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The skies of Konoha were caked in an orange hue as the sun continued its descent over the forest in the west; the trees' shadows grew smaller and smaller with each minute that passed. Normally such an insignificant detail would not matter, but as another minute ticked by the shadow of an oak tree near the outer western wall of Konoha began to bulge out.

"…Damn," the anbu sighed moving his foot erasing the shadow's 'bulge' in the process, but it was too late as one of his fellow shinobi appeared at his feet. Looking up, he regarded the person for a second before sighing again. 'Of all the people they could have sent to find me, it had to be her,' he thought.


The anbu remained silent deciding it was better to not add fuel to the flame as the woman continued her vicious rant. To tell the truth he had stopped listening a little while ago. After all when she started ranting it was always redundant. But he would never tell-


The man sighed. "I'm lazier than the whole Nara family put together. Blah blah blah. I can't believe you made it into anbu. Insult insult insult. Did I miss anything?" So much for staying silent.

The woman responded simply by glaring into the anbu's skull. The man sighed again before getting up and popping his back and neck joints into place.

"So is there a reason why you were looking for me?" he asked.

"We've been given an A-rank mission. Recover the bodies of three deceased sound ninja left behind during the Uchiha Retrieval Mission earlier today: Jirobo, Kidomaru, and Tayuya of the Sound Four. The body of Sakon was brought in earlier by Kankuro of the Sand Village. Each of these ninja was considered A-rank in Konoha's Bingo Book. According to the Hokage they're bodies are located in the eastern forest. The exact coordinates aren't specified." The woman explained to him without softening her glare in the slightest.

"You know you could have just said 'A-rank mission: collect dead guys' and saved me from listening to all that other textbook crap you spilled out of your mouth." The man replied leaping off the branch and towards his objective before his words could sink into the already angered kunoichi.

"HOW DARE YOU! WHEN I CATCH YOU I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!" the woman screamed in fury before chasing after him. Hearing this, the man chuckled before picking up the pace so he could keep a safe distance away from his raging teammate.

After ten minutes of tree hopping and one ass kicking, the two shinobi came upon a clearing with a massive crater located in the center. Inside the crater lay the body of Jirobo staring lifelessly up at the sky. The anbu sweat dropped. There was no way in hell he was carrying that fat ass. He looked at his teammate and came to a solution for his problem.

"I'm going ahead to get the other bodies. I trust you can take care of everything here. See ya." The anbu said before vanishing into the forest without giving the woman a chance to argue.

As the anbu continued his trek through the forest he swore he heard a voice yelling obscenities and cursing his name, but decided he was just hearing things. 'Aw well,' he thought. 'She had it coming to her when she dumped me for another guy.'

Thoughts on the past began to dull the anbu's senses. He took out a kunai and pricked his finger. The pain was just enough to recollect his mind. "No use thinking about the past so snap out of it." He said reprehending himself.

He regained his thoughts just in time. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a tree with a giant hole in its base. If he hadn't regained his thoughts at that second he would have missed the second battle sight, and thus the second body completely.

As the anbu approached the wreckage of the battle he observed the unnecessary amount of kunai planted in the dirt and the spider webs hanging from the trees before making an assiduous observation.

'This guy must like to play with his food before eating it. 'That screwed him sideways.' The anbu thought chuckling at his remark.

With that thought in his mind, the anbu continued observing the battlefield until he finally caught a glimpse of the second body. Kidomaru was lying on the ground without much signs of injury. But upon checking his vitals, it was obvious that he was dead. The anbu sighed before hoisting the corpse up onto his muscular frame. Once he secured the body to his back, he continued his mission.

"Damn it…how far away is this other body?" The anbu questioned starting to get annoyed. Why couldn't the shinobi that killed them bring the bodies back! It had been nearly four hours since he picked up Kidomaru and to say the least his back was starting to hurt! After all he wasn't Gai Maito!

It was night now and it was getting harder to see with every passing minute. The male anbu had almost tripped three times now. Any normal ninja would have stopped and called it a night, but because of the threat of Sound ninja coming to recover the body and the male anbu's bullheadedness the trek continued.

That is, until he jumped for the next tree only to meet air. As the anbu plummeted towards the ground he released his hold on Kidomaru and started going through hand signs as fast as he could before finishing and yelling out his jutsu.

The jutsu was successful. The anbu's plummeting slowed to a sudden stop before he landed softly on the ground below. The anbu looked up quickly towards Kidomaru's falling body and caught him before slinging him over his shoulder. After wiping the perspiration off his face, the anbu started looking around for the reason he fell. He felt stupid. Why didn't he notice that the trees around this area had been sliced down?

'Honestly, what kinds of ninja are being bred these days? Mother nature must be pissed off with this mess.' He thought amusedly. 'Well whatever works to get the job done. Which reminds me-where's that body?'

The anbu, now refocused, continued his search for the final body. The night sky shrouded the area in darkness forcing the anbu to search harder. After searching the area for nearly ten minutes, the anbu thought he saw a lumber pile in the distance. Giving it no second thought the anbu retightened his grip on Kidomaru and hurried towards the pile. He knew. He didn't know why, but he just knew the last body would be there.

His hunch did not prove fruitless. The final body was resting peacefully in the middle of the lumber pile. Tayuya of the Sound.

'Such sad fates for kids so young' the man thought dejectedly as he began basic anbu protocol. He began by recording the position of the body in his notepad. Her arms and legs were pinned down (and probably broken) underneath the lumber pile. Her body below her stomach was jutting out and her head was tilted back with the top of her head aimed toward the ground and her chin aimed toward the sky.

"Wait a minute…"The anbu stopped writing for a second and looked down at Tayuya then at his notepad in the darkness. "I can't write in the dark…" The anbu then set his notepad and Kidomaru down on the ground, turned around, and started a hand sign for a fire jutsu, but stopped and paled considerably. "FUCK! I forgot to write a report on Kidomaru!" The anbu yelled. "How DID I get into the anbu! I can't even remember to write a damn report for the Hokage!"

Something stirred. The anbu had only caught a glimpse of it out the corner of his eye. He whirled around quickly pulling out a kunai and preparing for the worst. What he saw when he turned around shocked him. Tayuya of the Sound was sitting up. Well trying to sit up. She grimaced in pain before lying back down, since her arms and legs were pinned down (and definitely broken).

"Where the hell am I?" Tayuya asked herself before turning her head and noticing the anbu. The anbu was still recovering from the shock of seeing a corpse get up. She glared at him. "Who the fuck are you?"

This snapped the anbu out of his shocked state. Still he thought he should prick his finger to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Ow! Nope, not dreaming.

The anbu sighed, knowing what had to be done since the enemy was alive. He looked down into her glaring brown eyes. That glare. It reminded him of someone. But who?

"You're not making my job easy by being alive. Here I went through all the trouble of writing corpse details just for you, and then you wake up. Just make this easier for me and have an aneurism." He said hoisting the kunai he had took out earlier above her head.

Tayuya smirked up at him. "What's wrong, trash? Can't even do your job? Or are you just another lazy bastard bitching about playing ninja?"

The anbu glared down at her. Well at least she was making this easier for him. He was about to plant the kunai in her skull, but she spoke again stopping him. 'Might as well let her say her final words,' he thought.

"-of that shadow freak"

"Sorry, what was that?" the anbu asked not catching what she had said.

She was glaring at him again. "I SAID you remind me of that shadow freak I was fighting earlier. Fuck are you really THAT lazy that you can't even fucking listen?"

The anbu froze. His kunai slipped out of his fingers. 'This girl…she's…she's just like…albeit she does cuss a lot more.' He thought as memories of the woman he had seen just earlier this evening began to flood his mind.

Tayuya just looked up at him. "So are you going to kill me any time soon? I'm ready to go wherever the fuck it is you go when you die." She said in a bored tone.

The anbu snapped out of his reverie. He looked down at her and sighed picking up his kunai from where it fell. "Sorry," he said flinging the kunai toward her.

Tayuya closed her eyes readying herself for the afterlife. All was dark, but she felt no pain. She blinked and opened her eyes. It was still dark, except for the stars in the sky. She tilted her head towards the right and saw the kunai embedded in a small pocket notepad directly beside her.

"..but I'm afraid you're not gonna be biting the big one quite yet." The anbu smirked finishing his sentence. He began speeding through hand signs again before pushing his palm into the center of the lumber pile. In an instant the lumber pile burying Tayuya disintegrated into saw dust, freeing her from her 'would be' tomb.

The anbu looked in amusement at Tayuya's puzzled expression. Still he supposed he did owe her a reason for his behavior.

"Hey don't get the wrong idea; you're not off the hook. No, not by a long shot. I'm taking you back to the hidden leaf village for interrogation, and the hokage may not even want to interrogate you. If that's the case, the hokage will kill you right after my debriefing. Consider yourself the luckiest girl on the planet right now, because I'm sure if anyone else from anbu had done this mission you would've had that kunai in your head the moment you got up."

Tayuya just stared at the man for a few minutes before finally mumbling something incoherently.

"Come again?" the anbu inquired.

"Fuck. You. You. Bastard." Tayuya said stressing each word very slowly making the anbu feel kind of retarded.

He understood what she meant. Interrogation always meant one thing. Torture. Even so, he just couldn't bring himself to kill her. Maybe she was just going to die once she got back to the village, but at least it wasn't on his hands.

The anbu walked over to where he left Kidomaru and tossed him back onto his shoulder. The anbu then heard a gasp from Tayuya and sighed knowing it would be hard for her once she figured out the fate of the other members of the Sound Four.

"Well, I'm ready when you are." The anbu said waiting for Tayuya's reply. She simply responded by glaring at him and spitting on his boot. The anbu sighed again before hoisting Tayuya onto his other shoulder as gently as possible. She didn't resist. He knew the last thing she wanted to do was go with him, but with her arms and legs broken she couldn't put up a fight if she tried.

The anbu then did a final set of hand signs, and within an instant the clearing was quiet. No trace of a living or dead soul as the wind brushed against the pile of sawdust and scattered it little by little into the night sky.

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