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Hidden from View

Prologue: Fates Knots are Tied

A woman with black hair led, a goat, and held an Amazon Mask, as well as a child. The woman's sea-blue eyes looked at her baby girl. The baby also had pure black hair, but crimson red eyes looked at her mother, quite innocently.

"Don't worry Nike. We're almost there," mumbled the woman. The baby, called Nike, cooed as if to say 'okay'. The woman and Nike soon arrived at their destination, the Sacred Oracle of Delphi. The goat she had dragged behind bleated. The woman juggled Nike, and a knife. She quickly sacrificed the goat, once the knife was in her hands. A Pythia came out to greet her.

"Who is thy? What does thy wish to know?" she asked.

"I am Ophiuchus Nyx, Saint to Athena. I know she and Lord Apollo are not on good terms but I wish to know about my daughter's future," replied Nyx.

"Thy will wait here. Thy will know," the Pythia said. Nyx nodded, and waited, as the Pythia disappeared. It felt like the hours became days. Nyx was starting to become impatient, was it really that bad of a life for Nike? Abruptly a priest appeared.

"The oracle has spoken," he announced.

"What does it say?!" snapped Nyx.

"This one will witness death at a young age. She will leave the service of the goddess, who needs her, the most for her wars. Friends and family will weep as she leaves. Years go by, and rumors fly that she died. But stop! She has left behind the past, and moved west! Alas, she had begun anew to a god that she has owed her life to! Surrounded by another species, she struggles to fit in. She will meet two who are as great her, if not less."

"Thank you," answered Nyx, the entire prophecy bothered her.

-Many Years later—

Shaka stood with his wife, and his baby girl, Angel. Aldebaran did the same, with his (coincidentally) baby girl, Brenda. They had both sacrificed a goat to the temple and were patiently awaiting a Pythia. A Pythia floated into view.

"Who is thy and what do thy wants to know?" asked the Pythia.

"I am Shaka, and my wife, Rachael. We want to know about my child's future."

"I am Aldebaran, and my wife, Katie. We also want to know about our child's future."

"Wait here. Thy will know." The Pythia floated back to where she came from. The hours went on, slowly as Apollo's chariot pulled the sun across the sky. Shaka and Aldebaran were getting worried. A wait this long might mean that the Pythia was refusing to speak, which meant that their fates were bound to be a horrible one, or the priests were having a hard time deciphering what she meant. Finally the priest came.

"The Oracle has spoken," he announced. They all nodded, hoping for the best.

"They will grow close. Close as sisters. Shunned for most of their lives, parents will drift, fathers trying to repair what should've been repaired long ago. Mothers look down with disdain. Meeting warriors, along with an unknown species, with allies mixed in. A woman will meet them, equal to them in strength and power, if not more."

They all thanked the priest, and left Delphi. Worried, on how true the prophecy is.

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