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Chapter 4: Explanations

Angel had dragged Brenda for five minutes until Brenda figured out where they were going.

"You're not serious about going to Orion Seth, right?" Brenda asked.

"I'm serious," answered Angel.


Leto sat with Seth, smiling. She still couldn't believe Seth proposed to her.

"Feeling good?" Leto looked at Seth, curiously. She would feel good, right? After all, he did propose to her.

"Yeah, fine. Why?"

"I feel a couple powerful cosmos. They're none like the ones I felt before, except once..." he trailed off. Suddenly he jumped up in a fighting position.

"Who goes there?!" he barked. Leto watched the bushes cautiously, she said, "If you are from Sanctuary, you should show yourselves." Slowly two figures emerged, showing themselves. Seth lowered his guard; "You are Virgo Angel and Taurus Brenda. What are you doing here? The wedding isn't for a while." Leto watched the two girls moving from her spot under the tree. Her eyebrows raised.

"They're here because they have some questions," answered Leto.

"How'd you know that?" Brenda asked in awe.

"It's the state of your cosmos. I read that, unlike my fiancé," she replied. Seth smiled an embarrassed smile, scratching the back of his head. Angel shot Brenda a look, and asked, "Are you related to Nike?" Leto gasped lightly, she spared a glance to Seth. She watched his eyes become focus...unfocus...focus...unfocus...focus...unfocus...

"Well are you?" asked Brenda.

"Where'd you hear about her?" he replied. Brenda and Angel once again shared a look. Should we tell him the truth? Brenda asked, telepathically. I think we should tell them what we told the Gold Saints, Angel replied.

"We heard her name around Sanctuary," answered Angel.

Seth frowned, "What for?"

"Various things. Are you related?" Brenda said. Seth was annoying Brenda, he wasn't bothering to answer their question. Leto looked at Seth, funnily, Why aren't you answering?! she exclaimed, telepathically. She received no answer, Geez, he's beating around the bush again, Leto thought.

"Excuse him. He has this tendency of beating around the bush. He is related to Nike. And no, Nike is no myth," Leto explained. Angel and Brenda shared another look; "Did you know her?" Angel asked.

"No. I didn't have that pleasure," Leto replied.

"Why are you interested in Nike?" asked Seth.

"We're just curious about her. That's why," said Brenda. Leto looked at them, her eyes widened, "Seth, they think Nike might be alive!"

Milo sat at a bar, with his unknown amount of beer. He recalled the question Angel had asked him. Why did she need to bring up unwanted memories? He thought to himself as he paid for his umpteenth cup of beer.

"Damn," he mumbled, as a memory swam its way to the surface.

"Milo, what are we doing?" Nike asked.

"A prank."



"But shouldn't we respect him like Aioros?"

"Yeah but he reads too much," Milo responded. Nike sighed. She respected Saga and was trying to stay on his good side.

"C'mon Nike!"



"Milo, let's try it on someone else first," Nike suggested.

"You're right...hmmm...I know! Let's try it on Camus!"

Milo felt something-wet drip from his eyes; he immediately wiped his eyes. I can't blame them...she was amazing... he thought as he continued to drink away his past.

Saga had managed to get Kanon, and detach him from where he had situated himself.

"Why did you come?" demanded Kanon.

"Because we need to train," replied Saga. Kanon grumbled, mumbling curses under his breath. Saga sighed, Kanon reminded him of...her. He sighed once again, Gods. Why did she leave at a young age? he thought. She was the only one who knew about Kanon when Saga had to hide his twin.


Saga quickly turned, hearing his name called upon. He smiled as he saw Nike standing there with a smile.

"What is it?"

"Are you gonna see you know who?" she asked innocently.

He chuckled, "Let me guess, you want to come," he said. She looked down and shook her head 'yes'.

He smiled, "Come." She jumped and smiled, grabbing his hand as she caught up to him.

"Thank you." He smiled down on her, "Nike, you have no idea how much it means to me to have you here," he thought.

They had reached Sanctuary as Saga remembered something. Trudging to their temple, Saga looked at the vase, which contained some flowers. After a while he pulled out the single Iris in the bouquet.

"Kanon, before training let's stop by the graves," Saga called out.

"What for?!"

"To visit Nike." After hearing silence for 5 minutes, Saga sighed. It was going to be a long day.

Camus sat in his temple, reading. Milo had gone out, trying to convince his 'cold' friend to come out, and Camus was quite sure that he [Milo would come back drunk. Camus sighed, even if Milo was his long time friend, may be even best friend, Milo would never be the same after hearing the death of Nike. How was he to explain it? Milo was a puzzle, he decided, and Nike was one of the missing pieces. The piece that was out of their reach for sure and Nike could only bring Milo out of the depression he's been. Camus was sure that the act Milo put on as the happy, go-lucky, and playboy was just an act, to hide the fact he wanted Nike.

Camus wasn't sure if he was making sense, even though he was thinking of this to himself. He didn't really miss Nike, but it was rather quiet without her (heck who could forget the time she snuck snakes into Pope Shion's bed, along with other critters?). He would never admit it though, he really wished Nike was alive. May be then Milo would leave him alone, but then again there was that. Nike teasing him, he grumbled remembering his childhood as Nike teased him, and pulling pranks on him with Milo. Along with those qualities, she was a passionate reader. She always managed to find a book that he enjoyed and for that he forgave her for teasing him and somewhat pranking him. He still was sore about her changing his normal freezing cold shower into a warm water one, the Pope had a kick out of that one. He sighed, putting his book down, and stretched. He looked at the clock, 5pm? I still got time before Milo comes in here barging, and singing some sort of song. And mistake me as a lady. Camus had sour look as he growled one more reason to freeze Milo.

Nike sat in a tree, trying to camouflage herself. Damn. Why am I even HERE?! she mentally screamed. Nike grumbled. "Stupid Koenma-sama," she mumbled. Death gods are truly evil! I can't believe Lord Hades agreed! DAMNIT! I REALLY don't want to be here. Gods. Someone must hate me up there! Okay that's just plain stupid, I'm going insane! She let out an exasperated sigh.

"Hey did you hear?" Nike quickly hid in the tree's leaves.


"That Orion Seth proposed to Antlia Leto?"


"Yeah." Nike gasped, Seth had proposed?! To his childhood sweetheart nonetheless. I wonder when the date is set for? Nike sighed again. She heard running, claming up again, just enough so she could see those who were talking.

"Seiya, did you get anything?" asked a young man with flowing black hair.

"No. You, Shiryu?" replied the boy with short brown hair.

"Nothing. There's the other. Maybe they have something." Nike squinted, What are they talking about? Judging by their clothes they're bronze saints. The one called Shiryu is Dragon, and the other, Seiya I think, is Pegasus. But their Cosmos are at Gold Saint level. She studied the two new boys who entered. One green haired, and sporting a pink clothe, the other was blond sporting a white clothe. Andromeda, and Cygnus.

"Hyoga, Shun! Have you seen anything?!" yelled Seiya.

"No need to yell," said Shun.

"No," replied Hyoga.

"Geez, why did Saori-san make us go on patrol duty?" complained Seiya.

"Seiya she asked us to do this because they weren't able to catch the intruder last night," said Shiryu.

"But I thought the Gold Saints were suppose to be on duty," whined Seiya.

"Quit whining, Seiya. You do know that we're the favorites of Athena," said Hyoga.

"Yeah, but still..." Seiya trailed off.

"Don't worry Seiya, I'm sure we'll find the intruder," said Shun. Nike snorted, Find me? Feh. They've never had to find a half-demon! The group soon dispersed, and Nike sighed. I'm so ready to leave.

"No way! Nike can't be alive!" exclaimed Seth. Brenda snored, "Was there a body brought back to Sanctuary, to prove she was dead?" Seth thought, No...I'm not sure.

He answered slowly, "No...Not that I remember."

"Ah-hah! So that means she can still be alive!" Seth's eyes lit up, "That can be true!" He smiled, Yes! Leto smiled also, "So what are your questions?"

Angel replied, "Why do people keep secrets about Nike?"

"I wouldn't know. I sort of severed myself away from Sanctuary when I found out Nike was dead. But I can tell you other things about Nike. Why don't we go inside and I explain everything?" The girls looked at each other they both nodded.

"Excellent." Seth went ahead to the cottage.

"I'll try my best in stopping him from beating around the bush much," Leto said.

"Thanks," Brenda said.

"You really don't have much patience, do you?" Leto asked.

"No. I just am having a bad day," Brenda replied.

"I see," said Leto. Angel gave a look to Brenda which read as 'What happened?'

"I'll tell you later," whispered Brenda. Angel nodded. They arrived at the cottage to see Seth setting some lemonade and cookies on the table.

"Are those my cookies?" asked Leto.

"No, I just made these this morning," replied Seth, "Besides nobody would eat your cooking."

"Thanks," Leto said, sarcastically. Brenda and Angel shared a look, Lover's quarrel, they thought.

"Come in," invited Seth. Angel, Brenda, and Leto as Seth poured lemonade.

"So, where was I?" asked Seth.

"You told them you would answer their questions about Nike," reminded Leto.

"Uh, yes. First off, some things you need to know about Nike is she's a half-demon, and may appear arrogant every once in a while but it won't be so obvious, since humans are naturally arrogant. But she's pretty powerful." They snapped their attention onto Seth, "Powerful?" they echoed.

"Yes. If she's alive as you think her, she should've been able to wake her demonic side, with that she will be able to mix her cosmos along with her demonic energy. Thus making her powerful or on par with Virgo Shaka or Gemini Saga," explained Seth.

"My father?" Angel said.

"Yes, your father," said Leto. Angel blinked.

"What do you mean by demonic side? Are you okay, Angel?" asked Brenda.

"Yeah," mumbled Angel, "It's a surprise to know Nike's that powerful."

"Yes, but that's if she's alive and awoken her demonic side, and being able to maintain the constant flow of demonic energy. Because if she isn't able to control demonic energy, it can control her," Seth said.

"Control her?" repeated Angel.

"Yes. I'll say this once, demonic energy is hell in it's purest form of energy," said Seth.

"Okay. But what do you mean by demonic side?"

"Nike's half-demon," Leto said. As the explanation hit Brenda, she spat out her cookie, "No way!" she exclaimed.

"You mean as in half-human, half-demon?" asked Angel.

"Exactly," said Seth. Angel spared a glance at Brenda, and started to laugh. Brenda's mouth almost touched the floor, cookie crumbs all over her shirt.

"Close your mouth please," said Leto. Brenda's mouth closed slowly as a sliding door that was jammed, and a very slow gulp could be heard. Leto glared at Seth, she wanted him to explain the side affects of mixing cosmos and demonic energy.

"Anyway, having something pure, like cosmos, and something hellish, like demonic energy, is practically endangering the user?" Leto questioned.

"What?!" exclaimed Brenda as Angel's eyes widened.

"But it also makes the user the strongest warrior man has ever seen," said Seth, "but demonic energy itself is sufficient enough." Seth paused for a moment, ignoring the glare Leto was sending him, gathering his thoughts.

"When you mix purity with hell you get disaster. That is what a half-demon is. They hold in all their emotions, and sometimes it leads them to hell. If they can express their feelings and be themselves or have a vent of some sort, they become human-like in a sense. But they're brain is wired to fight, constantly fighting," Seth said.

"Does Nike resemble more of a demon or a human?" asked Angel.

"If she wishes, she can be more human or demon," replied Seth.

"What does that mean?" asked Brenda.

"Half-demons have weird colored eyes and hair. In Nike's case her eye color is red, but her mother, my mother, had sea blue eyes. Since Nike holds a gene for blue eyes, she can create an illusion with blue eyes. Nike's hair color is pretty normal, black. But her father, Katsaru, has silver hair, so she holds a gene for silver hair. With those four genes, she can mix and match, hiding her true identity, but she needs to concentrate on something, if she can't concentrate, she will still have red eyes, black hair. Also she has two different forms. Her demonic form looks more like an elf, if you ask me, her hair grows practically to her knees, the whites of her eyes become red, with a blue iris, and then her ears become dragon like but with human flesh. Red slash marks appear around her body. So in general demonic forms is when the half-demon, looks and acts like a demon, but still retains their arrogant attitude. In her human form, she looks like you or me but she still has red eyes. The iris remains red, the white of her eyes stay white. She use to keep her hair down to her mid-back braided, but I'm not sure if she changed that. In general a half-demon that's taken a human form looks like a human, but may be too calm for an actual human," explained Seth.

"Anything else you want to know?" Leto asked.

"What's Nike like?" asked Angel.

"She was the best sister you could've had. She had a temperamental side to herself, and quite well at keeping secrets. Very impatient, somewhat violent, I'm not sure if that worsened or lessened, there was this one time-OW!" Seth went under the table to rub his shin. Leto smiled, "You were explaining, dear?"

Seth came up, throwing a glare at Leto; "Anyway that was how she was." Angel glanced at her watch, "Snap! Brenda we got to go!"

"Curfew?" questioned Leto.

"Yeah. We're sorry, Leto. We'll visit soon! Thanks, Seth!" said Angel. She and Brenda rushed out the door, yelling apologies and good byes.

"You didn't bear around the bush too much," observed Leto.

"I didn't feel like it," lied Seth. Nike, if you can hear, be safe, he thought, hugging Leto.

"Damn!" swore Nike. She was in the open, and there was no where to hide. She heard running footsteps and panting. Two people, coming. She turned around to be faced with Angel, and Brenda.


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