Goku's Sin

Love. It's a strange thing love is. Most people claim to know all about it, and some have trouble finding it. But, in the end, we find it. Whether it be the love for a homeland, the love of a happy life, or...the love of something that is forbidden. At one time or another, love will lead us to attempt something forbidden and at one time or another, we will succeed in finally capturing and beholding that something forbidden. But sometimes, that something forbidden was never meant for us to have ...or to behold...in the first place.

Chapter One: There's Something Strange Afoot

The bright beams of sunlight that shone through the closed curtains of the room shined their light in the eyes of a sleeping half-Saiyan. A very young and beautiful half-Saiyan at that. Hair as black as the night sky, skin as delicate as the first blossom of Spring, and features as attractive as an angel's with bewitching onyx-colored eyes to complete the feminine creature. From beneath the thin cotton sheets on her bed, the Sun's rays continued to annoy her. Rolling over and facing in the opposite direction was her only option since she really did not want to get up and get scolded by her mother for getting up so late; it was Sunday after all. Rolling onto her other side, she was met by a pair of shimmering onyx-colored eyes that were like hers; the only difference was that they belonged to her lover: Vegeta. "When did you get into the habit of watching me sleep?" She asked with a hint annoyance in her voice. Vegeta pulled the sheets off of himself and flung them onto her side of the modestly-sized bed that they were currently sharing.

"Why, I've watched you sleep ever since Vegeta the Third was born," Vegeta replied in a rather cheerful tone, "In case you don't remember, I was the one that stayed here against your mother's wishes and helped you get to sleep every night because the baby wouldn't stop crying. And besides, I like watching an angel sleep, Li Li." Li Li looked at Vegeta and smiled sweetly at him. "Of course I remember," Li Li said rolling onto her back, "Mom wasn't too happy about you staying here for five months after I had given birth to your little reincarnation. I think she's gotten over it, though. I think Mom's starting to take a liking to you." Vegeta rolled his eyes. "You sound just like Kakarot," He mumbled, "Optimistic, no matter what." Li Li glanced over to Vegeta; seeing the smile that now adorned his face. Li Li was about to make a comment when her bedroom door flew open. Li Li and Vegeta shot up in bed and stared in shock at who was standing in the doorway. The figure that occupied the doorway looked like Li Li's father, but had longer hair and was dressed in a plain white tank top and a pair of faded jeans with a large hole in the right knee.

"How long do you plan on sleeping today, Li Li?" He asked in an angered voice, "Mom said you've gotta get up and eat the big breakfast she made." "Um...Goten," Li Li began slowly, "Have you not noticed who's sitting next to me?" Goten turned his gaze to the figure next to his older sister. "Holy shit! Vegeta!" The young man exclaimed, "How long have YOU been here?!" Goten almost lost his balance from the shock of seeing Vegeta in his sister's bed with her. Vegeta was very amused by Li Li's younger brother's reaction to seeing him there. Vegeta was about to start laughing when Li Li elbowed him square in the ribs. Vegeta quietly protested while Li Li flashed a weak smile to Goten. Li Li looked over at her night table and started fumbling with the clock that was face-down on the table. She stared at the clock and nearly threw it onto the floor. "It's ten o'clock in the fuckin' morning?!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Why the hell didn't you come and wake me up sooner?!" Goten fell to the floor after Li Li's extremely loud out-burst. "I'm really sorry," Goten apologized, "Please, just stop yelling at me. God, you guys treat me like I'm your message boy or something." Goten rose to his feet, and straightened his shirt. "By the way," Goten inquired suggestively, "You two weren't doing anything when I came in, were you?"

Goten quickly left the room when Li Li and Vegeta threatened to blast him to the moon; which could have been done. Li Li got out of bed and search the room for her bright-orange gi. She instinctively dug through her hamper, but found nothing. Vegeta watched Li Li curiously as she darted around the room in her pale pink nightgown and matching lace panties. Vegeta lifted his knees and rested his elbows on them; holding his face in his hands. Li Li saw him out of the corner of her eye and froze in her tracks. Li Li began to blush when she saw the wide grin on Vegeta's face. "What?" She asked stroking her fingers on the hem of her nightgown. Vegeta chuckled a little. "You look real...cute," He replied as his eyes traveled up and down Li Li's body, "You look very adorable running around the room." Li Li's cheeks were flaming red, but she had an expression of confusion on her features. She would have asked him why he thought she looked cute, but decided to avoid the subject. Li Li finally found her spare gi and quickly pulled it on. She strolled over to Vegeta and sat on the edge of the bed; facing Vegeta. "Aren't you going to get dressed?" Li Li asked poking at Vegeta's chest, "I don't think my mother, or my father and brothers for that matter, would appreciate you going downstairs in your underwear."

Vegeta lower his head and made a playful whimpering sound. "Oh, do I have to?" He said breaking into another wide grin. Li Li slapped his arm lightly and handed him his red muscle shirt and his glossy leather pants. Li Li left the bedside and walked over to the window; drawing the curtains back. Both Li Li and Vegeta had to close their eyes as the bright sunlight poured into the window. "Did you have to open the curtains?" Vegeta protested blocking the light with his arm. Li Li turned to Vegeta and rubbed her eyes. "It was either me opening them up myself, or my mom barging into my room to open them," She explained regaining her vision, "Mom doesn't like it when I leave my curtains closed. She says that it will get musty in here if I leave them closed up so the sunlight won't get in." Li Li sighed as she approached the bed. She fell forward onto the bed; groaning irritatedly. "I can't believe I've never noticed the way Mom treats me before," Li Li mumbled into the mattress, "I'm twenty-six, and she still treats me like a child." "You have no room to complain," Vegeta stated folding his arms, "I'm fifty-two and Bulma still thinks I can't do anything simple around the house without her help, so don't start." Li Li lifted her head so she could look into Vegeta's eyes. Vegeta smiled at Li Li and came forward and laid on his stomach so that they were at eye level. For a few moments, Li Li and Vegeta just laid there on Li Li's bed; staring at each other. They slowly moved closer to one another until their faces were just inches apart.

"You know," Vegeta said putting his hand on the side Li Li's cream-colored face, "You look very beautiful in this light, even though it's really bright in here." Li Li giggled a little and started to blush again. Vegeta could feel the heat emanating from Li Li's skin, and he could smell the scent she gave off whenever she was just slightly embarrassed. Vegeta pulled Li Li's face closer to his; their lips baring touching. A moan escaped from Li Li and Vegeta's throats as their tongues caressed each other before their mouths locked together. Li Li put her hands on Vegeta's neck, and then she moved them up to the base of his head. Her fingers became intertwined with the strands of hair at the base of Vegeta's head. Vegeta allowed some of Li Li's long, silky hair to tumble down onto his hand. Her hair was so soft to the touch. Vegeta brought his other hand up to her face and brushed some of her hair back along the side of her face. They pulled away from each other; becoming lost in the others onyx-colored eyes. Vegeta pulled Li Li close for another kiss when they were interrupted by a teenaged boy with lavender-colored hair and blue eyes, and a young girl with spiky black hair that resembled Vegeta's, and small onyx-colored eyes. "Mommy, Daddy," The young girl peeped anxiously, "Grandpa's waiting for you two to go downstairs and eat your breakfast. He told me to tell you that he's really hungry and he said that if you're not down in the dining room in two minutes, he's gonna eat your helpings." The boy with the lavender-colored hair walked into the room carrying a piece of paper that looked like it had been angrily torn from a notepad. "Chi Chi told me to give this to you, Li Li," He said lowering his large blue eyes. Li Li took the piece of paper from the boy and tried to read the hurriedly-written note.

Li Li,

I don't care if God himself is in your room, you better come downstairs now or so help me, I'll make you live in the woods at your father's old house! This is your only warning, Li Li Son!

"I think Mom's mad at me," Li Li observed as she read the barely legible handwriting, "Thank you for bringing this to me, Trunks." Trunks nodded his head, and turned to leave the room. "Mommy, Daddy," The young girl said excited, "Will you take me with you when you go to train with Grandpa and Uncle Goten?" Li Li and Vegeta couldn't help but laugh a bit at their daughter's never-ending enthusiasm. The young girl hopped onto the bed with her parents and flung her arms around their necks into a hug as best as she could. "Will you please take me?" She asked again, "I don't want to stay here with Grandma and Uncle Gohan. Uncle Gohan's boring, and Grandma tries to teach me how to cook and clean everything." The girl's parents began to laugh harder. "That's definitely my Saiyan blood coming out of you, Velika," Vegeta stated proudly patting his daughter's shoulder, "You get that attitude from me, no question about it." Li Li kissed Velika on the forehead and motioned to her to go back downstairs with her older brother. Trunks and Velika exited the room and proceeded down the hall. Vegeta sighed roughly as he laid down on the bed. Li Li continued to stare at the note in her hand and shook her head in disbelief. "How could Mom be so mean to me today?" She asked herself, "Gohan is supposed to be coming over today and Mom's in one pissy-assed mood. I hate it when PMS sneaks up on her like that." Li Li, still surprised by what her mother had wrote on that little piece of paper, stood up and headed out her bedroom door. She was about to step into the hallway when she realized something very strange.

"Wait a minute," Li Li said turning toward Vegeta, "Why would my mother write me a note telling me that she was mad at me? Usually, Mom will come into my room, or where ever I happen to be at, and tell me she's mad. She would never write a note telling me she was mad or otherwise." Li Li quickly walked back over to Vegeta's side of the bed with a confused expression crossing her features. "There's something very strange going on here, Vegeta. And I intend to find out what it is," Li Li announced. Vegeta saw the determined look on Li Li's face and decided that he wanted to join her in her little investigation of the strange situation. Vegeta practically jumped out of bed and put his clothes on. The two of them slowly walked down the stairs so that they didn't raise any suspicion toward themselves. Vegeta and Li Li walked very carefully into the kitchen where Chi Chi was starting to clean up the breakfast dishes. "Good morning Mom," Li Li said in her most cheerful voice, "How did you and Dad sleep last night?" Chi Chi placed a plate into the soapy dish water before turning to face her curious daughter.

"I would have slept better if your father didn't start having a bad dream in the middle of the night!" She answered; the sound of anger and annoyance in each of the words she spoke, "As if the tossing and turning wasn't bad enough, he started to talk in his sleep too!" Li Li and Vegeta's curiosity immediately piqued. "What did Dad say in his sleep?" She inquired trying not to show too much curiosity. Chi Chi thought for a moment before she answered Li Li. "Well..." Chi Chi started slowly, "He was panting and screaming and saying things like 'come on girl, fuck me harder' and 'hey baby, wanna get screwed by a real man?'. Personally, I think he's been watching too much Spike TV and HBO before he goes to bed." Li Li was about to turn and leave when Vegeta nudged her with his elbow. "Oh Mom! There's one more thing I need to ask you," She exclaimed remembering what she was originally going to ask her mother, "Did you get mad at me and write this note to me?" Li Li handed the note to Chi Chi, who eyed it suspiciously. "This isn't my handwriting," Chi Chi said examining the small piece of paper, "It's Goku's handwriting. He never was very good at writing in the first place." "So Mom...you're not mad at me?" Li Li asked sheepishly. Chi Chi stared at Li Li for a moment; making sure she had heard her daughter right. "I'm not mad at you. Why would I be mad at you, Li Li?" She questioned in a concerned tone. Li Li quickly turned her head toward the window when she heard her father and her children out in the yard; sparring. "I'll explain everything later. Okay Mom?" Li Li said calmly.

She grabbed Vegeta's arm and almost dragged him outside with her. What was with her father today? It seemed as if he wanted it to look like Chi Chi was upset with her. But why? What had she done to him that would make him do something like this? Li Li knew that her father wasn't a very smart man, and that, in turn, made Li Li show sympathy toward him because of his somewhat...limited intelligence. Luckily for her, he excelled when it came to fending for himself, training, and teaching martial arts to her and her two brothers. One question remained unanswered: why did he do it? Why did he write a note saying that Li Li's mother was angry with her when it simply wasn't the case? And why did he use Trunks and Velika to deliver his note? So many thoughts raced through Li Li's mind. It was just so...strange for him to do something like that, and Li Li couldn't begin to imagine why he had done it.