My name is Marie. Marie Kanker. I live just outside the cul-de-sac, in the trailer park with my two sisters (Lee and May). We're like the bullies. The bullies of the bullies. Everyone's afraid of us. Even that total idiot that bullies the little kids. But bullying is not really in my nature. I don't like it.

It started by me wanting to be friends with the little kids in preschool. They started mocking me, because of my blue hair and cool (at least I try to be) attitude. I told my sisters, and it turned out that they had also been treated in almost the same way. So we agreed that to 'pay back' their greeting, we'd bully the brains out of them. So we started. It became practically an addiction. We didn't pity anyone, ever, and that's a long time, considering we've been doing it since kindergarden. Then they arrived. The only three we probably tortured more than any bullying could do, I only understand that now, since I've turned 16. We were horrible to them. We acted so stupidly! And now they hate us, and I deeply regret that.

The three were the Eds. Ed, Edd and Eddy. The first time we saw them, we developed the biggest crushes girls could ever develope, well I did anyways. On Edd, to his friends, Double D. Lee and May ... well, you can never tell with them. So basically, the relationship stayed the same sort of tension between them. But I've only just realized something, that Double D means so much more to me than for me to go around chasing him. I know he hates it. You see, I think I've fallen in love with him...

Love? What is love? If you had asked me that 7 or 8 years ago, I would probably have said something like ; "It's when 2 people like each other alot. Like in the movies!" I don't know if I would actually have said that, I have completely changed. Love is when you want the person you like (I'll admit to that word) more than usual. You want to be with him or her more than anything in the world. And when you find out they don't feel the same about you, it breaks your heart, but you let them go just so they'll be happy, just to see the smile on their face. That's what happened to me.

I think I realised how I felt on that one Valentine's Day. May fell 'in love' with Double Dee, because Ed ran away at the first sight of her, and Edd felt sorry for her and gave her a card, or something like that. That was all fine, he was helping my sister, that's all. But that's where I was wrong. Sooner than we knew, May had fallen for Double D, and vice versa. I was so mad. I felt like hurting my sister. I wanted to really hurt her. It was a horrible feeling. But in the end, everything worked out. Ed and Eddy hated having May around, so they somehow broke up the two. That's the first time they actually did something right.

But from then on I realised how much Edd actually meant to me. I wanted him to be with me, but I also wanted him to be happy and if that meant I couldn't have him, then so be it. But the only way I knew how to express my feelings was through violence, and needless to say, that didn't exactly give me many points on the love ride. I haven't actually ever done something nice to him, I've only been flirting with him against his will. And I wanted him so bad, so I had to give that up. I let things between us get as minor as possible, to at least give him the idea that I wouldn't ever follow him or annoy him anymore. I just hope it works.

I was walking down the corridor to my locker to put my books in after Social Studies and get the things ready for Math class, which was after break. Life is so complicated. First you think it can't get any worse and it does. I don't know what to do about my social life, and now I've gotten homework from every teacher I've had a lesson with today. I mean the one day I want to go home and think about my problems really, really hard, the teachers give me loads of homework! I swear they're trying to torture me. And it's working. We have Math class next and we're probably going to get a practice test or something along with my essay-

CRASH! The next thing I realized my books were on the floor mingling with someone else's.

"Oh. My apologies, I wasn't paying attention to where I was go-"

Double D.

He had just spotted me and his eyes were wide open, full of shock and fear, but he didn't budge. It was like he was rooted to the spot. And I couldn't blame him. The last time we met wasn't exactly the most awesome of meetings.


The contest had just finished. Jimmy had gone absolutely loco and beat Double Dee to a pulp. Apparantly, Jimmy had redeemed the kids somehow, because once he won, they carried him off like some sort of hero. Pathetic.

Then Ed walked up to him and said something, and Edd just smiled, although it wasn't as breath taking since he had damaged and dirtied several of his teeth. I only giggled at the sight of him. Me and my sisters walked up to him.

"Hiya Double Dee!" we called, surrounding him. Ed had quickly backed off. Eddy was somewhere off having a fight with that so-called bully, Kevin. But he's an amateur compared to what we were.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Aw, looks like the looser could use a get well kiss!"

I started leaning towards him, but, my faces inches from his, I noticed something was wrong. He was usually struggling, pleading, whining, anything to get out of me snuggling him. But now, he wasn't doing anything. His shoulders were slumped, and his eyes were looking over my shoulder into the far distance. It was a horrible sight, like he had given up, which I can tell you, he never does. I hesitated, and after a few moments of nothing happening, he looked at me, clearly surprised. But before I could do anything, my sisters pushed me out of the way to get closer to him. They obviously hadn't had any luck with the other two, since Ed was hiding somewhere and Eddy clearly wasn't in the mood.

No sooner had I thought that when a voice yelled, "Hey Kankers! Get lost! Leave Double D alone! Can't you see he's been through enough today?"

The mere fact that Eddy was sticking up for someone other than himself made us slowly walk away, my mind still pondering about how Double D thought of me.


Since then, during the next three years, he had grown from cute to super gorgeous. Big eyes, now opened wide in the shock of seeing me. The most amazing, addicting smile I had ever seen. Every time I looked at him, my heart skipped a beat and my breath became shallow. To add with that, he has the most amazing personality. He's so generous, thoughtful, caring, smart, kind, sweet- but I'm getting of the topic. This amazing guy hates my guts. He was dead scared of coming within two feet of me. Which is why I've got to change.

Trying to ignore the look Double D was giving me, I bent down and picked up my books, then his. I could feel his eyes on my back, and could easily tell he still hated me, by the fact that he hadn't started helping me pick up the books. I quickly handed him his books, and looked up to see his reaction. Big mistake. He had the most amazing eyes. My heart got stuck in my throat.

But then the unthinkable happened. He frown turned into a soft smile. "Marie-" he started, but was interupted by the banging of doors from a nearby classroom somewhere down the hall, but I barely registered it. My eyes were still locked with his. I was lost in another world, where nothing could go wrong. I didn't even notice the footsteps coming towards us.

"Hey Sockhead!" the loud, infamous voice of one of Double D's best friends, Eddy rung out. He barely even noticed me. "Check this out!"

Double D removed his eyes from mine to see what his friend wanted. Oh well good things don't last forever. I walked over to my locker, still in range of the two's conversation. Apparently, Eddy had received some sort of form.

"What in the name of heaven is this?" asked Double D.

"Read it." Eddy replied, in a tone showing he was clearly proud of himself. After a few seconds pause, Eddy's desired 'applause' came.

"Why, this is a-an-"


"A suspension form!"

"Ain't it great? Now that I don't have to attend school I can do whatever I want. Hang around watching TV, maybe try to do some graffitti on walls - I saw it in a movie once, it was so cool!"

"You do realize that once your parents find out about this, they'll probably ground you, ban you from TV and any leisurely activities and get you a tutor?"

"-and maybe I could somehow wreck Kevin's room. Oh, I can imagine old shovelchin's face alrea- what? A tudor?-"

"Tutor." replied Double D non-plussed.

"Yeah, those. They think thery're so smart coming in giving you extra school at home. Like my life hasn't been messed up enough already! Wait, so you're saying they're gonna hire a guy like that? No, that can't happen! You gotto help me, Double D!"

Double D put his books in his locker. "You know, you could always appologize. Ask them for the holidays. Say that you'll redeem yourself then and catch up, or something along those lines. You're a quick thinker. Or should I say liar. Think of something."

"Yeah, that ain't a bad idea. Thanks Sockhead. Where's Ed? And was that Marie Kanker who was here just now?"

I didn't hear anything else as I turned the corner to the cafeteria to meet up with my sisters. I can't believe what just happened. Double D was going to talk to me! He wasn't going to run away, but talk! Wow, I've made progress. Maybe if I continue like this, I could actually win his heart. I hope it works.

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