole time! Besides, there would be others. For now, all that mattered was friends, happiness, and wedding cake to be enjoyed.

Floating around on the ceiling above were both trios of ghosts, invisible to everyone else. "So, we're ripping off It's a Wonderful Life, now?" said Boo.

Ezra glared at him. "And we might have gotten away with it, too, if SOMEONE hadn't pointed it out!"


"Hey," grinned Ezra, "we're just messing with ya! We're pals now!"

Quivers's eyes lit up. "Really? You mean it?"

"Have some Chex Mix," smiled Phineas.

"Sweet!" cheered Wendell.

Gus had an idea. "Wanna freak out some cheerleaders?"

"Hey, even I'm in for that!" squealed Quivers.

Ezra grinned again. "Attaboy, Quivers." Laughing, the ghosts flew off.

Down on the ground, a few girls were turned on by the romantic idea of a wedding. Lucy edged in to Schroder. "You know, Schroder, you could take a hint from Double D and confess your love to certain individual."

"You, too, Linus..." smiled Sally.

Schroder and Linus chose this moment to faint. "Good grief!"

"Poor guys," sighed Jason from a few feet over.

Susie moved in on Jason, Marcus, and Calvin. "Would any of YOU men care to dance?"

All three boys went pale. " handle her, Calvin," said Marcus.

Calvin nodded. "Right. Susie, we've got important manly business to handle, much of which involves tormenting the likes of you. Dancing is not on our list." He quickly shoved her away.

Turning back to his friends, Calvin noticed a huge pile of presents in the corner, which had been brought when everyone was under the spell. "Hey, look, we were going to give Double D and Nazz wedding gifts! Check it out! I was gonna give them a Transmogrifier! That was generous of me."

Calvin jumped into the Transmogrifier (actually a cardboard box which he designed to allow the user to change forms) and emerged as a frog. "I like this one. Alright, men, Operation 'Faux L'Amour' isn't going to execute itself! Let's hop to it!" Calvin bounced off.

"Think he would have said 'hop to it' if he wasn't a frog?" wondered Jason.

"Of course not," grumbled Hobbes.

Susie rolled her eyes at the silly boys. "Well, if they don't want to dance, maybe that handsome Double D will! Nazz was crazy for dumping him!"

From the doorway of the gym, Nazz peeked in. Double D appeared to be having a good time. Maybe she had made a mistake. But, then again...

She sighed and left with Kevin.

"Double D," Ed was telling his friend, "teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel does a jig!"

"That's nuts!" scoffed Eddy.

"No," said Double D. "That's right, Ed. That's right."

Actually, Double D had no idea whether or not Ed was right, or what that even meant. But it didn't matter to him now. He was with his friends.

Meanwhile, outside, up in the sky, if anyone was bothering to listen, they would have heard the sounds of several ghosts attempting to stay friends:

"You know," Ezra was telling the Ghostmasters, "Double D didn't get his girl, but check out MY girlfriend! Here's a picture."

Boo took a look at it. "You must have gotten this from a magazine or something."

"She's pretty," commented Quivers.

"TOO pretty," added Boo.

"No, I believe him," said Wendell.

"Thank you!" smiled Phineas. "Here's MY girlfriend's picture!"

"Okay, you're making this up," Wendell said. "She's wayyy too hot."

Guys raised his ball and chain. "You wanna start something?"

"Guys, guys, let's keep calm!" Phineas said anxiously. "Remember? We were going to scare cheerleaders?"

"SCORE!" cheered the ghosts.

"...think I could get a date this way?" asked Quivers.

So that's finally the ending! I think this one turned out pretty well. There were a couple cut scenes on this last part. Hobbes and Double D were going to have a song outside, but only one quick verse was written. It was from an obsucre movie from the 70's about Raggedy Ann and Andy (stop laughing at me!) called "Blue." Yeah, I know I'm a wimp but if you can find it on Youtube, it's actually a nice piece of animation and possibly one of the saddest songs out there:

If you get turned away

Don't let that ruin your day

Cause you know that the next day's new

Remember you're charming

Remember you're witty

Remember the best part of it is

What we love is

You're you

Finally, there was an alternate scene to where the boys are approached by Susie:

Calvin: Ha ha! Somebody's in trouble! At least my club keeps all potential girlfriends way, way, way, way out of...

(Susie approaches him, Jason, and Marcus)

Susie: You three! I just found this 'Faux L'Amour' thing with our names written on it...

Jason: She found our plans!

Susie: ...and I think it's the sweetest thing in the world!

Calvin: Sweet?

Marcus: She only found the first page with the pink stuff! She thinks we're being sweet!

Calvin: Run!

(They bolt out of the gym)

Both were pretty good, actually. See you next time!